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California Dreamin’

In about 2 hours, I was due to jump on a plane and fly out to California to see my sis and fam for the weekend!

Crazy, I know.

I was going to take the red eye back – land about 5:30 am on Monday – rush home, shower, change and head into work like – What?  I’ve got this, no big deal. hahahaha

Sadly, the receptionist at my firm resigned on Wednesday of this week due to health reasons, after already being out for a week and a half.

Um.  Yes.  This would be occurring at the on set of  the 2018 tax season.

Her position is…..my right hand person.

I wish her well and then some.  Really!

But holy moly, that puts me in a very tough and demanding position for the next few months.

Such is life.

I/We will survive and thrive!

I rescheduled my trip to see my sis and peeps to June 2018 when the kids are out of school and we can spend some major fun time together!

By the way, I have already booked and paid for the flight.  I do not care who resigns when, what or where, we will figure something out because mama jets in June.

I am going to California in June for two reasons: (a) I already deserve it and will deserve it even more on the other side of this tax season AND (b) family is so important and I am going to love on mine.  In person.

However, let’s back this truck up and give credit where credit is due.

I threw out an idea for our tax season kickoff and to my surprise and delight, my bosses heartily agreed.

Not only that, but the office will be closing early one work day for this absolutely amazing fun kickoff event!  I certainly did not see that one coming.

I love *happy* surprises.

After all, we all really pretty much be living together at work until April 2018…..when the glorious tax deadline finally arrives….and then, hello, we are back to getting off at noon on Fridays and having real weekends until December.  Rainbows in sight!

At present, I can not say any more about this mind blowing surprise because this article will appear on my Facebook feed and I am Facebook friends with a few of my co-workers.

I certainly do not want to give away any info @ the surprise should they decide to read one of my post, yeah, for the first time. hahahaha  (You know that is how it would go down if ever they were to read my blog, it would be about this surprise. hahahaha).

My bosses are pretty darn cool.  For. Real. 

It takes a lot integrity and business smarts to take care of your employees in such a way that forges fun, relaxed relationships that spill over into the work/team environment, aka we are all in this together, let’s get it done.

Bottom line….wouldn’t you like to work with people who you respect, as well as, enjoy their company, who you know will tow the line and get things done without totally grating your nerves?

Work relationships are what drive the ship.

I am very grateful to be associated with a firm that wants it all – both for the company and the employees.  Talk about win-win.

I leave you with these visions, ideas, thoughts…and of course ask that you send up warm wishes for me and my co-workers to make it to the other side of April 2018…..tax season……hahahahha

Be the change you wish to see in your work environment (not fluffy words, seriously works).

The Best is Yet to Come!











It Is On!

On my arm that is. I am sporting a Fitbit!

To say I am enamored with my Fitbit is an understatement.

Of course I am telling anyone who will listen ~ Oh my God you have got to get one of these!

And a few have.

Which leads me to a dilemma, competition.

One friend challenged me to walk 15k steps a day.

That started yesterday.

And I was hoodwinked.

This said “friend” works at a hospital and is on her feet all day!

Cheat much? hahaha

Actually, it got me of my duff.

By the time I got home from my desk job, I had logged about 12,500 steps.

So I went walking once I got home until I got really, really hungry.

I came back knowing that I had not reached my 15k goal because my bracelet wasn’t buzzing and lights weren’t flashing.

I sat down. I had logged 14,705 steps.

And then I thought ~ Oh hell no, I am not stopping now!

Out the door I went again until my bracelet was buzzing and lights were flashing and I was grinning and dancing a jig ~ I did it. I did it. I freaking, flipping did it!

Now mid-day yesterday, another “friend” challenged me and another gal to a Workweek Hustle aka let’s see who can walk the most steps Monday through Friday.

Now these chicks have a sit down job too, but holy crap, they are either very active or very competitive!

Talk about neck and neck.

