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I Love Food & I Love Cooking!

I love food and I love cooking…

But only because I can actually cook now.

                                                      I Heart Cooking

I am on my 3rd week of using the food delivery service – Hello Fresh.

This is the most awesome, tasty, easy and simply program around.

At least that is my experience to date.

Look what I have learned how to cook over the last 3 weeks…..

                                      Mojo Drizzled New York Strip Steak

                     Cauliflower Pancetta Mac-n-Cheese (Minus the Pancetta)

                                            Crispy Top Parmesan Chicken

                                                    Sweet As Honey Chicken

                                                      The Pat Lafrieda Burger

                                                      Thai Pork Stir Fry

                                                      Buttered Up Steak

                            Thyme And Honey Pork Chops (Minus the Thyme)

                                        Winner Winner Chicken Orzo Dinner

Not only that, I totally hook up co-workers with left over’s, which has been much appreciated…to date.

Recently I started utilizing the ability to skip some weeks.

This is an awesome option for two reason – (1) I can try out what I have learned thus far on my own and (2) the selection available do not always include enough of what I am willing to part with my money for to try.

I do not need breakfast, but thank you.

And I do not need fish or duck, nor do I want to cook any other parts of chicken except for the breast.

Yeah. Definitely no, but thank you anyway.

Overall, my Hello Fresh has been an excellent experience!

I have learned how to cook soooooo many things in the last three weeks that it is unreal.

If I were in a serious relationship, that dude would fall madly in love with me because these meals are great and thus make me a spectacular chef!!

So.  If you are in a rut, or if you are like me and want to learn how to cook – Hello Fresh has brought me such happiness and delicious, beyond words, meals.

Totally worth the investment!

Per me, a 100% satisfied customer.

Food is life.

Might as well make it right.





Getting a Cat to Be More Affectionate

Why yes, that is what I have spent my morning doing…researching how to help my cat Kennedy enjoy being cuddled and loved on, and how to build a stronger bond with her.

This is new territory for me.

My cat Caesar who passed away last February was all about the tight bond, he even slept right next to me each night all stretched out like a little person.

I still miss him very much.

However, there is hope for Kennedy.

She is semi-affectionate, that is when she wants to be.

She does at least sleep in the same room with me, although we can’t be touching or else she feels the need to leave.

Usually she sleeps somewhere above me, so she can be the queen on the scene.

She has more toys than any cat should, but we get our money’s worth because she does play with them to the point of them becoming all ratty.

Now one article suggested that I scoop her up in a blanket, head covered and all, so she can experience feeling warm and safe and associate good things with being held while I talk to her softly.

Hold on a sec.  I am going to go try that.

Ok, one blanket has been shredded and I do believe I will have a scar over my right eye once this huge gash heals.

Just kidding.  I haven’t tried that technique.  Yet.

There is also the getting her to like me by feeding her small bits of raw 100% organic pasture raised beef.  I found this technique on youtube and saw with my own two eyes the results.

However if I go that route, number one, she’ll be eating better than me and number two, I need to check with my vet on that one first.  I don’t want to accidentally poison her just trying to get her to like me more.  That seems counterproductive.

Now I am going to go out today and buy her a few treats and use those to entice her to come hang a little closer for a little longer.  I see potential in this technique.

I’ll play with her more, and sit down in the floor more often and let her come to me for petting when and if she wants.  I’ve been practicing this morning and it is working. 

And who knows, maybe I’ll master the art of getting a cat, in specific Kennedy, to be more affectionate.

Like I said, she has potential….

Kennedy Chillin

Kennedy Chillin


Miss Kennedy

Miss Kennedy

Wordless Wednesday: Peace of Mind


30 Day Fitness Challenge Revised!

Finally, I have a game plan.

It only took me a week of seeing how fit others are getting for me to get to the point of Damn, I better do something!!

One of my co-workers showed me his before and after selfies earlier this week, and all I could say was holy crap, how did you do that??!!

Now he’s crazy because he runs like 8 or 9 miles after work each night (this is soooo not going to happen for me), lifts weights (yeah, this one isn’t going to work for me either!)  and only eats veggies and protein (I’d be all over this if I had someone to cook for me!!).

But it is working for him and he has lost like 30 or 40 pounds, and is actually trying to put some weight back on.

