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MMM – March Motorcycle Maintenance

My co-worker came over after work today to maintain our bikes.





I did not work today because…it takes time for things to flow down the pipeline.

Guess what?  The flow is on!  I will be working tomorrow.

I like working on quiet days (aka no one is in the office, except maybe one or two of the bosses).

I get so much done.  Plus I enjoy the peace & quiet, the ability to focus without distraction, and oh, the hell yeah, I just pulled all of that off!!! hahahaha

But, back to one of my favorite friendships…my co-worker and MMM.

I have garage covered parking (at work and at home, hellz yeah, how lucky am I?!).

My coworker does not have covered anything on the home front, so I extended an invite for him to house his bike in my garage for the winter.

For the record, this arrangement has worked out well (um, like really, really well!) for me too.

Although, for the record again, (in case God keeps count) that was never my intention.

I am seriously all about sharing….if I have it and you need it and I am in the position to share – it is yours.

It has been sooooooo long since I have had a guy friend, true & straight.

Since my bro-in-law and family moved to CA (which I will never forgive them for!!!! hahahaha), I haven’t had the safety net of a guy helping me out without worrying about anything other than…..I help you and you help me, no attraction outside of genuinely liking each other as people, for years.

He is so in love with his wife, and I love that!

And I am so about involving her in everything, because seriously, it is nice to have someone to help me.  I certainly don’t want to cause any weirdness.

Which I am pretty sure I do not because I am also a Dream Weaver.

My co-worker, sometimes referred to as my surrogate bro-in-law, thanked me last year for helping him realize one of his bucket list dreams.

Him – I cannot believe I own a motorcycle and know how to ride one.  I am not sure I would have done this had you not encouraged me.

I went through a motorcycle training class with him, which took a helluva lot of “encouragement” to get him there, only to ditch him after the first day.




#1 I was almost plowed over by the only other female driver in the class from the start (she was soon after asked to leave and train one on one), and um, #2, more importantly, it was HOLY GOODNESS BEYOND COLD!!

On the first day we spent 8+ hours out in 32 degrees (or less, I am pretty sure it was less but I was so traumatized by the event that I have since blocked it out).  NON-STOP, not exaggerating, not even in the least.  It was flippin’ cold!

After the first day, I drove home (35+ mins) with my heat on high the entire time.

I am genuinely surprised that my dashboard didn’t melt. For real.

I then slept in sweats with 4 blankets covering me to overcome the cold all night.

Early the next morning, before the 2nd class, I texted him…..Dude, I will so do this with you at a later date, and it is so my fault we are here at this date and time, but I CANNOT do another day out in the cold all day.  Can. Not.  So sorry, really, but I already have my motorcycle license and I cannot take the cold for another minute.

He forgave me, and continued with the class on his own, in the freaking and unforgiving cold holy goodness how did he do that (???), and earned his motorcycle license.

I still apologize to this day, but seriously, holy crap, me and frigid weather do not mix, no matter what is on the line.

Speaking of Dream Weaver, if I could find a way to make a business out of this I WOULD!

100%.  For real.

Hello.  My name is Lisa.  I am so totally down with helping you do something that you really would love to do at least once in your life time, but never thought you would.  But um, I am going to need for you to pay for the experience and by doing so, I am in and completely willing to be your partner in crime.

I experience great joy and fulfillment when helping others experience something they would love to try, but sometimes doubt they ever will.

Outside of helping my co-worker realize his motorcycle goal/dream, I am currently on tap to help his wife fulfill one of her bucket list items too……sky diving!

Personally I cannot believe he is letting this happen because he is OVER cautious when it comes to his wife.  So much so that he is (for real) scared of letting her and I hang out together alone since she would love to sample many of the things I have done, owned or experienced.

Me and her together alone is just never going to happen…except when we are in the plane about to skydive….because there is NO WAY he will ever go up in the plane with us. How do I know? Um, because he has unashamedly said so. hahaha

I have been present for other such spectacular feats with those I care about too.

Dream Weaver…..I once accompanied a young lady, on her 70th bday I believe, to experience parasailing for the first time, for the both of us.

I do not have a fear of heights nor flying, but I DO 100% have fear of sharks!

If I didn’t have that fear, I would so be a most excellent surfer!


While parasailing, looking down I was like, I am going to be so damn pissed if there are sharks down there waiting for me and this is how I go!

I was honest to goodness scared that we would land in the water, and I would be eaten by sharks.

Luckily, we graciously and effortlessly landed safely back on the boat (as was protocol).  Thank God!

I will face my fears, but, I may or may not be scared while doing so! 

