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Online Dating. Yikes. Here I Come.

Monday morning I did something I never thought I would do.

For years, five to be precise, a handful close to me have tried to encourage me to try online dating.

Nope not for me.

Well Monday morning I decided to give a go.

That’s a pretty big deal in my world.

But I am trying to change things up, do things differently, explore and say yes to life more.

First off, I will never be able to be facebook friends with anyone I may meet on this online dating journey, nor tell them about my blog because I’ll be sharing the journey with you and I am pretty sure that might not be so cool in their eyes. hahahaha

But seriously, I won't speak about specific gents, just my side of experiences.

When you set up your profile (and mine is not complete yet) you begin by adding a picture and writing something about yourself.

This is my initial pic –


I copy and pasted my about me page from my blog and answered five questions.

I can’t remember any of the questions except the first one.

Are you ok with someone being messy?

Hell no!

The last step was to pick three profile pictures to gauge the type of guys you find attractive.

There were guys ages 26 to 66 or there about.

I am not going to lie; a lot of those 30 something year old dudes caught my eye.

But alas I stayed within my age range; I didn’t want to come across as a creeper.

I didn’t realize the profile pictures I was looking at were real, but good news, one of the dudes I liked liked me back.

Now I have to go back and fill out the rest of my profile because they don’t know…like how tall I am, or what I am looking for, or my horoscope sign and so forth. hahahaha

But what is really cool, a dude I liked based solely on his picture turned out to be is 49, drives a Harley, drives a jeep (I think according to the pic), rock climbs, doesn’t have children, and oh yeah, he’s hot.

I am not saying we would mesh, but I find it intriguing that there are good-looking dudes out there with similar interests as me that had I not gotten out of my comfort zone and tried online dating, I potentially would never meet.

In 24 hours I have received 141 likes (that’s better than anything I have ever gotten on facebook!!!! hahahaha) and 18 messages.

Now 90% of those will probably do nothing for me, but it still makes a gal feel good after being out of the game for so long.

Oh, and now I REALLY have incentive to get my body back in tip-top shape as soon as possible!! hahahaha

The moral of the story…don’t poo poo what you have never tried BUT only try it if and when you are ready.

I’m ready.



Dating 101: My Starbucks Lover

If you came here for dating advice, you might want to leave.

Like right about, now.

Cuz it all goes downhill from here. hahaha

Late last week I met a really cute guy at Starbucks.

He started talking to me about my car, my S2000.

Lots of dudes talk to me about my car.

My favorite, again at Starbucks, a father and son were walking into the store as I was getting into my car and the father opened the door  and leaned out to say – Miss, my son thinks that is the coolest car!

And the little boy, probably about 6, was standing right behind his dad with a huge grin on his face, nodding his head enthusiastically while giving me two thumbs up.

Or this other time, again at Starbucks, a construction worker was going by and said, “Ma’am that is a really nice car you have.”

I remember being totally impressed that he was so polite and respectfully in his manner and his words.

Oh any way, back to my most recent Starbucks lover.

He’s the one that kept the conversation going, so I obliged and returned conversation.

We talked about S2000s and Jeeps, because his ex had a S2000 and we both used to own Jeeps.

I shared that it is my goal to own a yellow Jeep alongside my yellow S2000.

And he shared how he took his son out in his Jeep to get stuck in the snow on purpose after a huge snow storm when they lived in Canada.

He seemed like a really nice guy so I gave him my business card (new to me) as we parted ways because I didn’t have the time to sit down and enjoy my coffee and breakfast with him like he asked, I was late for work.

He emailed me an hour and half later.  I was kinda surprised that he emailed me so soon.

What surprised me more is what he said!

Hi, (He didn’t even type in my name, red flag!! hahaha)

Enjoyed chatting with you this morning. Snowflakes reminded me of jeeps, which put a smile on my face thinking of your driveway all yellow and topless.

You must be a lot of fun!

Have a great weekend. Maybe I’ll get to see more of you in the future.


Holy snap!  He made me blush, and confused me.

I was like, um, this doesn’t sound like the guy I was speaking with earlier this morning.

I don’t know if emailing someone makes some people bolder or not, but this is precisely why I don’t do the online dating thing.

I don’t have the time or the energy to speaking with dudes in such a way.  I’d rather know what…well anything but this kind of talk with a complete stranger by email.

Now I wouldn’t have been put off by this if this was someone who I actually knew and joked with, but I had only talked with him for about 10 minutes in person.

I replied and according to my sister, because I later had her “analyze” the complete back and forth “conversation,” I was flirty in my responses.

Personally I guess I was, I like to flirt, but really I was trying to keep it light and playful since I have been out of the game for a while and wasn’t sure whether or not I was being too sensitive.

After I shared that he made me blush, his response kinda of took it way too far way too fast for me.

