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Get Out The Buffer!!

Change in verdict.

I look *so hot*……


My face looks pretty good, and it makes my blonde highlighted hair look pretty nice too.

BUT, if you were to get close you might wanna ask me, Dude, what the hell happened to you?

Um, I got in a fight with a tanning airbrush gun.

Guess who won?

I am not oompa lumpa, but I am blotchy.

You know, I was thinking….white, not so bad if it is tone.

I cannot wait to go home and soak in a sea salt bath (not recommended for post airbrush tanning but so gonna happen!!) and buff the heck out of my skin.

I really do think I can pull off this look AFTER I buff some more.

Holy cow, the things I try.

Thank God no one at work has noticed.

But then again, they have been talking to my back all morning as I have been trying not to have to turn around. hahaha

This day cannot end soon enough.

Thank goodness Jose is waiting for me on the other side.

Although he does nothing for my figure.

Be careful kids.

Airbrush tanning may lead to drinking!!!!






And Then She Woke Up…

You know that when boy meets girl, they have a good time, he stays the night and she rolls over in the morning and thinks…OH CRAP(!)?

Yeah, me either.

I am friendly.  I am a flirter.  And I am a prude.  Although, I prefer the term Good Girl.

But I did wake up to this, my version of OH CRAP(!!!!)….




I slept on my side with my hands pressed together under my cheek!!!

Luckily, my face didn’t suffer.

Cuz then we’d have a serious going into hiding for a week and I don’t have that much vacation time at work to use but I would develop some type of weeklong you so don’t want to be exposed to this sickness.

So I took a shower.

A nice long hot shower that I was advised not to take.

I was supposed to be in and once the water ran clear out.

And I employed every bit of exfoliating item that I own.

And on the other side I have this….

FIXED 1_crop

FIXED 2_crop

It’s not a noticeable as it looks in real life.

Ok, so it is.

But I cleared up that thumb and palm mishap section and can live with the new results.

And I am getting ready for my second round of scrub down.

So the final analysis…..I am still in love with airbrush tanning.

Now I just know that hands and feet….so gotta be careful with that area!!!

Great news, I will still be able to enjoy my acrobatic yoga class tomorrow and my friend’s son’s birthday party on Sunday.

It was kinda iffy first thing this morning.

And I’ll be sporting my slightly wonky hands and feet knowing that this is not so bad for a first timer, and it can only get better from here.

Learning curve.

Color me schooled!

I Am In LOVE! And I Am Sorry.

First, let me apologize, because this is going to hurt your eyes.

Second, holy crap, who knew my January Buddha belly would look so good right about now???

Exhibit A – January Buddha belly, white but not quite so squishy!  My original before picture.



Stupid Jose & Starbucks, did me in I tell ya.

Now, on with the hurting of your eyes. 

But before I show more skin, I gotta tell you, I am so IN LOVE with airbrush tanning!

And the technician was great and tan, and my former size, and she’s had 3 children!!

No more excuses.  I will be walking tomorrow morning.

So here you go, and again, I’m sorry….

Clean Face and Ready!

Clean Face and Ready!

2 Before Buddha Belly

Before Buddha Belly

3 Tan Buddha Belly

Tan Buddha Belly

Before Buddha Back

Before Buddha Back

5 Tan Buddha Back

Tan Buddha Back

6 White Girls Legs

Before White Girl’s Legs

7 White Girls Legs Airbrushed

Tan White Girl’s Legs Airbrushed

My legs and belly are finally the color of my face, chest and arms!

It was quick, easy and I gave all my neighbors a show as we did it outside on my balcony.

There was a tent, WITH windows, and as I had my arms raised in the air facing forward I was thinking….so sorry, now I am the streaker.

What can I say?

I am OCD and didn’t want my house smelling like an airbrush tan.

Really I was looking out for my cat’s health and well-being.  Honest!!

The only thing I am looking forward to more than enjoying my beautifully tanned squishy body is…..tomorrow morning….because then I get to take a shower!

Slight draw back.  I am tan and sticky, but above all else, extremely happy.

And for the record, these are my FOR REAL before pictures.

Because I am not getting any more before than this!! hahaha

Color Me Pretty!

Tonight I will be marking off something I have always wanted to try on my Things I Have Always Wanted To Try List!

This is what it will look like:

Get an airbrush tan!

Yep. Color me pretty, please and thank you.

That one time it took me 40 minutes to drive two blocks home from the grocery store during rush hour, you know that day I gave a lady the bird and enjoyed it?

Well I spent a great deal of time behind a SUV with a website listed on it for a local airbrush professional.

Guess who had the presence of mind to at least write it down since an answered prayer was stuck in traffic right ahead of me?

I finally called on Monday and made an appointment.

She makes house calls.


She did offer a $10 discount if I were to drive out to her home.


With rush hour around here, I’d pay her an extra $20 to drive out to mine.

Of course I didn’t tell her that.

So tonight at 6 pm I will be standing all straight and pretty in my birthday suit waiting for her to hit me with her best shot!

I hope she’s packing Golden Glow and not Outrageous Orange.

She asked me what the occasion was, and I shared, just because.

I followed it up by sharing that I have a farmer’s tan from my endless driving with the top down, and always sporting tank top attire that I need to even out.

I have had this farmer’s tan for a good 20 years and finally acted on the hey, I wonder what it would look like to have the same color all over!!

I am a little slow.

My legs are so white that you need sunglasses, and even then you’d still be blinded by the whiteness of my legs.

And it is not a pretty white either.

Some people have pretty white going on, not me.

Add in AC and they get splotchy purple to boot, so not attractive.

So, I don’t know if orange looks any better than white, but I am willing to take my chances.

My goal, a light sun-kissed looking tan all over that I can maintain with lotion, and maybe a touch up brush here and there.

Cuz I am not one to lay out by the pool.  The thought of it just bores me.

Plus I am fair-skinned and would only turn red, another color that doesn’t look too good on me.

I am only in the sun if I am driving my car or doing something outside, hence the farmer’s tan and white ass legs.

So, if you are the praying type, please pray that I do NOT end up looking like this….

upa lumpa

Photo courtesy of a friend who has not freaked me out in the least! hahaha

Wish me luck!

Tune for the post ~ The Rainbow Colors Song

Dry Skin Be Gone!

Winter wreaks havoc on my skin, particularly my hands.

Add to the mix that I probably wash my hands at least twice every hour and my hands are done for.

But I rarely get sick, so there is incentive to continue my habit.

I also handle a lot of paperwork and that seems to zap the remaining moisture right out of my hands.

They become red, irritated, dry and cracked.

So not pretty.

I googled it ~ How do you heal dry cracked hands?

Why I never thought to do that before, I’ll never know.

I came across this article which was a good read ~ Prevent and Soothe Chapped Winter Hands

I read some other articles too and here are my secret weapons:

Secret Weapon #1


Secret Weapon #2

cetaphilYou should be able to find both at your local grocery store or pharmacy if you are like me and need to say Dry Skin Be Gone!

And for the record, my hands now are all dewy, soft and normal looking.  Woo Hoo!

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