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Motorcycle Day! Happy December!!

December 23, 2017.

My surrogate brother-in-law and I were all about our motorcycles yesterday!

What a great and productive day!

I appreciate beyond words the friendship I have with a co-worker, who in my mind has become my substitute bro-in-law, because my real brother-in-law now lives in California with my sis and their fam.

It is very rare when a female and male can be friends, and only friends, in the truest sense.

There is no flirting, there is no tension, there is no anything except being completely real and enjoying each other’s company and shared interest in a platonic manner.

Much like the relationship I have with my brother-in-law.  Wow.  I miss him (and his entire family, especially my sister!).

Great news though… this time next week, that entire gang will be in town for a family wedding!


This was my wonderful glorious Saturday that I spent with my stand-in brother-in-law, later to be joined by his cutest ever wife at the Harley Davidson showroom, who is going to get her own motorcycle if I have a say in it (she wants one, he’s concern for her safety, I tell him all the time – dude, get over yourself, if you can have one SO CAN SHE!).

Plus, he literally has ridden my Harley more than I have!

He takes care of my Harley when he takes care of his motorcycle

I joke all the time…Dude, if I do not start riding as much as you do (aka, all the freaking time), I am going to sell you my bike for your wife!!

This is my back-up plan.


I have 3 vehicles and 2 are PAID FOR IN FULL.  So in this moment in time, I straight up own 2 of my 3 vehicles.

Um, have you caught on yet that I was a tomboy in my youth and I have a need for speed and freedom??

I must become one with my Harley, who I have dreamt about owning for, I don’t know, at least ten years and ride it until the wheels fall off.

So to fan my flame…..this was my Saturday….and I loved every minute of it…even tho I felt under the weather…

Hooking up my new and fully charged battery to the Harley.

All the cool kids park in this one area near me. A neighbor’s Indian motorcycle.

Another neighbor’s I don’t know what kind, but it is a motorcycle parked near mine!!

Me: OMG! I want one of those!!! (We went to 2 motorcycle showrooms today for supplies).

I’ll take that one too!!

But for real, the others were just jokes, but one day, mama is going to own a yellow Harley Sportster!

This is a custom yellow Harley Sportster, 1200 cc, that was on the Harley showroom today. Um. Love.  #OneDay

But the best of the best today?

I was given some unexpected Christmas money…..so I bought some top of the line HD products to care for my current Street 500 Harley Davidson motorcycle…..

And, to help a brother (in-law alternate) out….I have found a way to park 4 vehicles in my parking garage at present, all though I only officially own one parking space with my condo…

Pack it in buddy, as close as possible, and we will both have covered parking for the winter!











My Last Day

One of my bosses (the cuddly teddy bear turned grouchy snarly grrrr ole bear) keeps saying, We need to have a going away party for you!  When is your last day again????

I wonder if he’s considering giving me one of these cakes….



Actually, it won’t be a cake.

He wants to have a happy hour get together.

Nothing says goodbye like adding a little alcohol to the mix so peeps can really “jokingly” let loose on me.

Hmmm.  No thanks.

Although I have been shown a lot more love from the others as the days have passed.

They have realized…

  • Yes, I really am leaving and was at least kind enough to let you know personally.
  • Yes, I am moving heaven and earth to hook all of you up, as well as my replacement (which I don’t think has been done in the past).
  • Yes, I am working my buns off up to the very last minute (to which one shared, I wouldn’t be lifting a finger if it was my last day).

Even with all of this, somehow I don’t see them wanting to get a drink with me.

My boss has a meeting later today that is scheduled to go over my getting off time, and I hope it sticks.

I’ll be more than happy to meet up with them for a future REGULAR happy hour.

This past Monday was awesome because the new girl was there and I got to focus solely on training her, and of course everyone pretty much left us alone.

And when they did come around, they were on their best behavior, which is how they do act 90% of the time in real life!  hahaha

She wasn’t able to come in yesterday, and probably won’t be in today.

That is just as well in my world since last night I was handed a can you pull a miracle out of that magic hat of yours and format this financial statement to compare two years versus the one, on top of doing your normal job while finishing up that manual you are putting together for the new employee.  Please, thanks and you are the greatest.

No problem.

My day is going to fly by today, and for that I am grateful.

All signs are pointing to them not needing much of my help after I leave, which is also a relief so I can focus on my new job and yoga.

My new employer was gracious enough to accept my request to start next Monday versus tomorrow.

I so didn’t think that one through when I first said that I could start tomorrow.

