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My Bummed Foot. I’ll Take It!

Last Tuesday I ushered in my birthday in a setting that I haven’t been in since my actual birth day, in the presence of a doctor.

I seem to have dorked up my foot.

This is my foot the night before my birthday…

Exhibit A: The Foot

The Foot

My foot got that big both Sunday and Monday night because I was working and it is tax season, which means I have to move around to get stuff done.

I cried myself to sleep both of those nights because it hurt so badly. So badly that at times I seriously thought my foot would explode.

The previous Friday I had gone to my regular doctor and she sent me to the hospital to have x-rays done.

Nothing was found so she told me to rest, ice it, elevate it, and stay off it as much as I could. She also told me to come back in a week if it hadn’t gotten any better.

Fast forward two days later, Sunday night, Exhibit A above, and I would say that things were going downhill fast.

First thing Monday morning I found and made an appointment with a podiatrist. The earliest they could see me was first thing Tuesday morning (aka my birthday).

I went and they did x-rays too. The doctor couldn’t find anything either so he sent me to get an MRI. Although he couldn’t find anything, he saw my foot in all of its glory and knew something was wrong.

They wrapped my foot in a soft cast and ace bandages and put a huge boot on it (which I am still wearing to this day and might have to for the next TWO MONTHS).

Exhibit B: The Boot

The Boot

Tuesday, my birthday, which I keep saying because it is so not fair this was all going down on my birthday, the only good thing about that day was that I was required to stay home and rest.

I had the MRI done Wednesday morning. It showed that I have a break running left to right in my 3rd metatarsal. Check out the diagram.

Exhibit C: The Foot Diagram


Now. I have never broken anything. And this is slight versus a broken arm or leg or something.

But let me tell you. It still is uncomfortable and really gets in the way of business as usual.

No FitBit challenges. Difficulty driving. Walking funny and dorking up my hip(s) alignment.

And let’s not even talk about how long it takes me to shower or how I have to do yoga in the shower trying to keep my leg dry just to get clean.

It has only been a week and I am done.

Yesterday at work I was having a smoke. Taking a break for a sec. Thinking about how much this sucked and how badly I wanted to be back to normal.

I saw a couple walking into a restaurant.

The man had one of his legs amputated above the knee and was walking with hand crutches.

In that moment in time I told God – I am good. I’ll take me bummed foot and work with it!

So no more complaining for me.

Currently I am inconvenienced.

But this is not permanent.

And for that I am TRULY grateful.

A Little Slice of Heaven

I was sitting on my porch this morning.

It is finally beginning to feel like spring.

A gentle breeze was blowing.

Birds were chirping.

The sun was shining upon my face.

All of this with the serene serenade of flowing water from the fountains out in the courtyard down below.

My thoughts were….This is heaven….and all I need is a hammock, pillow and blanket right about now.

I need to get a hammock this year. It just has to happen.

This is the first time in a long time that I am not at work when all of this is going down.

It is just the recharge my mind, body and spirit needed.

I am getting ready to go into work now armed with the knowledge that this is the LAST weekend of tax season.

Woo. Hoo.

I’d WOO HOO but I am too tired.

I’ve just got to bust booty for five more days and then…..it is back to getting off at noon on Fridays until November 30th!

Ok, now that got me excited.

I am going to drive with the top down on my car this morning and get in another slice of heaven on my way into work.

I hope you have a great weekend, and I really hope you have done your taxes already.

It would be such a shame if both of us have to work on tax stuff this weekend! hahaha


Just Don’t Blow Us Off, Ok?

So, my last day was pretty good.

Busy and no drama.

No happy hours, no cakes, but a couple of very nice conversations with my bosses.

One is not very good with goodbyes, that would be cuddles turned grumpy turned I am going to at least act normal and nice on your last day.

His parting words, just don’t blow us off, ok?  Stop in from time to time and say Hi.  Let’s stay in touch.  For real.

I asked him how about next Friday from 2-5pm since my other boss had asked me to maybe come in to answer a week’s worth of questions that the new girl might have.

It is not certain whether or not they will need me, but I blocked off that time just in case they do.

Now my other boss, he took the time to talk with me at the end of the day before he left.

He hoped that I enjoyed my time there, and more importantly and surprisingly, he took the time to tell me how much they appreciated me being there.

With sincerity, he said ~ their gain is our loss.  I hope they know what they are doing (because I had shared they were restructuring and asked me back to fill a vacancy) and that they treat you well.

And then he said with a heavy sigh, What are we going to do if the new girl doesn’t work out for us?

My only response, Well, for the time being, I can help on Fridays in the afternoon, but outside that, my hands are tied.

The moment I had dreaded for two weeks turned out to be not so bad.