It was something to the effect of, excellent now I have you smiling and blushing and thinking…

He used the word “fun” in all of his emails to the point that I finally said – Dude, I don’t think I am as “fun” as you think I am. hahaha

Even my sister picked up on it and said – If he said how “fun” you must be one more time I was going to have to….

I can’t remember the rest of my responses, but after he kept emailing me I finally said – Dude, aren’t you working?  Cuz I am!!!! hahaha

To which he responded, ok, email me from your personal email account sometime this weekend.

Well I did email him…at 10 pm on Sunday night, because I wasn’t sure I even wanted to.

I said – Well this is still considered the weekend, right?  You know what I do for a living, what do you do?

Lame I know, but it was the best I could come up with.

He never emailed me back.

I guess I wasn’t “fun” anymore.

I can’t say that I am disappointed.

But I do regret sharing this with a co-worker because she’s of the mindset that if I don’t hear back from him by Thursday, which is today, I should email him again.

Um, no.  Times 2.

It is that whole he is just not that into you, and I can’t say that I don’t feel the same.

My co-worker means well, she and my friends and my family would like for me to have someone in my life.

They have wanted that for me for a long time. hahaha

But the cool thing is, now I do too.  I mean for real.

I have half heartily wanted it previously, kinda put myself out there, but not really.

Now I am ready, and the cool part is if you are ready on the inside, the outside really does respond in kind without you even trying.

I am not your typical girl.  I am not looking to get married.  The thought of it freaks me out.

But one day, I think I would like to try it, if we could have separate places and spend the night with each other when we wanted too. hahaha

Maybe it really will happen like I have been telling my grandmother for years – Don’t worry Grandmother, the first 50 years are for me and then I’ll share the other 50 with someone else.

Until then, my first real potential Starbucks lover, not so much!!

Luckily I haven’t run in to him again, and I better not – because that is My Starbucks!!




Light & Bright

When my blog goes silent for a while, one of two things is going on…it is tax season or I have fallen in a rut.

Guess what?

It is not tax season.

As strange as it might sound, it all started with a really bad haircut.

I don’t know what possessed me but I let my stylist cut my hair really short in a bob, after all it looked really great on her!

Holy. Crap.  One of the worse decisions ever.

And there is no way on earth to hide that kind of dramatic change.

Now, two months later, my hair is not like it was aka long, but it grows closer daily.

So the big secret that is not so secret to those who know me, I have been down.

One thing that has been hard for me is my sister living in California with her family.  They’ve been there a little over a year.

I’ve known my sister for forty-one years, she is my best friend and in all those years, including this last one, we have only lived apart (as in not living within driving distance) from each other five, maybe six years.

At one point, we were even roommates in college.

I’d say we are kinda close, and not having her close to me is a pretty big deal in my world.

I did get to see my sister and her family twice over the Thanksgiving break and I cannot tell you how good it feels to hug someone you love and have missed so much.

Work has had me anxious too.  I am still in the uncomfortably learning phase.  Some of it I did before, I like that part.  Some of it is new, and that part is uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable.

No one is yelling at me or saying that I am doing things wrong, actually they have said I am doing well, it is just an internal anxiety and it total sucks.

I’ve been in positions before where I didn’t know everything about a job and in time I learned it and got a pretty good system down in the process, so it will happen here too.

I also haven’t worked out a very good routine yet because of the commute.  The distance between my house and work is no big deal.  It is just all of the traffic that gets in the way.

I do think if things were going well in other areas of my life, I wouldn’t have such anxiety about my job right now.

I guess the biggest area of my life that really needs to see some change is my social life.  I’ve been single a long time, mostly by choice, but now I would like to meet someone, and I would really like to meet some new friends too.

Most of the friends I have are married or married with children so things are different, and I don’t have gobs of them like I wish I did.

At 43, it is kind of hard to just go out and make friends.  I haven’t figured out where to start.

I know I need to get involved in something I care about, and dating sites and bars are not my thing, plus feeling down and anxious, gotta admit, not really great motivators.  So, as you can see, I am still trying to figure out where to start part.

And right about now, you are probably wishing I had remained quiet.

I wanted to post a piece since it has been so long, and unfortunately this is all I’ve got.

I know this will pass; I just hope this too shall pass with some positive changes on the other side.

I am pretty light and bright when I am happy.

And I’d like to feel that way again soon.

Eight Years Later, Coming Full Circle

One really cool thing about birthdays is receiving well wishes from all of the people you have known in your life, whether it be by way of a card, a call, a facebook message or an email.

I particularly like the well wishes I received from boyfriends past.

It is nice to know that they still think well of me, because I still think well of them.

It’s kind of neat receiving happy birthday wishes from your very first boyfriend who you still think is HOT! Or your two high school boyfriends, who were and are such great guys and played a big role in earlier years. Or even your last boyfriend, one of the two men, I actually thought of marrying.

All of these dude have since gone on, gotten married and have children.