It turns out I need a break, to let go of one job, relax a little and do some things for me, and then begin a new job on Monday.

Thank God for my IT guy’s comment of I hope you have some time off between the two.

DUH!!!  Why didn’t I originally think of that???!!!

Oh that’s right, I usually rush to take care of others and forget that I am more pleasant to be around and function much better when I take a breather and take care of myself first.

And there is no way on God’s green earth that I am telling my today employer that I have Thursday and Friday off.  No way in hell.

As far as they know, I am starting my new job tomorrow and I will just steer clear of their part of town when I need to be out and about.

Anyway, they will be more than fine.  They have the chick that I butt heads with occasionally, who is well versed in covering her stuff and the things that I do, just enough to keep it going until the new person is ready to rock.

So, today is my last day…..


Who Poked The Damn Bear?!!


I’ve enjoyed working with you as well, and I’m sad to see you go.  Best of luck with your new (old) job.  I can see why they want you back.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer.  I hope you can take a break between jobs.

All the best,

Insert Consultant IT guy’s name here.

That was the response that I had expected to receive from most of the peeps that I worked with after I reached out one by one to let them know I was leaving.

I think past protocol was such that you walk in one day and daa taa a new person, and well damn thanks for letting me know!

Um, only the IT consultant and part-timer peeps have shown me any love.

To everyone else, I am a traitor.

Even spouses are sharing their distain…So I hear blah, blah, blah.

Yes, it is true.  Yes, I am a horrible person.  Yes, I’d rather be anywhere but here talking to you about this as it does not concern you.

Except for my boss’s wife and daughter, they are being pretty classy about it.

So is that boss for that matter.

I am kinda surprised because he’s the bear that everyone tries to avoid who doesn’t realize he’s a bear but then again he doesn’t really care if he’s the bear because he’s only concerned about the bottom line, his bottom line.

He’s actually been a prince to work with, keeping it professional and even gleefully sharing his latest discoveries with me.

Late yesterday afternoon he called me, Lisa I am leaving for the day….how do you do such and such?

I don’t know.  It’s been a while.  Give me a minute and I’ll call you back.

I tried everything, and then finally googled it and called him back.

Well you see, I did this that and the other and it is not working because of this.  You are going to have to ask the other chick because she is more versed in such matters than I am.

Ok.  Heavy sigh.

He called me back five minutes later excited….I figured it out (all by myself was implied)!!!  You want me to show you how?

Yes, and he imparted his newly found wisdom upon me and we both became that much more brilliant within the moment together.

Now my other boss who is a bear, but usually more of a cuddly teddy bear that everyone enjoys being around, has become the most complaining, fault-finding, grumpiest, unhappiest bear that ever was.

So much so that another coworker asked me, Have you ever had a day when you cannot do anything right no matter how hard you try???

Dude, I am on day two…that would later become day three and four….and eventually led to me finally snapping back at him.

And although I didn’t care for being pushed that far, thereafter, it led to him to completely avoiding me like the plague.

Sometimes the truth hurts, especially when you push someone to act like you are acting.

I share all of this for a couple of reason:

(A)  To get it off my chest and out of me.

(2)  I’ll soon be working for people who are at least aware of my Facebook account and blog and I won’t be able to share such stories anymore! hahaha

(The 2 instead of B is for my sister! Usually when I am on my high horse and sharing my profound wisdom with her I begin with (A) blah blah blah and (2) blah blah blah without skipping a beat! hahaha)

I have today off.

Thank God!

I am prepping for a weekend long Aerial Yoga teacher’s training program.

And my employer has hired someone who I will begin training first thing Monday morning.

Will I say anything negative?


I think it is best for each individual to draw their own conclusion because you are going to get what you expect to get, and you are going to deal with people however you are equipped to deal with people.

Plus others will slowly share their negative views like they did with me.  Human nature.

Me, I am sure as heck not going to bad mouth or add any stumbling blocks across this new girl’s path that do not need to be there nor do they need to be planted to come true.

I wish the best for this new girl, and I am going to show her how one passes the torch on professionally and kindly.

These are good people, and if she be good people, well then, all will be as it should.

If not, well I won’t be there to see what happens.

This ending is a little bit more emotionally messy than I am accustomed to, but I get it.

I hope that on the other side that they (read: he) has just as much respect and gratitude as I do for our time together.

Plus I’d like to remain friendly on the other side.  That is after all my normal MO.

But for now, I am free to be me and not worry about things I cannot control for the next three days….WOO HOO!

