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For The Love of Yellow

Kids love my car almost as much as I love my car.

I think it is because it is so small.  It kinda looks like a matchbox car when next to other vehicles, so I am pretty sure they feel like they could hop in and drive it right then and there without any problems.

Plus it is bright yellow and kinda gives off the vibe – Hello.

Actually adults like it too.

Female, male, young, old – it doesn’t matter.

I’ve spent many a 20 minutes talking to complete strangers because they strike up a conversation about my Honda S2000.

Freedom, fun, cute and happy are commonly used when they are conveying what it must feel like to own and drive such a car.

Closer to home I have an extra special little friend.

One day last fall a guy got on the elevator with me and said – My daughter loves your car. He then proceeded to show me a picture on his iPhone of her hugging it.

Talk about making me happy. He said she hugs my car every day.

I couldn’t help but to think (a) note to self – keep it clean and (b) it is a good thing that doesn’t set off the alarm because that would scare the tar out of her because it is LOUD.

The family parked next to my car whenever possible because she wanted to be close to it.

Then last October I got my yellow jeep wrangler and I park my cars together.

One day, again on the elevator, the dad asked me – Is that your yellow jeep next to your yellow S2000?

I said – Yes.

He then shared – NOW my daughter thinks you are the COOLEST person ever!

I see the family often, and we exchange hellos.

If I am parking my car or jeep and our vehicles pass, the daughter waves to me and I wave back.

But last night, I got the best news so far ever from my friendly family.

The father and his two daughters got on the elevator with me.

He said – You know, we just got a yellow car ourselves.

I said – Really? May I see it?

He got out his iPhone and showed me this –

For The Love of Yellow

That is the best thing ever!  And the blurry little girl, that’s my fan.

It is not a very good picture because I was taking a picture of a picture that was on his iPhone in the elevator and we were rushing because our floor was coming up.

But it totally made my day to think that my car and jeep inspired this little girl to go out and get her own little yellow car.

I think I fell asleep last night with the biggest smile on my face because it really made my day.

Life is funny like that.  When you least expect it, you receive a lovely little surprise that makes your day totally great.

And connecting with others, over something as simple as a car, priceless.




Happy Homebody 4th of July!!!!

I have been looking forward to this three-day weekend for some time now so I could be a homebody and putter around my house and do things that make me happy.

My to-do list consisted of….

Clean & work on my place.

Files & shredding.

Steam carpets.

Goodwill run.

Work on vision board.

Paint coffee table.

Wash & vacuum car.

Oh, and go out and buy a motorcycle!!

I didn’t even ask anyone what they were doing.

I just wanted some time to myself.

And it turns out that I really need it.

This weekend while doing these things I originally was going to be pondering….what do I want to do over the next year?

I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make any moves work wise for the next year and was going to focus on moving forward on the yoga training front (by the way, on July 1st I was accepted into the year-long teacher training program that begins in September!).

However, I couldn’t shake the nagging thought of, but I need to make more money now to be able to do the things I want to be doing with and in my life, and I am not interested in getting a part-time job.

Stage left enter second surprise of the day going down on July 1st, I was offered a job by my former employer, which I accepted.

Needless to say, I have had a bit of an emotional and stressful week.

My current bosses are really sad to be losing me, one of my bosses had such thick emotions in his voice as he said, Man, you are really bumming me out, I’ll be down in a little while to talk.

I almost started crying on the spot as I said, I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking and I’ll do whatever I can to help you guys out during the transition.

I held it together and didn’t cry until I drove home.

I hate disappointing people, I really hate blind siding people, and I totally wrecked their we finally have a good thing going on here again thanks to Lisa.

So anyway, this weekend couldn’t have come any sooner for me and now I have even more reason to want to be a homebody and just take care of me and my stuff.

My dance card just got pretty damn full in the weeks and months to come, so I want a detach from everything and do what makes me happy and feel good weekend.

So today I bought a couple of things to brighten up my place a little more.

I am kinda from the school of I do it myself, I do it myself so I trekked across town to buy and drive home a big ass mirror in my tiny car hoping that I would not get pulled over by the cops.

I passed two on my I’ll take every back street between here and there and not go over 35 miles an hour even if it takes me an hour to get home route!!

No one pulled me over.  In fact, they didn’t even give me a second glance.

And the mirror was SO worth it because it only cost $30!  And the art work only cost $7 each.

So here are a couple of photos for your viewing pleasure and with any luck Sunday night I’ll be able to share many rooms completed taa daas!!!


I got two of these to be placed on each side of the kick ass mosaic mirror that I got from Pier One a month ago never featured here but seen on FB. These are for the dining area and right now, obviously it is laying on the carpet. hahaha

PHOTO 1_crop

Huge ass mirror strapped in and ready for painfully slow but worth it transport!!


photo 2_crop

Yes Officer, I can see out my passenger side mirror!