And I am happy for them, because I was kinda skeptical about the marriage thing and I most definitely was not on the having kids band wagon.

I’ll stick with being an aunt!

But these well wishes got me thinking…..it has been 8 years since my last boyfriend.

Holy crap! 8 years!!

See, I tend to stick with people for a long time, and then I tend to take a long time off in between.

But 8 years is kinda pushing it. hahaha

About a year and a half ago, I finally decided to let a friend hook me up on a blind date.

I remember meeting him for the first time and thought, Holy cow you hooked me up with grandpa!

He had the same reaction and said something when I was out of the room, What did you do…rob the cradle? I can’t date a twenty something year old!!

He was only 50, but for me, I wasn’t ready to go there yet. hahaha

I remember talking to my mom and sister about it, But he’s 50!!!

To which they replied, But honey, you are in your 40s.

And I was like, Yeah, but I don’t look it!!!!

In all fairness, he really was a nice guy and we hung out a few times. But I wasn’t attracted to him. I really wanted to remain friends because I enjoyed his company, but he already had a lot of girls who were friends, so that didn’t work out so well either.

Anyhow, the moral of the story is, I’d like to meet someone new since it has been, um 8 years.

For me the friendship is always the best thing to build on first.

So may my meeting new friends begin now!

That’s my birthday wish for this year.

And yes, hopefully this is the last time I will mention my birthday, until next year!! hahaha

Tune for the post ~ Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Bublé


Would You Like Cream and Sugar With That?

I might have found a work place that I can call home.

I love working for a small firm and being in close working relationships with the owners.

Me, I thrive in a family-ish like setting, even with the squabbles, versus a big corporate scene.

You know you have arrived when you can borrow the boss’s car.

It was Tuesday and I had been chauffeured into work by one of my bosses (who’s car I would never ask to borrow because he’s not a sharer) due to the weather, and I was going on my second day without my morning mocha frap.

So I thought, what the hell, and asked my other boss, Um, may I borrow your car to go to Starbucks?

Sure, grab me a cup of coffee too.

Now, the whole time I was driving his Lexus, I was praying like all get out, Dear God, pleeeease don’t let anything happen to his car just because I wanted a mocha frap!!!

Plus, driving his car was like a tank compared to driving my car.  Very disorienting.


But as I was driving safely back, I recalled all of the really nice cars that I got to drive while working for another small firm, who I was with for about ten years total.

I didn’t even have to ask to borrow their cars, I just did a lot of errands and will you help me out with this, that and the other for them.

They are still my favorite bosses by far, because they really put the F in work family.

Anyway, driving back, I had the thought, even in the middle of a busy tax season, that maybe just maybe this is where I can be and grow for many years to come.

Of course my boss asked me yesterday if I would swing by his house and pick up his dog and bring him back into work with me when I ran out for an errand.


Sorry.  I had to draw the line.  Big basset hound in my itty bitty S2000 is a little too close for comfort for this cat lady.

But I did offer to buy him a cup of coffee while I was out!!!


Please Meet, Kennedy (Rose)

I have often wondered how someone was able to adopt a new pet shortly after the passing of their longtime and much-loved pet.

And now I know firsthand.

This past Saturday I decided to go back to the place that I adopted Cicero eleven years ago, and then Caesar ten years ago.

I was only going to look, and to see how I felt.

And all I knew was that when I was ready to adopt, I wanted a male kitten that looked nothing like Cicero or Caesar, because I wanted a new experience and I wanted to create a new bond.

Almost everyone wants kittens because they are teeny, tiny and cute.

I wanted a kitten because I wanted many, many, and hopefully many more years than that, before I had to experience the loss of another furry companion.

I spent three hours there with one little kitty, whom I decided to adopt.

#1 It’s a she.

#2 She’s not a kitten, she’s 2 years old.

#3 She’s teeny, tiny and quite a handful.

#4 If curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, I might.

She has no fear.

I just had to go and get her out of the dishwasher that I left open so the dishes could air dry.

There is no inch of my place that she hasn’t tried to get in and out of.

So far she has been successful.

Every place that I feared Caesar might try to squeeze into, she’s been there, freaked me out, and done that.

And then has gone back to do it again.

I named her Kennedy.

I don’t usually give my pets a middle name, but for her I did.


A tribute to my two little dudes that came before her, whom I still love and miss very much.

Her middle name is in parenthesis because it is just for me and her .

Me, so I will never forget Cicero and Caesar.

Her, for when I am trying to stop her from trying to hop into the oven again by yelling out her full name like a parent who is trying to communicate….do it and you are in BIG trouble!!

Please meet, Kennedy (Rose)….


Chasing the Red Dot (that has gone out of photo shot range for the moment).


Chasing the still out of shot Red Dot.


Red Dot. Red Dot. Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are.


This IS My Happy Face.


Can I Have Some Loving?


Bath Time. The Only Time She Is Still.

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