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It Breaks My Heart More Than You Will Ever Know

Um.  What I really wanted to title my blog post for today was…

There is a Special Place in Hell for People Like You!

I rarely share my full-blown views.

I don’t know.

It is just not my thing.

I have my opinions, but that does not necessarily make them right.

I help when my heart says ~ This is for you love, do something.

I rarely hate either.


If you are one of those cruel and heartless people who leaves ANY animal out in this cold, especially now with this cold blast of arctic air that has taken over for an extremely long period of time…..

I wish for you – Karma times one hundred.

May you find yourself out in these frigid and miserable temperatures with no provisions for at least 48 hours straight.


May you burn in hell.


Told ya.

I don’t normally share my close to my heart views, but this message needs to be shared.

And, who knows, maybe you can find a kinder way.

But.  Bottom line. If you see any animal out in these mind numbing temps, please, please take action.

Call for help, step in, whatever.

Animals cannot talk.  They cannot express – I really need help.  Oh, by the way, this is the worst thing ever, even worse than death.

Please do the right thing.


And.  Even if like me, you will be voicing your strong opinion when normally you do not, this is very worth it, and then some.

No one, nor no thing, deserves to be left out in the cold.






OMFG! When Is Winter Leaving?

I don’t know how the winter is going in your neck of the woods, but in mine, Holy Cow winter needs to move right along now!

As in goodbye, adios, see you later!!

Thursday our area was hit with snow, like an all day freakin’ snow.

And yes it is pretty, and it does seem to quiet life down for a little while.

Unless you are a newscaster, weather person, or snowplower, and then you are pulling 18+ hour shifts.

But hey, you signed up for that, I didn’t.

I really dislike snow when it happens during the work week.

And no, I am not clambering to get to work for the joy of it, although I do enjoy my job.

Tax season is underway, and it makes life a whole lot easier when I can get to and from work easily without fear, worry or concern.

Who needs that kind of stress on top of tax season stress?

Well it snowed so much on Thursday that I had to take a co-worker’s offer up to pick me up Friday morning.

I really didn’t want to, but only because picking me up was 50 minutes out of his way.

We agreed that he would pick me up at 7:45am since we were aiming to get to work by 8:45am, when the office opened.

Well along his travels I kept getting updated timetables – make that I’ll be to your place by 8am, then 8:15am and then….it keeping going until I received the final message at 9:02am….I should be there in 8 minutes.

That was my cue to tie things up and go wait for him outside.

And I waited and I waited, all the while freezing my ass off.

Seriously, my fingers went numb.

He texted me and said – Ok, I am sitting outside the leasing office here at blah, blah, blah Drive. Where are you?

Me – Um, I am freezing my ass off at blah, blah, blah CIRCLE!! You know, the address I sent you last night?!

Ok, so I wasn’t that rude, but I did tell him, um it’s blah, blah, blah CIRCLE.

And I did really say, dude I am freezing my ass off!! hahaha

While waiting during my 1 hour and 15 minute delayed pick up, I did do something productive.

I played with my cell phone trying to get a good selfie.

I don’t know how people can take good selfies.

I have been trying forever.

I would just like a few good pics of myself to freeze this point in time, no pun intended, so when I am 105 I can remember that once upon a time, sometimes, I had it going on!

I’d prefer to capture it in a selfie because I don’t want to have to go up to co-workers, friends and family and say, hey do mind taking a picture of me? Why? Um, just because. hahaha

So I think I finally captured a good pic or two that I will share in a moment.

Because first, I want to share with you something else that I discovered by way of mistake, as in I hit something on my computer and taa daa, I had a slide show of all the pictures I have taken over the years.

That was pretty cool.

And here is how good I am with discovering stuff, because for some reason as of late I am getting pretty darn good at it with anything that has to do with technology.

I noticed a small crescent looking moon symbol on my iPhone and thought, uh oh.

What if I pressed something that is charging me through the nose for something that I am not even using? What the hell does that thingy mean and why is it on my phone???

So I took my phone to the expert in the office, the 23-year-old receptionist and said, Help!!

Easy peasy she took my phone fixed it and said, You had your Do Not Disturb on.

Greaaaat. I’d be missing calls and texts (cuz now I am so hip and happening that I finally text), and be none the wiser if I hadn’t noticed that something on my screen looks a tiny weeny bit different.

So the moral of the story is…I accidently touch things on technical items and learn something new every day usually by SURPRISE!!!

Now back to the slide show because this was a very good surprise.

I am aging very nicely.

And by this I mean, slowly.

Thank God!

Check out my discovery, and if you don’t agree, keep it to yourself and don’t burst my bubble! hahaha

An old lady has got to have a dream!!

Speaking of which, later this month I am turning 44.

And I am cool with that until I think….Holy Bleeping Hell!!!! I am only 6 years and a few days away from turning the Big 5.0.

That is just too much to handle so back to my slowly aging dream that keeps me grounding in the I am not 50 yet baby(!!!):


  Me.  2005/2006.

Me 2012

Me. 2012.

2014 me

Me. 2014.

And me, 9 to 10 years after the first picture….



My last thoughts on this winter and freezing my ass off yesterday, which obviously I did or I wouldn’t keep repeating it!

Well, it wasn’t so bad now that I can see just how much (as in not much at all) I have changed over the last 10 years.

Thank you Old Man Winter.

Now get the hell out!!! hahahaha

Oh No You Didn’t!!!!