Still, I did it because I love being involved in anything that helps others experience something that is a once in a lifetime, holy wow, I did it, and I may or may not have done this if you had not offered to do it with me.

I also once met a 67-year-old young lady at a tattoo parlor to be with her when she got her first tattoo (that her husband may or may not have approved of, but she had to at least do this one thing for herself).

I got a tattoo that day too!  I have no husband, to hell with what anyone else thinks! hahahha

I got my name – LISA – tattooed on my lower back, you know, the tramp stamp area.

The tattoo artist said, well Missy, no one WILL EVER forget your name! hahahaha

But for the record, in case God does keep track, my tats are pretty well hidden and not a problem when it comes to being “professional.”

Only those I am intimate with are able to admire my tattoo, or two, OK FINE, three!

PS ~ Should my co-worker read this, um, I guess you were right.  You really might want to be present any time your wife and I are together.  Otherwise, you may or may not receive the shock of your life (and not necessarily in a good way!!). hahahaha












Eat. Drink. And Be Merry.

I own a condo!


8 years later since selling my first condo.

Thanks to one person specifically.  You know, the whole…He who must not be named.

No.  This person is not evil, nor is he Lord Voldemort. hahahaha #HarryPotterJoke

Check out my new home  (keep in mind I’ve got some serious painting to do)!

Nice, huh?

It is to me!

It is the same exact setup as the apartment I have been very happy with for the last four years.

Except, um, the MAJOR upgrades. Um. Yeah. They are Nice!!

And oh, I now have a fireplace. Still not sure how I feel about that.

I love fire in fireplaces.

In other people’s homes!

I have a fear of fire, burning down my place.  Don’t know why, but I do.

Maybe I will turn it into a gas fireplace.

But then again, I fear gas fueled items too for fear of fire. hahahaha #NoWinningOnThisFront hahahha

Saturday, December, 2nd – First Day I Let Go and Enjoyed.

I am done.

I am done moving.

I am done taking care of two places at once.

I am home, I got my happy on and I have been eating, drinking and being merry!

Because tomorrow, Sunday, mama still has a lot of work to do at her new place.

For my southern food eating peeps, check this out –

Frozen Buttermilk Biscuits.

Who knew?

Holy. Crap!

My dad told me about these and they are AMAZING!

This is the new best friend in my house!!

Life is good.







I Love Food & I Love Cooking!

I love food and I love cooking…

But only because I can actually cook now.

                                                      I Heart Cooking

I am on my 3rd week of using the food delivery service – Hello Fresh.

This is the most awesome, tasty, easy and simply program around.

At least that is my experience to date.

Look what I have learned how to cook over the last 3 weeks…..

                                      Mojo Drizzled New York Strip Steak

                     Cauliflower Pancetta Mac-n-Cheese (Minus the Pancetta)

                                            Crispy Top Parmesan Chicken

                                                    Sweet As Honey Chicken

                                                      The Pat Lafrieda Burger

                                                      Thai Pork Stir Fry

                                                      Buttered Up Steak

                            Thyme And Honey Pork Chops (Minus the Thyme)

                                        Winner Winner Chicken Orzo Dinner

Not only that, I totally hook up co-workers with left over’s, which has been much appreciated…to date.

Recently I started utilizing the ability to skip some weeks.

This is an awesome option for two reason – (1) I can try out what I have learned thus far on my own and (2) the selection available do not always include enough of what I am willing to part with my money for to try.

I do not need breakfast, but thank you.

And I do not need fish or duck, nor do I want to cook any other parts of chicken except for the breast.

Yeah. Definitely no, but thank you anyway.

Overall, my Hello Fresh has been an excellent experience!

I have learned how to cook soooooo many things in the last three weeks that it is unreal.

If I were in a serious relationship, that dude would fall madly in love with me because these meals are great and thus make me a spectacular chef!!

So.  If you are in a rut, or if you are like me and want to learn how to cook – Hello Fresh has brought me such happiness and delicious, beyond words, meals.

Totally worth the investment!

Per me, a 100% satisfied customer.

Food is life.

Might as well make it right.




Vacationing with Mozzie

Have you ever had a moment when after seeing someone day in and day out you suddenly see them in a different light and think – Holy cow! You have lost a lot of weight!!  Or Holy cow!  You have gained a lot of weight!!

That happened to me on Monday with my cat Mozzie.

He loves attention. At least from me.  I scratch under his chin, behind his ears and the scruff of his neck often because he really enjoys it.

But Monday, I was standing over him so I rubbed both my hands down the sides of his body to give him full body love and I felt his ribs and thought, HOLY BLEEP!  What the bleep is wrong?!  Why are you so damn skinny??