Another co-worker shared with me that he has lost 40 pounds, after I commented on how hip, happening, and great he was looking in his jeans today.

He works out with a personal trainer, and probably watches what he eats too.

I just have about 10 pounds to nip in the bud, maybe 12.

And I don’t care if you are big or small, when you have more weight on you than you normally do, it is uncomfortable and just doesn’t feel right.

So I am ready to begin my transformation, she says as she enjoys her evening margarita.

I do some of my best thinking with margarita in hand!

But seriously, a friend of my shared this on Facebook and it looks so doable!!

my 30dayfit

30 minutes of cardio three times each week plus these little daily ditties.

Here are the exercises broken down, because sad to say I honestly didn’t know the difference between a squat and a lunge.   In my mind I was like, wait a minute, I have the same visual for each, I need to look this up!!






Bootcamp elbow knee crunches!



So I am scraping the personal trainer route and I am adopting this route AND spending the extra money on at least three yoga sessions a week (because a certain someone in blog world is yogaing circles around me at present and that is so not cool.  Well it is cool for her, but not for me!! hahaha).

So I just want to know, do you perhaps want to join me?

I am starting tomorrow.


That was the ice shifting in my margarita.

DREAM UNTIL…your dream comes true

I was able to work on my bedroom yesterday.

The duvet cover that my sister bought for me arrived and there was no holding me back!

I traded in my yellow Keurig, it just wasn’t working out between us, and was able to create what follows instead with my refund.

My inspiration….a pin a friend shared on Pinterest:


My results (not yet completed, but I work too darn hard not to share something):




I have this Wall Quote Application to add:


It is 3 feet wide and 7 inched tall.

It will either go in the center where the curtains part, or I will close the curtains and run lights cascading down like in the inspiration photo.

In that case, I will add the quote to the column above the curtains.

Regardless, Miss Kennedy thinks I have built her a play area.

You’ll notice her in each picture, to include the blur of her racing back and forth!

So this might be as good as it gets before it all gets torn down. hahaha

Either way, it takes my breath away when I go in and only turn on the string of star lights.

It is so beautiful and peaceful.

By the way, my bed’s backboard, that’s my twin mattress from the guest room I had in my last place.

When I have company, taa daa, I have a bed for them.

It gets better, I saved my old duvet which is identical to the new one I have, so we will match!

Sleep over party up in my house!

I have to keep things matching and balanced, or else I go bonkers. hahaha

Disclaimer: My pictures are a bit blurred, the string of star lights are a little off, and the curtains were a bit skewed all due to Kennedy’s supervision.  Without her help, it would have been picture perfect.  But then again, it wouldn’t have been real life (quick take a photo while it is still standing!! Aw crap, here she comes again!!).






goldfish jumping

My Slow Warming to iStuff

It seems I was destined to learn how to own and operate iStuff.

Many moons ago, I received a hand me down iPod from my niece.

Granted she wasn’t so happy about it at the time.

She wasn’t using it, so off to Aunt Lisa it goes, cuz Aunt Lisa most likely was never going to buy one for herself.

It took me a while to learn how to use it, and then I fell, and have stayed, in love with it.

Then one Christmas two of my previous bosses gave me an iPad.

I was moved and very grateful.

I was just learning how to use it when tragedy struck a young girl from the small town where I went to high school and college.

I didn’t know her, but I knew the people who knew her, so I wanted to help.

She lost everything in a fire, to include her family.

I can’t even imagine what that must have felt like.

I didn’t have money, but I had an iPad and I knew people, so I collected as much stuff from others as I could, and I added my iPad and Christmas gift certificates to the mix.

And that was my last tangle with iStuff until recently.

My cell phone company offered me a free iPhone if I would sign a 2 year contract.

That wasn’t hard for me to do since I have been with this said carrier for a good twenty years now.

One small problem, my sis and bro-in-law live in California.

And this is a problem, because they were my go to technical peeps.

Under normal circumstance, I would head over to their house on a Sunday, spend the day with them, and become educated on any new technology.

I am not a reader when it comes to technology.

Just the thought of it puts me to sleep.

I am not a click this and see what happens type of learning either, unless I click something by accident and taa daa!!

I am a visual learner, show me, be it a couple of time, and I am all over it!

So I went a hunting on youtube….how do you use an iPhone?



Loving my iPhone now!!

Should you have an iPhone and need a couple of tips….check these out…

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