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No Shrimp for You!

Is what I wish someone had said to me last night.

I signed up to receive healthy recipes via email so (a) I could learn to cook outside my go to norms of chili and spaghetti and (b) I could eat better.

Last night I tried my hand at making Shrimp Scampi.

Those who know me know that I do not eat fish or seafood.

Every now and again I will eat shrimp.

After last night, it might be a while before mama ever goes there again!

I went shopping, even bought the fresh shrimp from the seafood counter getting all into Chef Lisa mode oh la la.

It tasted fine too.  Actually it was pretty good!  Shrimp scampi over pasta with a salad.

And then in the middle of the night, yuck.

I was quite ill.

And now even the thought of shrimp makes me gag.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I missed work today too.


How sad is that?

So much for getting my Chef hat on.

It was so not cool missing today since my bosses just paid for the firm to experience a Go Ape adventure this past Friday.

I put it together.  I was there.  I had fun.

And then Monday, um, I am sorry…I cannot cook and will need to be out today because I’ll be spending the day in the bathroom.

I am a decent cook.  I am not really sure what happened.

I did google it though.

“Can eating shrimp make you sick?”

Cuz it is the only thing I did different.

I did find that you can get sick from shrimp due to bacteria.

Who the hell knows?

I did lose 10 pounds from this experience.

Not really.  I wish.

But it sure did feel like it!

All I know is, I will not be having shrimp anytime soon and I sure as heck will not be eating any shrimp I personally cook!

This little bugger did me in and took me down for a day….



That is how I currently feel about shrimp and future shrimp cooking projects.


They Have An App For That!

Yesterday was a very sad, sad day for me.

I was FitBitless.

I had officially finally lost my FitBit.

And I was on a roll too in my FitBit group weekly challenge!

I was in the lead and had been pretty active since Sunday – 5 miles, 6 miles, 7 miles, 5 miles and then Thursday – zip, zilch, nada, and so sad lady go home.

Losing a FitBit is like losing a helpful and challenging friend, so, so disappointing.

It happened to two friends of mine this past year, but it could never happen to me.

Or so I thought.

Yesterday I felt naked. No FitBit to wear, my first day since June 22, 2015 going commando.

I was going to share that statement with someone yesterday and then thought better of it, saying naked in front of someone you don’t know all that well is, um, awkward.

But we are all friends here so – naked, naked, and NAKED! hahaha

I am only in a good mood because I found my FitBit safe and sound this morning.

And I only found it safe and sound and sooner because one of my FitBit group friends said – Hey, they have an app for that.

I learned something extremely important from this experience.

It is such a GREAT idea to have younger friends.

I was all prepared to buy a new FitBit.

So guess what I found out?

There really is an app out there to find lost FitBits!

In fact, there are several.

I googled (because Google is my very bested friend in the whole wide world, after my FitBit and iPods) – What app will help me find my lost FitBit?

I found two, both of which had 5 star ratings.

Really first I found one, paid $4.99 for it and began combing my house following a beep beep beeping signal on my phone.

It was a lot like a game of Hot or Cold.

You are hot (getting closer), hot, HOOOOT – totally cold and way off base lady.

My cats were following me around as I was following around my phone with its beep, beep, beeping.

After about 30 minutes and tearing up my house at the slightest of beeps I was getting frustrated (understatement).

Now I knew the FitBit was in my house from the get go, so that made it even more frustrating (again, very understated).

When I am in bed and falling asleep and realize that I still have it on and am too lazy to get up and put it in my purse (so my cat Mozzie doesn’t eat it), I take it off and tuck it under my pillow.

I turned over couches, shook the tar out of every blanket I could find, looked under every piece of furniture in case Mozzie had indeed found it and dragged it off somewhere and I still came up empty.

I became angry and found myself thinking – Those 5 star raters are LIARS!!!

I sat back down at my computer and hit up my pal Google again to help me find another app.

This was the apps last chance. If this didn’t work I was going to buy a new FitBit!

The second app again had 5 star ratings, and even better, it was free.

I was going to be so pissed off if this free app found my FitBit and the one I paid cold hard cash for didn’t.