Over the weekend he had gotten sick a couple of times and had diarrhea 3 mornings in a row.  I thought he had eaten something and would be ok once it passed.

Why did I think that?

Let me show you some exhibits of his handy work when I am not home….

He nailed it! And by that I mean Mozzie has successful chewed on the corners of ALL the window frames in the apartment.  He is not a slacker.

Next on his chewing list, he hit the kitchen! Marked the kitchen cabinets as no match for him.

Then he got bored over time and moved on to my furniture. He is worse than a dog! I never see it going down, I just get to admire the results.

This is one of Mozzie’s favorite cat toys. I should know because I have bought at least 20 of them over time because….well, please see next photo

And this would be the same said toy one day later. At $4.99 a pop, Mozzie has a very expensive habit!

But Monday freaked me out because I had not noticed that he was losing weight, and he wasn’t acting really sick or lethargic until Monday.

I went to work, got some things done and was going to leave after the receptionist had lunch, but one of my bosses told me to go home right then and take Mozzie to the vet.

I was so grateful because I was upset, both about Mozzie’s health and my own.  I had received a message that same morning from my doctor that I needed to come back in soon because there were irregularities with my mammogram.

That on top of having poor result with my physical recently, well let’s just say that the only thing I have got going in my favor right about now is my teeth.  I at least passed that exam with flying colors!

Four years ago I was working for a different CPA firm.  One night during tax season I came home and realized that my cat Caesar’s breathing was labored so I rushed him to the vet.  Five hours later, after he and I next rush to an emergency vet, the most unexpected thing happened, he passed away.

That was very traumatic for me.  He and I were very close and we went through a lot together.  I cried so much that my eyes were practically swollen shut.

I went to work the next day since it was tax season and I was pretty much a key figure in getting the returns out the door, amongst other things.  I looked like absolute crap, and no amount of make-up could even begin to hide my swollen eyes.

One of my bosses at the time, who was also one of the owners of the firm, sat down with me and said, “If my dog just died, I sure as hell would not be here! I’d probably be at a bar drowning my sorrows.  Nonetheless, I would not be here.”

It made me feel better at the time.  But since I only had Caesar and he was gone, the very last place I wanted to be was at home, a home that had suddenly become so empty without warning.

So when I noticed “out of the blue” that something was wrong with Mozzie, he became my primary focus.  I have gladly spent some of my vacation time to be able to care for him and watch him carefully.  I do not want to repeat of what happened to me before.

The vet gave him several injections to re-hydrate him, to stop the vomiting and the diarrhea, and I have medicine I am giving him daily.  On a separate day I took in a stool sample and the results came back negative, which is good.

He’s an indoor cat, so it has to be something he ate or something within his own body that is not functioning properly.

He seems to be feeling a little bit better.  He’s eating (food, not wooden house fixtures or toys), he’s going to the bathroom normally, he’s not throwing up, and he is playing with Kennedy some more.

So we are hanging today.  He and Kennedy have been enjoying the sun…..



And if he shows any signs of not feeling well, back to the vet we will go for the next exploratory step.

At this rate, between checking on his health and my own, I am dropping about $250 every other day.

If something needs to be done, I will do it because health is more important than money.

But since I am footing the bill, I’d like to slow it down and take a more cautious yet pro-active ready to move forward at a moment’s notice type of approach.

Like I said right now he seems good, and I am going to relax a little bit today too, since you know, we are on vacation…..

My Little Monster, I mean My Little Mozzie.

Mozzie Snoozing

Cat Nap for Kennedy

Kennedy Snoozing and Happy as a Lark

Hot Damn!

I got my Harley back on Tuesday.

Last week, they took my bike to the shop to change out the battery, and to do a state inspection.

Turns out they only had to charge the battery for me, which saved me a lot of money.

The first few months of this year it was cold, and um, I was tired because of tax season, and um, I didn’t ride.

There was one nice spell during those months and my co-worker and his wife came over.  I let him ride it while I ran errands, um because (a) I went through a class with him and saw how he handles riding a motorcycle and (b) I share my toys.

I have another friend who I am going to take to a parking lot and remind him how to operate a motorcycle.  He doesn’t have a motorcycle license, so in a deserted parking lot at the crack of dawn we shall remain.  But I am happy to show him and let him give it a go on my bike.

Anyway, when my co-worker rode it, he charged the battery up right nice.

After that, I would at least go down and turn on the bike and let it run for a while thinking that would give the battery juice.

Um. No. According to the Harley dude, that’s why my battery died…..because I drained it!