I am only 751 steps ahead of them in this moment in time and that is only because they are currently sleeping.

At 3:36am the message for all of us to see read: Lisa pulled past Maria for first place! Woo hoo!! (The woo hoo part is me).

Yes, I was up at 3:36am because I couldn’t sleep.

And yes, I am not above getting in steps while others sleep. hahaha

So the moral of the story is be careful about who you call friends.

They may in fact just be people who will help you get off your duff and get in shape.

Oh, and one of these so-called friends of mine, she wants us to climb seven flights of stairs today.

With friends like these, who needs enemies.


Tax Season Did NOT Make Me Do It

I felt really bad yesterday.

I yelled at someone, and I mean yelled.

And let me just say, it takes a lot to have me yell at you.

There have been talks, and there have been unthreatening correcting behavior comments as things arise. But this one took the cake and I in no uncertain terms said get on board with this tax season NOW.

Later I sincerely apologized, not for what I said (thank God I didn’t cuss at the person) but for my delivery.

I got back from lunch and had a note and small gift on my desk, and all is well for the moment.

And we got a lot done yesterday.

I also apologized to my boss who was witness of my spectacular delivery, to which he replied (a) it was fun to watch and (b) you were right.

It still didn’t make me feel better and I hope to not do that again for a very, very long time!

My reaction wasn’t due to tax season and being tired.

My reaction was due to my work ethics and the works ethics I believe others should have.

Unfortunately I probably looked something like this, and I must say, that is not very becoming.


Ok, back to focusing on why I do the things I do and what I hope to gain…..after all, I can only control myself.




The Art of…Effective Communication

Let’s face it, having a conversation with someone who has ruffled your feathers is not the #1 thing on most people’s Top Ten Best of Times List.

And I am talking conversation, not fighting, because fighting is so much easier.

You get to rant and rave about your side without really taking in what the other is saying.

I had such a conversation yesterday with someone I somewhat oversee.

This time she brought the conversation to me I believe because I had gotten to the point right past frustration where I wasn’t going to work on resolving the problem anymore, at least not for the time being.

And I responded in kind for the last couple of days, with an attitude.

Not my normal MO.

As with any conversation, at first, both sides are stating their position.

However, I was listening to what she was saying, and in turn she was listening to what I was saying.

But just because you are listening doesn’t mean in that moment in time you are ready to move to the next level.

One of the things she shared with me was when I brought something up I had a tone in my voice that wasn’t my normal nice and relaxed tone, and that whenever I pointed something out it left her wondering if I thought she was stupid.

I responded totally dumb founded and told her, dude, I am one of the nicest people.  I go out of my way to hook you up with stuff because I like you and like working with you.  I wouldn’t do that for someone I didn’t think much of or someone who I considered stupid.

I also got pushed to the point of, I don’t want to talk anymore, and told her so.

She went to the bathroom to collect herself and I shifted my focus back to getting done what I needed to get done.

Shortly thereafter however, we spoke again and did resolve our differences.

I shared with her that it totally blew my mind that she thought I would think she’s stupid when I need to point things out.  I don’t like the way that feels myself, so to the best of my ability, I certainly don’t do that to others.

I told her, I can’t control what you are thinking in your mind.  I don’t think you are stupid.  So however you are processing what I am saying is out of my control.

I point things out here and there because (a) once upon a time I had your position for two and half years so I do know a thing or two and (b) we need to be doing things the same way to have a working process going on.

I also admitted that yes, when I had to come and share something with her, that I didn’t use my normal relaxed tone because each time I pointed something out I was met with resistance later followed by attitude, so my tone was strained because I was frustrated and didn’t know how to get pass this way of interacting.

She admitted some things as well and we hugged and made up, followed by some truly working together, her asking me questions, and me being able to show her some things while she was opened to learning.

I did share with her, dude, during tax season we are going to get tired and we are going to get pissy, and you will be pointing things out to me too because that is just how it goes.  I want this to be a good working relationship, and I think we have great potential.

