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Tax Season Did NOT Make Me Do It

I felt really bad yesterday.

I yelled at someone, and I mean yelled.

And let me just say, it takes a lot to have me yell at you.

There have been talks, and there have been unthreatening correcting behavior comments as things arise. But this one took the cake and I in no uncertain terms said get on board with this tax season NOW.

Later I sincerely apologized, not for what I said (thank God I didn’t cuss at the person) but for my delivery.

I got back from lunch and had a note and small gift on my desk, and all is well for the moment.

And we got a lot done yesterday.

I also apologized to my boss who was witness of my spectacular delivery, to which he replied (a) it was fun to watch and (b) you were right.

It still didn’t make me feel better and I hope to not do that again for a very, very long time!

My reaction wasn’t due to tax season and being tired.

My reaction was due to my work ethics and the works ethics I believe others should have.

Unfortunately I probably looked something like this, and I must say, that is not very becoming.


Ok, back to focusing on why I do the things I do and what I hope to gain…..after all, I can only control myself.





The Queen of Awkwardness

Yesterday was full of awkward moments for me.

First thing in the morning I met up with a former Starbucks peep.

She and her husband were on my turf which threw me, and it had been over two years since I had last seen her because she changed stores prior to me relocating.

They were waiting to meet with a real estate agent that works next door.

I came out to use the bathroom and taa daa there she was.

She introduced me to her husband, all the while calling me Miss Lisa and sharing how she still remembers how to make my drink….and for the life of me, the whole time, I could not remember her name!

I went to the bathroom, wracking my brain, come on brain, what is her name, I know it is in here and BOOM, I remembered it and was so excited.

Luckily they were still waiting when I came out.

I snapped my fingers, pointed at her and said her name.

Followed by, I bet you thought I forgot your name and were like, psssht, I remembered her name and her drink and she can’t even remember my name!  I told her, it has been over two years and it takes my brain a minute to remember.

All ended well and everyone was happy and felt remembered.

Later in the day, a dude that works for another firm that I have been friendly with over the years caught me off guard again.

This time I was coming up from the parking garage and he pulled up alongside of me in his SUV and rolled down the window.

I thought we were going to have our normal pleasantries, but this time, maybe because we were semi away from the office, he went in to full compliment mode.

Compliment after compliment, which I tried my best to return, but mine were more general and awkward and not directed at him because the whole time I was like, uh oh, he’s going to ask me out and I am not attracted to him like that, I just happen to be a really friendly person.

Perhaps he had false hope because I did actually remember his name and addressed him as such when I first saw him again after being gone for over a year.

His last comment did me in, something to the effect of, You know, I have always had the hots for you.

I didn’t know what to do with that so without thinking I laughing said, I know, and walked away….which my friends opens up a whole other can of awkwardness when we meet up next.

All I can say is, Thank God today is a half day!

And I am not stepping foot out of my office until it is time to go home!! hahaha

All hail The Queen of Awkwardness.



I Am Not Passive Aggressive.

That’s a lie.

I think we all are to a degree.

It’s so much easier.

I happen to be the target at present.

One of my bosses is deeply disappointed that I am leaving.  The other one is disappointed too, but not quite as much.

This past weekend I had a missed call from work, so I called in to see if they needed something.

Nope.  Found it.

Well when I came in on Monday morning I was left with the trail of discovery, along with a few other things.

Somebody threw a “party” and forgot to clean up.

And everyone in the joint knows….please don’t dork up my area, dork up your own.

Yesterday, let’s see, I was told…..You did this wrong….um, I lost count how many times, only two of which were indeed me and owned and corrected.

My boss followed up this spectacular display of digs with, So did you change your mind yet and decide to stay?

But here’s the thing, he’s not a bad guy or being mean, he’s just human.

We all do this, whether it is conscious or not.

When we are hurt or disappointed, we try to hurt and disappoint in return, classic tic for tat.

So, one week down and one week to go.



Kennedy Meets Oscar

My mom gave me the *BEST* gift last night!



She got him for my desk at work, um cuz for some reason, I am still extremely busy!

So now when I want to slap people in the head, first I will gaze upon Oscar and get my Ommmmm on.

And then I will slap them in the head with a peaceful heart.

This is Kennedy….


This is Kennedy meeting Oscar…..

Oscar 1

Oscar 2

Oscar 3

Oscar 4

She’s not a big fan, so it is good that he is going with me to work today.

And I learned something new.

It’s official.

I now know how to download pictures from my iPhone.

I am telling you, there is no stopping me.

It only takes me a good six months to learn how to use a new device.

By Invitation Only. I Can Barely Contain Myself!

At work, I do everything except prepare tax returns and scan documents.  So I am a pretty busy chick.

But yesterday my horizons were widened, and I gladly accepted the challenge.

One of my bosses was in let’s get this joint together mode!

Pleased as punch he brought down all of his personal investment statements and said, I want you to create a binder for me and file these monthly to keep them all in one place.

I stopped him and said, Who’s idea was that?

Looking at me and answering like it was a no brainer, Your’s.

Ok, I was just checking.

Later in the day I was asked to prepare the new employee’s work station on the second floor before his start date on February 15th because I am the best in the place at it, oh and because I’ve said countless times, Dude, someone has got to clean that area up and give the new guy a nice office space to work in!

But the cream of the crop, by invitation only, I was finally invited up to the 3rd floor to totally revamp and create two nice working areas.

Well, one they don’t know about yet, but I have put it out there and it is going to happen because I want to make sure scanner girl has such a pretty space that she is going to absolutely love scanning!

My boss happened to be on the 3rd floor and called me on the phone to ask me to come up…..


I want you to fix up this space for my girl.  Do whatever you want.  Quill Office Supply.  The Container Store.  This is your area of expertise.  I want her to have a great space to work in for all that she has done for us.  And buy her a dozen red roses to have on her desk for Valentine’s Day too.

Well Hello one of my favorite thing to do!  And it is going to be a surprise too!

This woman will be beside herself when she sees what I am going to do for her on behalf of my bosses.

So the space will go from something like this (not real pictures from my office):



To something like this (one of these really could be from my office when I get done with it!):




 Little does he know, I can paint too!  But that would so have to be after tax season!!

Guess what?  I am going shopping when I go into work today…..


I can barely contain myself!!

Plus,  I love that I have something fun and creative to do on my plate that will make someone else happy and feel appreciated.


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