The worse moments were when I was saying goodbye to my two bosses, each time there was that awkward moment of…do we hug, do we just shake hands or do we what?

We chose the or do we what.

I had my goodbyes with everyone except the one chick I occasionally butted heads with throughout the day.

She and I just went our separate ways. hahaha

But it was nice, uneventful and it is done.

And now, I am immensely enjoying a four-day staycation before starting my new job on Monday!


My Last Day

One of my bosses (the cuddly teddy bear turned grouchy snarly grrrr ole bear) keeps saying, We need to have a going away party for you!  When is your last day again????

I wonder if he’s considering giving me one of these cakes….



Actually, it won’t be a cake.

He wants to have a happy hour get together.

Nothing says goodbye like adding a little alcohol to the mix so peeps can really “jokingly” let loose on me.

Hmmm.  No thanks.

Although I have been shown a lot more love from the others as the days have passed.

They have realized…

  • Yes, I really am leaving and was at least kind enough to let you know personally.
  • Yes, I am moving heaven and earth to hook all of you up, as well as my replacement (which I don’t think has been done in the past).
  • Yes, I am working my buns off up to the very last minute (to which one shared, I wouldn’t be lifting a finger if it was my last day).

Even with all of this, somehow I don’t see them wanting to get a drink with me.

My boss has a meeting later today that is scheduled to go over my getting off time, and I hope it sticks.

I’ll be more than happy to meet up with them for a future REGULAR happy hour.

This past Monday was awesome because the new girl was there and I got to focus solely on training her, and of course everyone pretty much left us alone.

And when they did come around, they were on their best behavior, which is how they do act 90% of the time in real life!  hahaha

She wasn’t able to come in yesterday, and probably won’t be in today.

That is just as well in my world since last night I was handed a can you pull a miracle out of that magic hat of yours and format this financial statement to compare two years versus the one, on top of doing your normal job while finishing up that manual you are putting together for the new employee.  Please, thanks and you are the greatest.

No problem.

My day is going to fly by today, and for that I am grateful.

All signs are pointing to them not needing much of my help after I leave, which is also a relief so I can focus on my new job and yoga.

My new employer was gracious enough to accept my request to start next Monday versus tomorrow.

I so didn’t think that one through when I first said that I could start tomorrow.

It turns out I need a break, to let go of one job, relax a little and do some things for me, and then begin a new job on Monday.

Thank God for my IT guy’s comment of I hope you have some time off between the two.

DUH!!!  Why didn’t I originally think of that???!!!

Oh that’s right, I usually rush to take care of others and forget that I am more pleasant to be around and function much better when I take a breather and take care of myself first.

And there is no way on God’s green earth that I am telling my today employer that I have Thursday and Friday off.  No way in hell.

As far as they know, I am starting my new job tomorrow and I will just steer clear of their part of town when I need to be out and about.

Anyway, they will be more than fine.  They have the chick that I butt heads with occasionally, who is well versed in covering her stuff and the things that I do, just enough to keep it going until the new person is ready to rock.

So, today is my last day…..


Happy Homebody 4th of July!!!!

I have been looking forward to this three-day weekend for some time now so I could be a homebody and putter around my house and do things that make me happy.

My to-do list consisted of….

Clean & work on my place.

Files & shredding.

Steam carpets.

Goodwill run.

Work on vision board.

Paint coffee table.

Wash & vacuum car.

Oh, and go out and buy a motorcycle!!

I didn’t even ask anyone what they were doing.

I just wanted some time to myself.

And it turns out that I really need it.

This weekend while doing these things I originally was going to be pondering….what do I want to do over the next year?

I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make any moves work wise for the next year and was going to focus on moving forward on the yoga training front (by the way, on July 1st I was accepted into the year-long teacher training program that begins in September!).

However, I couldn’t shake the nagging thought of, but I need to make more money now to be able to do the things I want to be doing with and in my life, and I am not interested in getting a part-time job.

Stage left enter second surprise of the day going down on July 1st, I was offered a job by my former employer, which I accepted.

Needless to say, I have had a bit of an emotional and stressful week.

My current bosses are really sad to be losing me, one of my bosses had such thick emotions in his voice as he said, Man, you are really bumming me out, I’ll be down in a little while to talk.

I almost started crying on the spot as I said, I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking and I’ll do whatever I can to help you guys out during the transition.

I held it together and didn’t cry until I drove home.

I hate disappointing people, I really hate blind siding people, and I totally wrecked their we finally have a good thing going on here again thanks to Lisa.

So anyway, this weekend couldn’t have come any sooner for me and now I have even more reason to want to be a homebody and just take care of me and my stuff.

My dance card just got pretty damn full in the weeks and months to come, so I want a detach from everything and do what makes me happy and feel good weekend.