PHOTO 3_crop

Yes Officer, I can see out my rear view mirror!!

So, as I recoup from my long week and day, and putter around my house, I wish all of you a safe and happy 4th of July doing whatever makes YOU happy!!




Are We There Yet???

My boss asked if I would drive him over to a meeting.

His daughter had his car, and it was too muggy and hot to walk over.

So I obliged.

Let me preface this by saying, he’s tall, probably a little over 6 feet.

Let me also preface this by saying, he could have asked one of my co-workers whose vehicles include a truck, a monster truck, a SUV and a four door sedan.

I think he wanted to see what the little convertible was all about.

I also think that will be last time he asks me for a ride.

He was barely able to get in, and no lie, his knees were up by his ears for the entire ride.

I looked over and asked ~ Are you going to put your seatbelt on?

HELL NO! I cannot move, let alone find the seatbelt!!

Shortly after he exclaimed, HOLY BLEEP! Can you even fit your cat in this car???

As we were driving, I looked over and had visions of what one of those race track trainers would look like in my car with me and thought, Uh Oh.

I am hoping they employ some trainers the size of jockeys, because those are about the only dudes who would be comfortable up in my car with me, particularly racing around track.

We arrived safely at his destination and he had to peel himself out.

Seriously it was kinda iffy there for a moment.

I offered to put the top down to make it easier, but he declined.

He also informed me that he’d be walking home after his meeting!!

Best twenty minutes of my day, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

So, does anyone else need a ride somewhere?

My Need for Speed Has Been Snuffed!

And I didn’t even get it out of 2nd!

Yesterday I was driving to work.

Not too much traffic, zipping here and there and I had a smile provoking thought that I have often…..I love the roar of my engine!

Now anyone who owns a sports car has to have had that thought.

I know because sports car owners seem to unconsciously greet each other, at least those who have a secret desire to see what their car can really do.

Engines get gracefully and gently revved, without even thinking, when another sports car drives by and catches your eye.

I have done it, and my car has evoked that in others.

It is kinda like the sports car owners version of Namasté.

For those who don’t know – Namasté is both a spoken Indian expression and a symbolic gesture that people use when greeting each other or in parting. Pronounced “na-ma-stay,” the term derives from Sanskrit and literally means “I bow to you.” It’s more commonly translated as “the divine light in me honors the divine light in you” or “the God within me greets the God within you.” Namasté is the recognition that we are all equal and share a common divinity. – Courtesy of The Chopra Center.

I got to work and lights were being installed in my area so I had to find something to do.

I sat down and read this….


And I un-expectantly came across an article entitled Need for Speed: The Night I Raced Away From DC’s Hellish Traffic by Christopher Shea.

To be honest, I thought it was going to be an article about a dude who moved away from the hustle and bustle of DC and escaped to a quiet life somewhere.

Instead it began….

The 140-horsepower engine in my little 1995 Acura Integra isn’t exactly roaring, but it is snarling nicely.  I’m coming out of the 90-degree right-hand turn onto a 2,900-foot straightaway at Summit Point Motorsports Park’s main track, my knee braced hard against the side door, body tense, pores emitting copious sweat.


My heart just skipped a beat.

Other snippets from the article that grabbed me…

I’m a manual-transmission snob, and yes – I do think I’m a pretty good driver.  But I’ve never done much more than take highway exit ramps kind of fast, or maybe sneak it up to 90 on a remote highway.

I’m also here because I suspect that hitting the track is something a lot of Washingtonians itch to do.  That our region is full of repressed drivers: people who only ever deploy their high-performance rides in stop-and-go traffic on the Beltway.  In Washington, we are forever in cars – yet we rarely really drive.

Suddenly there’s an overpowering engine note in the air, symphonic Wagner to my Acura’s kazoo, and I look up in the rearview mirror to find it filled with the leering face of a Porsche.  “We call it the red mist,” DVD says, and warns me not to get competitive.  I am distracted – he’s right.  But not by testosterone-fueled aggression.  It’s just that watching a Porsche glide through a fierce, arced turn is a beautiful sight.  “Breathe,” DVD says.  He’s full of these helpful reminders.

Get Out Of Gridlock!  Turn off your GPS, buckle up, and let your inner Jeff Gordon rip…at Summit Point Motorsports Park.

Hello, I’ve been looking for you Summit Point!

I cannot even begin to explain to you how excited I was for the next few hours.

I found a race track and I could finally see what my car could do!

One day.  I don’t have the money right now.  BUT I had the place, so I had a goal to focus on and work towards!

