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Be Warned: Selfie Stick User in Training

Holy smack-a-doodle, I own a selfie stick!

I know unbelievable, right?

It is so unbelievable that the 16-year-old girl who sold it to me really did ask – Um, this is for you?

Yeah it is for me, that is how I roll!

And then I couldn’t figure out how to use the damn thing, so into my drawer it went.

Until I busted it out yesterday because I am documenting my daily fitness actions (much to my Facebook friends delights! Read: Um, not really.) as I work on losing 25ibs.

Needing to lose 25ibs sucks.

Being a weight that I have never been before, sucks even more!

But if it doesn’t go down now, it will only go up from here.

Um.  Not an a option.

I can truly sympathize with people who are overweight and working on losing it.

It is extremely frustrating, and can be downright depressing that it takes so long to see the changes you are working so hard to create.

Now, back to my handy-dandy new selfie stick.

I knew exactly what to do with my selfie stick; ask a couple of someones younger than me how to use it. Bingo!!

The fruits of my labor from yesterday…..








What?! It can only get better from here!

Speaking of fitness, I earned a pretty nifty badge from FitBit yesterday.

250 miles covered thus far!

And I have done that in just under two months.

I am pretty happy and proud of that.

Other great news, I will be working out with a personal training this coming Monday!

I am pretty happy and proud of that too.

But ask me again at 7am on Monday, since I am meeting him at 6am.

I might feel differently AFTER meeting with him! hahaha


OMFG! When Is Winter Leaving?

I don’t know how the winter is going in your neck of the woods, but in mine, Holy Cow winter needs to move right along now!

As in goodbye, adios, see you later!!

Thursday our area was hit with snow, like an all day freakin’ snow.

And yes it is pretty, and it does seem to quiet life down for a little while.

Unless you are a newscaster, weather person, or snowplower, and then you are pulling 18+ hour shifts.

But hey, you signed up for that, I didn’t.

I really dislike snow when it happens during the work week.

And no, I am not clambering to get to work for the joy of it, although I do enjoy my job.

Tax season is underway, and it makes life a whole lot easier when I can get to and from work easily without fear, worry or concern.

Who needs that kind of stress on top of tax season stress?

Well it snowed so much on Thursday that I had to take a co-worker’s offer up to pick me up Friday morning.

I really didn’t want to, but only because picking me up was 50 minutes out of his way.

We agreed that he would pick me up at 7:45am since we were aiming to get to work by 8:45am, when the office opened.

Well along his travels I kept getting updated timetables – make that I’ll be to your place by 8am, then 8:15am and then….it keeping going until I received the final message at 9:02am….I should be there in 8 minutes.

That was my cue to tie things up and go wait for him outside.

And I waited and I waited, all the while freezing my ass off.

Seriously, my fingers went numb.

He texted me and said – Ok, I am sitting outside the leasing office here at blah, blah, blah Drive. Where are you?

Me – Um, I am freezing my ass off at blah, blah, blah CIRCLE!! You know, the address I sent you last night?!

Ok, so I wasn’t that rude, but I did tell him, um it’s blah, blah, blah CIRCLE.

And I did really say, dude I am freezing my ass off!! hahaha

While waiting during my 1 hour and 15 minute delayed pick up, I did do something productive.

I played with my cell phone trying to get a good selfie.

I don’t know how people can take good selfies.

I have been trying forever.

I would just like a few good pics of myself to freeze this point in time, no pun intended, so when I am 105 I can remember that once upon a time, sometimes, I had it going on!

I’d prefer to capture it in a selfie because I don’t want to have to go up to co-workers, friends and family and say, hey do mind taking a picture of me? Why? Um, just because. hahaha

So I think I finally captured a good pic or two that I will share in a moment.

Because first, I want to share with you something else that I discovered by way of mistake, as in I hit something on my computer and taa daa, I had a slide show of all the pictures I have taken over the years.

That was pretty cool.

And here is how good I am with discovering stuff, because for some reason as of late I am getting pretty darn good at it with anything that has to do with technology.

I noticed a small crescent looking moon symbol on my iPhone and thought, uh oh.

What if I pressed something that is charging me through the nose for something that I am not even using? What the hell does that thingy mean and why is it on my phone???

So I took my phone to the expert in the office, the 23-year-old receptionist and said, Help!!

Easy peasy she took my phone fixed it and said, You had your Do Not Disturb on.

Greaaaat. I’d be missing calls and texts (cuz now I am so hip and happening that I finally text), and be none the wiser if I hadn’t noticed that something on my screen looks a tiny weeny bit different.

So the moral of the story is…I accidently touch things on technical items and learn something new every day usually by SURPRISE!!!

Now back to the slide show because this was a very good surprise.

I am aging very nicely.

And by this I mean, slowly.

Thank God!

Check out my discovery, and if you don’t agree, keep it to yourself and don’t burst my bubble! hahaha

An old lady has got to have a dream!!

Speaking of which, later this month I am turning 44.

And I am cool with that until I think….Holy Bleeping Hell!!!! I am only 6 years and a few days away from turning the Big 5.0.

That is just too much to handle so back to my slowly aging dream that keeps me grounding in the I am not 50 yet baby(!!!):


  Me.  2005/2006.

Me 2012

Me. 2012.

2014 me

Me. 2014.

And me, 9 to 10 years after the first picture….



My last thoughts on this winter and freezing my ass off yesterday, which obviously I did or I wouldn’t keep repeating it!

Well, it wasn’t so bad now that I can see just how much (as in not much at all) I have changed over the last 10 years.

Thank you Old Man Winter.

Now get the hell out!!! hahahaha

Wordless Wednesday: Whatever It Is. Don’t Quit. Get Back On Track.