So today I bought a couple of things to brighten up my place a little more.

I am kinda from the school of I do it myself, I do it myself so I trekked across town to buy and drive home a big ass mirror in my tiny car hoping that I would not get pulled over by the cops.

I passed two on my I’ll take every back street between here and there and not go over 35 miles an hour even if it takes me an hour to get home route!!

No one pulled me over.  In fact, they didn’t even give me a second glance.

And the mirror was SO worth it because it only cost $30!  And the art work only cost $7 each.

So here are a couple of photos for your viewing pleasure and with any luck Sunday night I’ll be able to share many rooms completed taa daas!!!


I got two of these to be placed on each side of the kick ass mosaic mirror that I got from Pier One a month ago never featured here but seen on FB. These are for the dining area and right now, obviously it is laying on the carpet. hahaha

PHOTO 1_crop

Huge ass mirror strapped in and ready for painfully slow but worth it transport!!


photo 2_crop

Yes Officer, I can see out my passenger side mirror!

PHOTO 3_crop

Yes Officer, I can see out my rear view mirror!!

So, as I recoup from my long week and day, and putter around my house, I wish all of you a safe and happy 4th of July doing whatever makes YOU happy!!




Rained Out

As in my hike at Old Rag mountain today has been rained out….she says as she listens to the gentle pitter patter of rain falling just outside her window.

To be honest, I am relieved.

I didn’t realize Thursday night’s Nats’ game would take it out of me.

Not the game per say, just the length of my day, and the extra energy spent getting to and fro.

It took it out of all of us.

By 3:30pm my boss was taking a just let me rest my eyes for a moment on the couch in our lobby.

He needed the rest because he was going back for another game last night, this time from one of the owner’s boxes just behind home plate with gourmet food and high-class wait staff.

Life is rough for some people.

My hiking partner also kicked me to the curb for a weekend with friends anyway, so I was going to go it alone.

But on that trail, you are really never alone.

One cool thing about hiking, most everyone is friendly with one another.

So now, I am going to slip back under the covers and rest my eyes for a moment.

And then putter around my house.

Such a lovely way to spend a rainy day.

Special thanks go out to those who were praying for rain today!

Rainy Day

It’s Kinda Scary When Your Dream Came Come True.

Twelve years ago I went through and successfully completed the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Certification program.

And I walked away with a dream.

One day, I wanted to own a motorcycle.

I owned a moped when I was young, and it had me at hello.

I cannot even explain the freedom and joy I felt when driving, yes, even on a little moped.

Twelve years ago, that summer, I accidently stumbled across Rolling Thunder while out driving on the Washington Parkway, my favorite stretch of road to drive in any vehicle.

I was moved to tears by the sheer number of bikers.  The power, the sense of community, the purpose of the ride, and fun this group has annually is breath-taking.  At least to me.

I’ve been on that stretch of road almost every Memorial Day Weekend/Rolling Thunder since.

It took me a while to be able to take my first motorcycle class.

Summer of 2008, I think.

I learned to drive this….

Honda Rebel

Honda Rebel, 250cc

I did well, was the only girl in my class, and even had to be leader of the pack for a few drills against my wishes.

Many years passed, I still wanted a motorcycle.

So I decided to take another motorcycle class, with Harley Davidson this time, to refresh my memory and skills.

Summer of 2012, I learned to drive this (not me in the picture)…..

492cc Harley-Davidson Buell® Blast® motorcycle2

Harley-Davidson Buell® Blast®, 492cc

I did extremely well, was one of three girls in the class, and gladly signed follow me guys I’ve got this as I led several of the drills.

A couple of my fellow classmates asked, Um, why are you taking this class again?  You’re the only one out here who is not afraid and knows how to handle that bike!

Summer of 2014…..

My bosses and I are sitting down next Tuesday to review my salary and talk about a raise.

I tried a different tactic.  I spoke with my boss yesterday directly, the one who wants a Harley himself, and the one who offered up the review/raise in the first place.

Do you remember that you guys said we would sit down and talk after tax season about my salary and discuss a raise based on my tax season performance?


Well you see this Harley…


I’ve done a lot of research and leg work, and I could get something like it this summer, but a review and raise would be helpful.

Ok.  Schedule a meeting next week for you, me and the other boss man to meet.

So now I kinda feel like this…..


But buying and owning a bike is quite a big deal, an enormous decision in my opinion.

So although I am happy, I gotta admit, it is quite scary when your dream can come true.

So I am going to take my time.

And I will probably driving my S2000 with the top down on the George Washington Parkway taking in the Rolling Thunder/Memorial Day Weekend vibe this weekend.

But next year, watch out boys and girls, there’s gonna be a new biker chick in town!



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