I also pointed out to her that she is in the perfect position to have a great job and to use the down time to explore what she might want to do with her life.

I was 40 when I had her job, completely starting over to break into a new field.

She’s only 23 and can do anything and go anywhere from here.

I have kinda had to point out our 20 year age difference, and therefore work experience difference, a couple of times because I look younger than I am.

She also serves as a great teacher for me, because on the one hand I know where she is coming from because I had that position and the same frustrations, but on the other hand, I do need to kinda manage the process.

So in the end we are both learning the art of effective communication that will serve us well in all areas of our life.

And for that I am grateful.

Until tax season really hits, and then I might just be pissy! hahahaha

Holy Mother of Squat!

I am two days (today and tomorrow) away from completing my first ever 30 day fitness challenge!

I have worked out for the last 28 days straight following a doable little bit here little bit there kinda program.

And I gotta be honest, if I didn’t have fellow peeps doing it with me and checking in via Facebook, well I am pretty sure I would have gotten bored with it doing it all by myself and let it fall to the wayside by about day 5.

But instead I have completed the following:

Push-ups: 513

Squats: 1580

Crunches: 1776

Lunges: 819

Cardio: 6 hours and 45 mins

I went from zero to hero in my world!

It has been such a success that we are doing another one, a different one, next month and we have had a couple of new people express interest in joining.

And that is what has been going on in my world.

That and I occasionally pat my body down and think…Holy Bleep….it’s working!!!





Focus on Building the New

So I’ve got 11 days of the 30 day fitness challenge under my belt.

Never in the history of my life have I done some sort of exercise 11 days in a row!

Today is day 12, and I’ll be exercising tonight after work.

I am a morning person, but I actually pulled off the after work workout last night so I am going for a second time.

Wish me luck, because doing so involves revamping my habits.

Time is short in the mornings for me, so it was nice to work out last night after work and not have to rush through the motions just to get it in.

As the rest of the challenge unfolds, I hope to be able to go between the two times, am and pm, as my time and energy permits.

Here are my stats so far, because I like crunching numbers.

I’m also pretty impressed with myself for going from zero to this in 11 days…..

Push-ups: 174

Squats: 410

Crunches: 550

Lunges: 229

Jumping Jacks: 30 (just added)

Cardio: 3.75 hours

Yoga: 30 minutes

I am working on adding more cardio because that is where the fat burning power comes from, but at present I am the ole weekend warrior in this department.

I obviously also need to add more yoga since I claim to enjoy it so much, and it really would behoove me to stretch out all of these newly found and used muscles I am tapping daily.

This is a process of adding and tweaking and getting more in without burning myself out.

My main goal at present – do every day of the 30 day challenge, because then I will have officially done something I have never done before!

The lingering goal in the back of my mind – do another 30 day challenge when this one is complete.

Pinterest was kind enough to send me an email with a whole slew of 30 days challenges to choose from last night.  Kinda spooky. hahaha

By the way, the only reason I have gotten this far is because I am doing this with a group of ladies and we check in daily using Facebook.

Just a tip should you want the inside edge.

Building the New


3 Day Fitness Challenge Check In

I’ve just completed the 3rd day of my 30 Day Fitness Challenge.

What do I have to show for it?

20 push-ups

90 squats

100 crunches

64 lunges

And a 30 minute walk (cardio) under my belt!

What does all of this add up to?

A hell of a lot more right going on for my body than what was happening before in just three short days.

I learned a nifty trick too, if your muscles are sore the best way to remedy that is to do your next set of scheduled exercises.

Taa daa, sore muscles be gone!

Until later, and then I am guessing you simply repeat the nifty trick I learned.

I am very fortunate to have five other lovely ladies doing this with me; else I might be tempted to, well, I am just happy to have others doing this with me because it makes all the difference!

Happy Monday and New Week!


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