I received the worst compliment in my life this past Monday morning.

Due to the snow, a co-worker who is the boss’s daughter, picked up another co-worker and myself in her oh yeah, I own an SUV and have four-wheel drive baby vehicle!

As a thank you I offered to buy her a coffee and breakfast at Starbuck’s.

Not only did I personally want Starbucks, I also like to thank my snow drivable vehicle heroes so they will be inclined to pick me up again should I need it in the future since winter doesn’t seem to want to leave.

Anyway, this is the family that everyone and their brother are convinced that I am a part of, to now include a Starbuck’s barista.

The barista said, “I know you are probably mother and daughter, but I swear you could pass for sisters!!

Hello, she called me the mother of a twenty something year old!!

Now technically it is possible, but please!

Needless to say, I will never ever ever go back to that Starbucks. hahaha

My newish Starbucks on the other hand…..recently I finally got a Miss and Lisa in the same sentence, plus a sweetie in between.

Even better, they ALL know my drink.

Now that I can work with!

And I won’t be taking my co-worker/boss’s daughter/long-lost sister/occasional daughter anywhere else with me for quite some time. hahaha


Spring Training

It is supposed to snow Sunday night, and Monday.

I am a little bit over winter, as well as are most.

Here’s hoping this is our last tangle with snow.

I am going to think of it as….


I am also going to be thinking…..




Please join me.

There is power in numbers.

Trust Me. This Pains Me More Than It Will Pain You To See.

Now I am on a mission.

I must get fit.


Because you get to a certain point and then you go one of two ways.

Give in and hang it up.


Get to share some awesome after pictures!!

Check these out….

before and after 1

before and after 3


I want an awesome after picture!!!

So that means I must share a before picture.

My before.  Squishy loveable me with a teeny weeny bit of ab definition almost invisible to the naked eye:

My Belly Before

My Side Belly Before

See.  I told you, this pains me more than it will pain you to see.  I can’t even face the camera.

Sad news on the Aerial Yoga and Barre front tho, there is a wait list.

Um. I don’t have time to wait.

These people need to wise up and offer these classes more than once a week so poor much needy people like me can get their fitness on!

But have no fear, I found another class that I have long wanted to try….SURFSET® & Sand at Crunch.


That’s right, surfing in a class!

Check out this video ~ SURFSET® & Sand at Crunch.

Fingers crossed they have room!

And this is why I don’t belong to any one gym, because I like variety and dropping in here and there for a different experience.

Plus, if I embarrass myself too badly, no one will ever remember my face. hahaha

Surf’s Up Dude!

PS ~ They have things like this too….but let’s be realistic…..


Wanna Meet Me At The Barre?

With January coming to a close, I am pleased to announce that I kept up with my New Year’s Resolution – making friends with winter!

Oh wait a minute.  I just reread my goal.

Goal #1 (my one and only goal thus far for the year):  I will make friends with winter AND my summer body will thank me.

Damn.  I forgot the second part!

I kinda got lost in this…

Julia Child from Eat, Drink & Be Social on fb

I love food.

I love wine or a good margarita too.

So for argument’s sake I am making friends with winter, however, I have been busy with getting my comfort on and my summer body is less than pleased, kinda pissed if the truth be known.

Enter Dr. Oz to the rescue….”When it comes to fitness, one of the biggest complaints I hear is that there isn’t a quality at-home core workout available. To fix this, I brought in Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3 Fitness Studios.”

Check out these awesome five-minute, very doable, and appropriate for men and women videos: barre3

“Barre3 offers fun, easy and innovative workouts that can be done from the comfort of your home. Give one a try today!”

It is like ballet meets yoga meets practical stretching that can be done anywhere by anyone.

A friend had given me the heads up about the barre workout program because she thought it was right up my alley.  Boy was she right!

I am going to utilize the videos Dr. Oz and Sadie Lincoln were kind enough to share.

The studio that I went to for Aerial Yoga also offers Barre.

When I originally read about the class description it kinda intimidated me….

BARRE:  Stretch and strengthen your hips, abs, thighs and glutes with intense interval training. This challenging workout leans and lengthens like no other!  Experience: Varies with each teacher and always set to heart thumping music.

I underlined and bolded the parts I found intimidating.

But I have a new 2014 visual goal to help me move outside of my comfort zone and into one of these intense, challenging, and always set to heart thumping music barre classes…

My Belly Goal 2014

my belly goal 2014

Plus, I’ll take these buns….


And these arms…..


And this flexibility too!


But most of all, I really want that belly.

Wanna meet me at the barre?

Dry Skin Be Gone!

Winter wreaks havoc on my skin, particularly my hands.

Add to the mix that I probably wash my hands at least twice every hour and my hands are done for.

But I rarely get sick, so there is incentive to continue my habit.

I also handle a lot of paperwork and that seems to zap the remaining moisture right out of my hands.

They become red, irritated, dry and cracked.

So not pretty.

I googled it ~ How do you heal dry cracked hands?

Why I never thought to do that before, I’ll never know.

I came across this article which was a good read ~ Prevent and Soothe Chapped Winter Hands

I read some other articles too and here are my secret weapons:

Secret Weapon #1


Secret Weapon #2

cetaphilYou should be able to find both at your local grocery store or pharmacy if you are like me and need to say Dry Skin Be Gone!

And for the record, my hands now are all dewy, soft and normal looking.  Woo Hoo!

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