Get Back on Trackjpg

09.07.14 Right Arm 09.07.14 Left

Sharing Selfies

A co-worker and I got to talking yesterday and he shared with me his latest before and after pictures.

He showed me two and I was like ok, where’s the before?

He said, that was the before and latest after!!

Oh, sorry, you look pretty fit in both!!

Much to his disappointment, he didn’t take the very first before picture, when he was 40 pounds heavier.

Because then we both would have been like, Oh Holy Smackoli!!

Yesterday I was only 11 days in to my transformation, so I only had my before pics to share, which was quite a downer for me. hahaha

But I told him, give me time dude and soon I’ll have some afters to share as they unfold too!

I like the idea of documenting your body’s changes, so I am going to follow his lead and take selfies along the way.

He shared that it is very encouraging to scroll through your pics and to see with your own two eyes the changes that are occurring with your body due to all of the small daily changes you are making in diet and exercise.

I was sold!

These are my June 25th befores, add in a bit more squishiness before my actual 30 day fitness challenge start date of August 2nd

06.25.14 Front

06.25.14 Back

And although I will never get to these 100% because I am not a gym rat by choice, no appeal to me whatsoever, I am going to get as close to these as I am able….

Front Goal

The Back

A friend of mine recently reminded me that I could achieve similar results by doing something such as indoor rock climbing versus weight lifting, and I am all over looking into that again!

I prefer “exercise” where you are doing something with your entire body and taa daa you accidentally tone and define by default.

And there is swimming and ice skating and hiking and a whole slew of other activities that you can do to have fun and share with others that produce the same kind of taa daas!

That’s my kind of “exercise.”

To have the after selfie to die for, you first must be willing to see the before selfie (even if it is for your eyes only) and be cool with, yep, this is where I am starting and I can change.

Tune for the post ~ Hall of Fame by The Script, featuring will.i.am










And Then She Woke Up…

You know that when boy meets girl, they have a good time, he stays the night and she rolls over in the morning and thinks…OH CRAP(!)?

Yeah, me either.

I am friendly.  I am a flirter.  And I am a prude.  Although, I prefer the term Good Girl.

But I did wake up to this, my version of OH CRAP(!!!!)….




I slept on my side with my hands pressed together under my cheek!!!

Luckily, my face didn’t suffer.

Cuz then we’d have a serious going into hiding for a week and I don’t have that much vacation time at work to use but I would develop some type of weeklong you so don’t want to be exposed to this sickness.

So I took a shower.

A nice long hot shower that I was advised not to take.

I was supposed to be in and once the water ran clear out.

And I employed every bit of exfoliating item that I own.

And on the other side I have this….

FIXED 1_crop

FIXED 2_crop

It’s not a noticeable as it looks in real life.

Ok, so it is.

But I cleared up that thumb and palm mishap section and can live with the new results.

And I am getting ready for my second round of scrub down.

So the final analysis…..I am still in love with airbrush tanning.

Now I just know that hands and feet….so gotta be careful with that area!!!

Great news, I will still be able to enjoy my acrobatic yoga class tomorrow and my friend’s son’s birthday party on Sunday.

It was kinda iffy first thing this morning.

And I’ll be sporting my slightly wonky hands and feet knowing that this is not so bad for a first timer, and it can only get better from here.

Learning curve.

Color me schooled!

I Am In LOVE! And I Am Sorry.

First, let me apologize, because this is going to hurt your eyes.

Second, holy crap, who knew my January Buddha belly would look so good right about now???

Exhibit A – January Buddha belly, white but not quite so squishy!  My original before picture.



Stupid Jose & Starbucks, did me in I tell ya.

Now, on with the hurting of your eyes. 

But before I show more skin, I gotta tell you, I am so IN LOVE with airbrush tanning!

And the technician was great and tan, and my former size, and she’s had 3 children!!

No more excuses.  I will be walking tomorrow morning.

So here you go, and again, I’m sorry….

Clean Face and Ready!

Clean Face and Ready!

2 Before Buddha Belly

Before Buddha Belly

3 Tan Buddha Belly

Tan Buddha Belly

Before Buddha Back

Before Buddha Back

5 Tan Buddha Back

Tan Buddha Back

6 White Girls Legs

Before White Girl’s Legs

7 White Girls Legs Airbrushed

Tan White Girl’s Legs Airbrushed

My legs and belly are finally the color of my face, chest and arms!

It was quick, easy and I gave all my neighbors a show as we did it outside on my balcony.

There was a tent, WITH windows, and as I had my arms raised in the air facing forward I was thinking….so sorry, now I am the streaker.

What can I say?

I am OCD and didn’t want my house smelling like an airbrush tan.

Really I was looking out for my cat’s health and well-being.  Honest!!

The only thing I am looking forward to more than enjoying my beautifully tanned squishy body is…..tomorrow morning….because then I get to take a shower!

Slight draw back.  I am tan and sticky, but above all else, extremely happy.

And for the record, these are my FOR REAL before pictures.

Because I am not getting any more before than this!! hahaha

Cheese(y) Selfie Time

A selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often associated with social networking. They are often casual, are typically taken either with a camera held at arm’s length or in a mirror, and typically include either only the photographer or the photographer and as many people as can be in focus. — from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.




If you look closely at my lower lip….that is a high school battle scar.

A friend and I were bored, and obviously stupid, and decided to play The Flinching Game.

It is a game we made up on the spot.

You throw “fake” punches at the other person…..and if you don’t flinch, you win!

Guess who didn’t flinch?

Guess who got a busted lip as a result and had to get stitches?

Guess who never played that game again?

Sometimes, winning is not everything.

I want a rematch when we are 80, and God knows, I am gonna let her win!

That’s all she wrote.

Like I said, Cheese(y) Selfie Time.

Oh, and I just happen to be happy that morning going into work and wanted to document it.

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