I don’t have an electrical outlet in the garage where I park so I can’t keep the battery charged when I am not riding it.

Now to keep it alive and healthy, I need to ride it about 100 miles a week.

No time like the present…..so I took my Harley out for a spin this morning!

Wait it gets better.

After making my second lap of keeping it safe aka not venturing out too far…..I thought – eff it! Ride mama, ride.

And I did.

I zipped all over the place, all up in traffic.  I have never done this before but, the only way to get used to something is to – Just Do It.

I drove around for 45 minutes this morning and I loved every single moment of it!

My day was already complete by 7:30am.  The day cannot get any better than this!

And what a great stress reliever.

I am happy as a lark.

For my visual friends, here’s how my riding will evolve in pictures….

Me: Getting My Morning Rides In!


Me: Catch Me If You Can Sucker!!

Hot Damn!

Oh, Rolling Thunder will be in the DC area at the end of May.

This year I might finally pull off riding on the GW Parkway with all the other motorcycles in town.




That Is My Future Following Me Around

Yesterday I came this close to driving a Porsche!

This closes as in…my fingers are close together in the formation of a pinch without touching but as close as you can get without touching.

That is how close I was!!

This is my background picture on my work computer (and I have two monitors so that gives me and others double the viewing pleasure) and on my laptop at home.

Niiiice, huh?!

This is my goal.  This is a 2008 Porsche Boxster.  I am so not opposed to used if the car has been well maintained and has low mileage.

That is how I landed my Honda S2000 and was able to afford it.  It is a 2002 model and I bought it in December 2007.

Honda only manufactured this car from 1999 to 2009.

Back when I test drove a brand new yellow S2000 in 2006 the base price was @ $40k.  Um, I couldn’t afford that.

Also, that was the only time in my life up to that point that I test drove a brand new car.  By test driving it, I was visualizing my future.

And lo and behold, one year later, I got exactly what I wanted for half the cost and I have enjoyed the hell out of that car ever since.

In the office my computer background has caught the eye of any guy that has come into my office, even contractors who came in to do work for us.  They all know what I want.

One of my bosses with such sincerity said – Wow that is a really nice car!

I looked at him and said – Dude you could buy that if you really wanted it.

Those days have passed for him according to him.

Only one co-worker said – Dude that is so lame!

I said – What, why is that lame?

He said – Why do you need to have a picture of your car up on your computer?

I said – Dude that is not my S2000.  That is a Porsche Boxster.

He said – Oh.  It looks the same.  But in that case, nice car!

About a month ago, I was talking to my mom about resolving the issue I had with a garage that dorked up my oil pan on my S2000 (if interested, please see previous post).

She said – We saw the prettiest little yellow Porsche convertible out on the road today.

I said – Dude that is my next auto goal!

She said – What?  You are going to trade in your little yellow car and your jeep for one?

Me – Um, no.  I want one in addition to what I have now.  I tried to tell you guys, Jay Leno really is my hero.  I want a garage with these vehicles – My Black Harley, My Yellow S2000, My Yellow Jeep Wrangler and a Yellow Porsche Boxster & an Alfa Romeo Spider (color will probably be white like the last one).

People collect different things.  So I want to collect rides.

For me, I truly enjoy driving.  Except during rush hour.  That sucks no matter what you are driving.

All these vehicles bring me such great joy, and the feeling of freedom.  They are all convertibles and I love to feel the wind.

I have owned at one time or another and driven all of these vehicles except one – The Porsche.

It is not like you can walk into a Porsche dealership and say – Um yeah, I’d like to test drive one please.

However, it does one well to have friends in high places!

My other boss is looking into buying a Porsche 911 convertible or a BMW something or other convertible (I don’t speak BMW).

He has already test driven the BMW something or other convertible.

Now he is going to test drive the Porsche and in my mind it looks something like this…

And he offered to let me TEST DRIVE IT!

Holy. Bleeping. BLEEP!!

That blew my mind.

I will be happy enough just to see one up close and personal and to sit in it!

Yesterday was a false alarm.

The leasing agent could not find one in the area in time to bring it over to the office for him to test drive.

But guess what?

The test drive is going down on Monday!!

It gets even better.

God’s honest truth.  This is the car that drove behind me on the highway all the way home last night –

That has got to be a freaking sign!

Even if it is not, in my head it is!

I mean what are the chances?

And the damn thing was yellow!

I’d look up in my rear view mirror and think two things…..

That is such a beautiful car.

That is my future following me around.












Pondering Again…

Go back to school?

Buy a condo?

Seems to me if one keeps pondering the same things, perhaps one should do something about it.



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