The author also shared how intimidating it was to show up and I couldn’t help but to think….dude, how would you like to be a petite, blonde highlighted FEMALE showing up to take that drive?

Hi guys.  I’d like to race my car, please and thank you.

Not only that, which instructor would be able to fit into my car with me?

In my grand visions, it was my hope that they would underestimate me, thus taking the pressure off since they wouldn’t be expecting much.  And then boom, I would *wow* them like I did in my motorcycle class with a…..Not too shabby for a little girl,  huh?

But since the author proved to himself that he was not as good of a driver as he thought he was, I am pretty sure that I would have driven away drawing the same conclusion.  But I would have happily driven away after having tried it!

However, it saddens my heart to say that I may not be able to experience this dream anywhere near as soon as I had hoped.

Alas, there was an unfortunate catch….spelled out on their website…in order to race your S2K (or other similar convertibles) on their track you had to have one of these….

S2000 After Market Roll Bar

An aftermarket roll bar installed in your car.

Hello $1,000+ in parts and labor upgrade to my car just to be able to race it that I wasn’t anticipating.

What a bummer!

I mean like BUM. MER.

But you know that roll bar, pretty cool.

Too bad my car needs the convertible top replaced in the next year or so also.  Another $1,300+ in parts and labor upgrade.

So that all adds up to $2,500 of work needed on my car to pay $250 for a day of racing it, and wow, my dream just keeps getting more and more expensive by the minute!

So thanks stupid magazine article for inspiring me to try something that I have wanted to do, and helping me to find out that I REALLY cannot afford it, but still clipped you out and have you in my Must Do Before I Die folder!

Cuz ya know, this could be me one day…


Although the yellow car #1 is a Solstice, but in my vision it is a S2K!!

You Better Back The Truck Up!!!

I “accidently” speed just like everyone else does.

However, there is one place that I don’t speed….Residential Areas.

If the speed limit is 25 or 35, I don’t care how fast you think I should be going, I am gonna do the speed limit.

And you riding my ass, well that is only going to piss me off, and make your commute that much more frustrating.

I used to gently pump my brakes, until I kept hearing a car insurance commercial on the radio saying that that was illegal.

Now, I wait until there is a pull off area and I slow and ease off to the side.

And as you speed pass I seamlessly and gracefully,BOOM, pull out right behind you.

This has been quite effective in freaking people out!

One of two things happens.

Either they drive like a bat out of hell trying to get away from me (not my intention, but they were going to drive fast anyway) as I continue to do the speed limit.

I don’t know, maybe they fear I am taking down their license plate number or something.

Or, taa daa, they realize they were being an ass and decide, hey, maybe I should do the speed limit in this residential area too.

That’s my pet peeve for the year.

I’ve been meaning to write about it.

If you are a tailgater.  Get a new hobby.

Or for your own sanity, just don’t follow too closely to little yellow S2000s.


Must Love Cats, Riding Motorcycles, Dancing and Wanna Race Porsches!

Bonus Points for being open to trying…Surfing. Rock Climbing. Mountain Hiking. Aerial and/or Acrobatics Yoga.

I joined an online dating site!

Just kidding.

I have known several people who have tried it.

I have known several people who have tried to convince me to do it.

But I have known NONE that it has ever worked out for.

The people I know have found someone by going about their daily lives and taa daa, which is so more my speed.

But I did decide to step outside of my comfort zone a little, I placed a newspaper classified ad (please see above).

Again, just kidding.

But I figured it couldn’t hurt to throw it out there to life what it is I am looking for, as I go about my daily life, which will one day surprise me with a Taa Daa!

And people wonder why I am still single.


Tune for the post ~ Wild Ones by Flo Rida, ft. Sia

The Perfect Day!

My kitchen faucet broke this morning.

But it is ok.

I had to wash my dishes in the bathtub.

But it is ok.

I got a little talking to by one of my bosses this morning.

But it is ok.

He was mistaken, and I was semi-nice about it.

That’s how you get during tax season.

So what made today a perfect day?

I got off at 11:30, got to take a nap AND zip all around town and back with the top down in this…..



I love the DC Metro area roads on a weekend when the weather is nice!

If you see a little yellow car pass you on 495, 395 or the George Washington Parkway….it is probably me as I make my oh yeah, I absolutely love owning a convertible and can drive loops for hours.

Bonus, a client gave me $100 cash just because!

Aka, the perfect day.

And yes, not having to wait around for a maintenance guy to stop by to fix my faucet at some time today was well worth having to wash my dishes in the bathtub until Monday!!

I didn’t even call them.

Didn’t want to ruin my perfect day.

Tune for the post ~ On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

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