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The Shift

Don’t go with your song still inside you. Let it guide you every day.

Those are some of the lyrics to the song played at the end of The Shift.

It is so catchy and fun that if I can’t find it for sale somewhere, I will have to record it.

Side note, I found it!

Check it out – Song Inside You by Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra.

Now I just need to find it on iTunes and Hello Happiness!

The Shift is a movie starring Dr. Wayne Dyer, as well as, Michael DeLuise, Portia de Rossi, Ed Kerr and Shannon Sturges.

The Shift explores the intertwined lives of an overachieving businessman ( Edward Kerr) and his estranged wife (Portia de Rossi), a mother of two young children seeking her own expression in the world (Shannon Sturges), and a film director trying to make a name for himself (Michael DeLuise).

Filmed on coastal California’s spectacular Monterey Peninsula, The Shift captures every person’s mid-life longing for a more purposeful, soul-directed life and Dr. Dyer shares his wisdom throughout the movie.

Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away about a month ago.

And I still can’t seem to get my head around it, he was so young.

I thought he would be one of those people who would make it to at least 100, if not longer.

I first found Dr. Dyer back in 2002.

Since then I have read many of his books and listened to many of his audio and TV programs.  Many of which were shared for free on public television.

I even saw him in person twice, once in NY and once in DC.

I gotta be honest.  I still can’t wrap my mind around everything he taught, but I was able to wrap my heart around much of it.

I miss him as if I knew him and I am grateful that he was here.

Should you be interested, Hay House is featuring his movie for free at present (until the end of September, I think) as a tribute to his life and his life’s work.

Here is the link – The Shift

“You are only one thought away from changing your life.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer



Wordless Wednesday: It’s No Big Deal


Tune for the post ~ This Is How We Do by Katy Perry

Sharing Selfies

A co-worker and I got to talking yesterday and he shared with me his latest before and after pictures.

He showed me two and I was like ok, where’s the before?

He said, that was the before and latest after!!

Oh, sorry, you look pretty fit in both!!

Much to his disappointment, he didn’t take the very first before picture, when he was 40 pounds heavier.

Because then we both would have been like, Oh Holy Smackoli!!

Yesterday I was only 11 days in to my transformation, so I only had my before pics to share, which was quite a downer for me. hahaha

But I told him, give me time dude and soon I’ll have some afters to share as they unfold too!

I like the idea of documenting your body’s changes, so I am going to follow his lead and take selfies along the way.

He shared that it is very encouraging to scroll through your pics and to see with your own two eyes the changes that are occurring with your body due to all of the small daily changes you are making in diet and exercise.

I was sold!

These are my June 25th befores, add in a bit more squishiness before my actual 30 day fitness challenge start date of August 2nd

06.25.14 Front

06.25.14 Back

And although I will never get to these 100% because I am not a gym rat by choice, no appeal to me whatsoever, I am going to get as close to these as I am able….

Front Goal

The Back

A friend of mine recently reminded me that I could achieve similar results by doing something such as indoor rock climbing versus weight lifting, and I am all over looking into that again!

I prefer “exercise” where you are doing something with your entire body and taa daa you accidentally tone and define by default.

And there is swimming and ice skating and hiking and a whole slew of other activities that you can do to have fun and share with others that produce the same kind of taa daas!

That’s my kind of “exercise.”

To have the after selfie to die for, you first must be willing to see the before selfie (even if it is for your eyes only) and be cool with, yep, this is where I am starting and I can change.

Tune for the post ~ Hall of Fame by The Script, featuring will.i.am










Yesterday Put the F in Frustration

I had a very frustrating day yesterday.

I’d like to back up and say I am still on track with my fitness challenge.

Granted it is only day 6, but I am pretty sure this is the farthest I’ve ever gotten with anything when it comes to daily exercising.

And that is only because I have others to check in with on a daily basis.

Having a group makes all the difference!

I haven’t quite worked out the 30 minutes of cardio three times a week part yet due to my schedule.

I have only gotten in one for the week so far, but anything actually written on the list has been completed daily and marked off with glee!

And I can still get in 30 minutes of cardio on Friday (my half day, so it is doable) and on Saturday to be able to legitimately say I completed week one 100%.

So that is one thing that is nagging me, another thing being that I haven’t had the time to blog.

It feels weird not blogging.

I didn’t even get out a Wordless Wednesday yesterday.

I mean, come on, how hard is that?

But the two things that really got to me yesterday involve work and yoga.

The receptionist at work is going to drive me nuts!

She’s a little bit, hmmm how to say this, oh wait, I’ll use her own words….noisy.

She’s extremely interested in knowing what I do.

And it feels a little bit beyond her simply being curious about how things work.

The thing that pushed me over the edge yesterday was when I was in my boss’s office printing something off of his computer for my other boss and she surprised me by not only coming into the office, but marching over and coming around the desk while peering at the screen to ask me a question that could have waiting until I was back in my own office.

I watched it all with disbelief.  I watched her actually look at the screen to see what I was doing.

Me, when I enter an office, I stay on the other side of the desk no matter who it is because whatever they are doing is none of my business, and I only come around when invited.  Even with her desk up front.

Now nothing I was doing was super secret, it was the point-blank of her being noisy that got me.

Earlier this week, she had me across the hall badgering the receptionist of another firm – Dude, I didn’t know you were leaving, why didn’t you tell me you were leaving when you were busy welcoming me back???

Her response, I am not leaving , what have you heard, who told you that???

I had to back track fast and explain that our receptionist was looking on their site and saw an opening that she was trying to get her boyfriend to apply for and long story short someone in the firm across the hall was retiring, another got promoted hence an opening.