The first app had me focused on my living room, that’s where I feel asleep when I lost it.

But the second app was fonder of my bedroom.

The second app didn’t beep; it had a signal bar to indicate when you were close. The more bars you saw the closer you were.

Another round of Hot or Cold ensued.

This time I tore my bed apart, shaking out blankets, tossing pillows everywhere and nothing. Rats (understatement). Empty handed again!

But then I got a brilliant idea to toggle between the two apps, using them both and TAA DAA – I found my FitBit!!

I had tucked my FitBit INTO my pillow case.

I don’t remember doing that. I usually tuck it UNDER my pillow.

I would have found my FitBit this weekend when I did the laundry, but $5 and one less day FitBitless was worth it.

So long story short, it took me an hour and it was quite frustrating (by this point, so understated that it is mind-boggling) BUT I did not waste the $5 I spent on the first app and my friend saved me from spending $100!

All in all, it has been a pretty good morning.

Oh, and I am in second place FitBit group weekly challenge wise so I still have a chance to win by the end of today even with having logged zip, zilch, nada, and so sad lady go home steps yesterday!

Who’s your mama?


And they have an app for that!


Be Warned: Selfie Stick User in Training

Holy smack-a-doodle, I own a selfie stick!

I know unbelievable, right?

It is so unbelievable that the 16-year-old girl who sold it to me really did ask – Um, this is for you?

Yeah it is for me, that is how I roll!

And then I couldn’t figure out how to use the damn thing, so into my drawer it went.

Until I busted it out yesterday because I am documenting my daily fitness actions (much to my Facebook friends delights! Read: Um, not really.) as I work on losing 25ibs.

Needing to lose 25ibs sucks.

Being a weight that I have never been before, sucks even more!

But if it doesn’t go down now, it will only go up from here.

Um.  Not an a option.

I can truly sympathize with people who are overweight and working on losing it.

It is extremely frustrating, and can be downright depressing that it takes so long to see the changes you are working so hard to create.

Now, back to my handy-dandy new selfie stick.

I knew exactly what to do with my selfie stick; ask a couple of someones younger than me how to use it. Bingo!!

The fruits of my labor from yesterday…..








What?! It can only get better from here!

Speaking of fitness, I earned a pretty nifty badge from FitBit yesterday.

250 miles covered thus far!

And I have done that in just under two months.

I am pretty happy and proud of that.

Other great news, I will be working out with a personal training this coming Monday!

I am pretty happy and proud of that too.

But ask me again at 7am on Monday, since I am meeting him at 6am.

I might feel differently AFTER meeting with him! hahaha

And Then She Woke Up…

You know that when boy meets girl, they have a good time, he stays the night and she rolls over in the morning and thinks…OH CRAP(!)?

Yeah, me either.

I am friendly.  I am a flirter.  And I am a prude.  Although, I prefer the term Good Girl.

But I did wake up to this, my version of OH CRAP(!!!!)….




I slept on my side with my hands pressed together under my cheek!!!

Luckily, my face didn’t suffer.

Cuz then we’d have a serious going into hiding for a week and I don’t have that much vacation time at work to use but I would develop some type of weeklong you so don’t want to be exposed to this sickness.

So I took a shower.

A nice long hot shower that I was advised not to take.

I was supposed to be in and once the water ran clear out.

And I employed every bit of exfoliating item that I own.

And on the other side I have this….

FIXED 1_crop

FIXED 2_crop

It’s not a noticeable as it looks in real life.

Ok, so it is.

But I cleared up that thumb and palm mishap section and can live with the new results.

And I am getting ready for my second round of scrub down.

So the final analysis…..I am still in love with airbrush tanning.

Now I just know that hands and feet….so gotta be careful with that area!!!

Great news, I will still be able to enjoy my acrobatic yoga class tomorrow and my friend’s son’s birthday party on Sunday.

It was kinda iffy first thing this morning.

And I’ll be sporting my slightly wonky hands and feet knowing that this is not so bad for a first timer, and it can only get better from here.

Learning curve.

Color me schooled!