I am not noisy.  I don’t talk.  I am simply a listener that people like to talk to because it stays with me.

Lesson learned, next time, stick with what I know.

The frustrating cherry on top yesterday, I did not get the teacher assistant position for the yoga training that I applied for that would cut my tuition in half.  It went to someone who does not work full-time.

I usually always get whatever I apply for, so this totally sucks.

But the truth be known, I am not so sure that I want to get the training from this studio because of its location (aka it is kinda a pain in the @ss to get to from where I start) so this might be a blessing in disguise.

However, I am pretty sure the small print of this blessing in disguise said No Refunds for the deposit I put down thus far.

It will be a blessing if I can get that back! hahaha

And yoga training is not cheap, without the tuition help position I am looking at a $2,600 investment.   And that’s the early bird special price.

Add into the mix that I cannot get a motorcycle because I will soon have to buy a new car (read: hopefully jeep!) because of my commuting, and I just got my property tax bill for my 2002 car which is $170.00 so can you imagine what a 2012 or newer vehicle will cost????

All of this adds up to one really frustrated person who needs to go do her morning exercises now to release some of this pent-up stress!

But now I have run out of time because I chose to blog first, so I am going to have to pull off the biggest challenge yet – working out AFTER work.

And now I have probably frustrated you too with all of my complaining, so now I feel bad on top of it all!!! hahaha

Happy Thursday.

Oh, and please come back.  I am sure tomorrow, I’ll have nice things to say.

Tune for the Post ~ Smile sung by Michael Bublé

Wordless Wednesday: Recent Home Improvements

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4


Living Room 1

Living Room 2

Tunes for the post (so I lied, a few words here) just because they make me HaPpY!

Shower – Becky G

All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor

WOW, This is What Being in Your 40s Looks Like in My World!!

First, soaking in a sea salt bath really does right the wrongs of airbrush tanning mishaps.

Or perhaps it was a combination of that and exfoliating some more.

Either way, I am golden and I have baby soft skin.

Which was timely and great because yesterday, I had the *best* experience!

Drum roll please…..

Acro Yoga 1

Acro Yoga 2

Acrobatics Yoga!!!

I didn’t think to take pictures until the end.

Oh well, hopefully there will be more to come.

The workshop was three hours long, and I loved every minute of it.

Towards the end I did get a little fatigued because I was offering up my services to be the base for a couple of muscular dudes.

I was pretty impressed with how strong I am being that I am little and don’t lift weights or anything.

The last couple of runs though, mid-lifting, I was like, yeah, this so isn’t happening anymore, someone help him off, like now, or this is going to end badly for both of us!!!

As I added the photos to my facebook page, I saw other photos and I had a thought….

WOW, this is what being in your 40s looks like in my world!!


2 11 The Catch Close Up May 2013

3 Trapeze 2

4 3 Partner Yoga

5 Hold It Like You Mean It

6 10 Ready to Take Flight On My Tippy Tip Toes

7 We have Lift Off

8 Acro Yoga 1

9 Acro Yoga 2

Not bad for a dabbler, huh?

Just think what would happen if I got focused!!

I am so looking forward to my Aerial Yoga Teacher’s Training in early July.

And who knows, perhaps this is the way one becomes focused.

I am feeling pretty happy, and a little sore, but mostly Oh So Happy!!

Tune for the Post ~ Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall

Color Me Pretty!

Tonight I will be marking off something I have always wanted to try on my Things I Have Always Wanted To Try List!

This is what it will look like:

Get an airbrush tan!

Yep. Color me pretty, please and thank you.

That one time it took me 40 minutes to drive two blocks home from the grocery store during rush hour, you know that day I gave a lady the bird and enjoyed it?

Well I spent a great deal of time behind a SUV with a website listed on it for a local airbrush professional.

Guess who had the presence of mind to at least write it down since an answered prayer was stuck in traffic right ahead of me?

I finally called on Monday and made an appointment.

She makes house calls.


She did offer a $10 discount if I were to drive out to her home.


With rush hour around here, I’d pay her an extra $20 to drive out to mine.

Of course I didn’t tell her that.

So tonight at 6 pm I will be standing all straight and pretty in my birthday suit waiting for her to hit me with her best shot!

I hope she’s packing Golden Glow and not Outrageous Orange.

She asked me what the occasion was, and I shared, just because.

I followed it up by sharing that I have a farmer’s tan from my endless driving with the top down, and always sporting tank top attire that I need to even out.

I have had this farmer’s tan for a good 20 years and finally acted on the hey, I wonder what it would look like to have the same color all over!!

I am a little slow.

My legs are so white that you need sunglasses, and even then you’d still be blinded by the whiteness of my legs.

And it is not a pretty white either.

Some people have pretty white going on, not me.

Add in AC and they get splotchy purple to boot, so not attractive.

So, I don’t know if orange looks any better than white, but I am willing to take my chances.

My goal, a light sun-kissed looking tan all over that I can maintain with lotion, and maybe a touch up brush here and there.

Cuz I am not one to lay out by the pool.  The thought of it just bores me.

Plus I am fair-skinned and would only turn red, another color that doesn’t look too good on me.

I am only in the sun if I am driving my car or doing something outside, hence the farmer’s tan and white ass legs.

So, if you are the praying type, please pray that I do NOT end up looking like this….

upa lumpa

Photo courtesy of a friend who has not freaked me out in the least! hahaha

Wish me luck!

Tune for the post ~ The Rainbow Colors Song

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