Kennedy Meets Oscar

My mom gave me the *BEST* gift last night!



She got him for my desk at work, um cuz for some reason, I am still extremely busy!

So now when I want to slap people in the head, first I will gaze upon Oscar and get my Ommmmm on.

And then I will slap them in the head with a peaceful heart.

This is Kennedy….


This is Kennedy meeting Oscar…..

Oscar 1

Oscar 2

Oscar 3

Oscar 4

She’s not a big fan, so it is good that he is going with me to work today.

And I learned something new.

It’s official.

I now know how to download pictures from my iPhone.

I am telling you, there is no stopping me.

It only takes me a good six months to learn how to use a new device.

Post Tax Season Recovery

I haven’t done a darn thing for the last three days!

Last Thursday I was due to get off at 1pm, so I didn’t eat lunch.

I finally left at 3pm, and was grumpy as hell (from not eating lunch).

I learned something new though.

Never answer yes when your boss asks if you are the creative type.

I was building Easter baskets there up at the end.

I don’t know that I have ever put together an Easter basket before.

And he may or may not ever ask me to do that again.

All of my grand plans of spring cleaning like my life depended on it flew right out the window as I lay around on my couch watching TV.

I ate and slept, and ate and slept some more.

A couple of adult beverages here and there, and life was good.

I don’t think it helped things that my monthly visitor showed up for the party.

I am pretty sure I would have been right as rain when Saturday rolled around had that not happened.

I did manage to go shopping for a little while one day.

I am not a shopper, unless, I can buy things to make my home prettier.

I bought myself a present, well two really, to brighten up my kitchen a little, a small reward to myself for a job well done.

A mini yellow Keurig…..which many of my Facebook friends approved and encouraged…


And a Happy picture….


My picture is a lot nicer and Happy is written in yellow with a yellow, white, and grey background.

I am just too lazy to take a picture and upload it onto my computer to post.

It took everything within me to refrain from going into work for just a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday.

But amazingly enough, I did refrain.

I’d just roll over and dream that thought right outta my head.

I wanted to be prepared, but now I am not, so I am a little scared to see what will be waiting for me on my desk when I go back into work on Tuesday.

But I will worry about that tomorrow.

Today, I have the day off!

I have energy!

I have spring cleaning to do!

I am just gonna take a quick nap, and then I am all over it!! hahaha





Ask For What You Want. Come On, Mama Needs an Assistant!

Yesterday morning as I was packing my bag for yoga class, I remember thinking, God, I need a new sweatshirt.

My favorite clothes are sweats and yoga pants, and tanks and sweatshirts.

I am all about comfort.

Plus, if I can “look fit” it somehow makes me feel a little more fit.

Even though as each day passes, I become more and more convinced that this getting fit during tax season is a losing battle just waiting to happen.

It has been a long time since I have gotten a new sweatshirt, so I was beyond surprised and moved when a co-worker gave me a present yesterday.

My present, a beautiful pale yellow Palm Springs, California zip up hoodie that she bought for me while she was in California last week visiting her sister.

And we are talking niiiiiice, cost money sweatshirt.

I was very touched and grateful for my gift.

It kinda made up for the fact that the co-worker who broke her arm, who is the go to person in the firm, who won’t give me her second microwave, has to have surgery….this Friday.

Hello stepping up my second in command go to person training that I didn’t know I signed up for.

She seemed kinda way too happy to me for someone who was going in for surgery.

It definitely made up for the fact that my oblivious to what I do boss seriously asked me what I did all day that I couldn’t get his produce from scratch, which I have never done until now and I am learning way more about Word than I ever wanted to know, financials done.

With my mouth agape, I honestly had to ask him, You’re kidding me, right?!

It took me an hour and fifteen minutes of Ariel Yoga, a stiff margarita and snuggling up in my brand new pretty sweatshirt to let that one go.

So this morning, as I prepare to go into work and do nothing else until those financials are done, so each their own until I am done, and would someone else please get that damn phone, I am gonna try it again….

God, I need help.  Come on, mama needs an assistant! 

PS ~ I’ll even buy my boss a bag of apples and “feed” them to him today…..

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