Bring on the hanging upside down and let’s work out this stress physically baby!!


Busy Worker Bee Gets Even Busier (For The Time Being)

Change is stressful, even when you are changing back to something you know.

You try to remember, ok, what was the good and what was the not so good and what can be done differently this time?

My former employer asked me to come back in a new role, and I accepted.

This will be the third time this has happened in my twenty year working career.

So I guess that says something about my work ethics, and the fact that most people I work with like me as a person as well.

In the past, I have left positions when there was nowhere else for me to go or nothing else for me to learn, or no more money to be made.

Or sometimes it was at times when I needed a change and it would also behoove the company financially or a fellow co-worker by enabling them to move up.

Regardless, I do my best to find a win-win for all, and I do my best to help the transition flow as smoothly as possible.

I have helped past co-workers get promoted to take over the position I was leaving by pointing out, that’s who you want and I will train them if you promote them.

I have briefly stayed on board with the company I left in a part-time manner, an offer currently on the table should they want it, using my own time to make sure things keep on trucking.

I leave detailed instructions on how I do my job, I train the person if they come on board or are promoted before my departure, I am available by phone for questions, I stop by and continue on site training when I am able, I do work from home for them on my time, and I go in on weekends to help get things done that the new person might not know how to do yet.

And I do this because I care.

I become close with the bosses I work for and I would like things to end on a positive note.

I have even helped out a mean ole SOB who really wasn’t a mean ole SOB all of the time but I wouldn’t have known that had I not worked directly under him and gotten to see the different side of him.

I don’t discriminate.  I am who I am, and if it is possible, I will help.

I am returning to my former employer for many reasons.

Most importantly, this was the first place since leaving the company I spent nine years with that I saw the potential for building a long-term working relationship with.

So, my life just got a little bit busy.

And I am tired just thinking about it.

But then again I was feeling a little bit bored there, which will not be a problem any more for quite some time to come! hahaha


Cleaning and organizing my closet yesterday, I came across my two old cell phones that I have been hanging onto to donate to a domestic violence victim’s organization. I just didn’t know how to wipe them clean of the phone set up data information, so I have been “sitting” on them.

Well….I found the site below, I took the phones to a Verizon Wireless store and the dude wiped them both clean in five minutes flat, and I mailed them out yesterday!

Check it out…..



If you have old cell phones that you are not using, please considering donating them to this cause. It couldn’t be easier start to finish.

Info about HopeLine:

Verizon is committed to helping the nearly one in four women, one in seven men and more than 3 million children in the United States affected by domestic violence. We’re doing our part to end this epidemic by collecting no-longer-used wireless phones and accessories and turning them into support for domestic violence organizations nationwide. Through HopeLine, we’ve donated hundreds of thousands of phones and awarded millions of dollars in cash grants to our partner agencies.

Wireless phones and technology serve as a vital link for all of us. They’re also an especially safe and reliable way for domestic violence victims and survivors to reach emergency or support services in times of crisis and stay connected with employers, family and friends.

10.8 million+ Phones collected nationwide since 2001

$21.4 million+ Cash grants given to domestic violence organizations since 2001

180,000 HopeLine phones donated to victims and survivors since 2001

Here’s the site: HopeLine from Verizon




I’ve Got It Easy

Michael Bublé.

His voice.

I melt like butta.

Michael Bublé’s music….plain and simple, makes me happy.

His most recent album To Be Loved is beautiful.

My favorite song off of the album is Something Stupid (Michael Bublé with Reese Witherspoon).

I see myself dancing to this one day with someone I love.

But another song caught my attention the other morning while driving to work.

I’ve Got It Easy by Michael Bublé.

As I listened to the song, I had these types of visions come to mind….



Dadaab Refugee Camp- 06 Aug. 2011

And I thought, I’ve Got It Easy too.

I have had these thoughts before when I was going through scary, painful, or sad times.

During those times I told God ~ I am hurting or scared or whatever the experience might be in the moment, but I have never experienced 1/100th of what so many people on the planet have/ or are experiencing.  Please help them.  Please help me too.

And I remember to be grateful for my life even during the not so hot times.

Because in reality, I’ve Got It Easy, as many of you do too.


Team. Work. Good Things Happen When You Don’t Lose Your Cool.

This morning I was feeling pretty proud of myself!

I was leaving the house early with plenty of time to stop to get gas AND swing by Starbucks.

99.1% of the time I am on time, if not early, to wherever I need to be.

But for some reason, I have been showing up to work 5 minutes late here, ten minutes late there.

I think that happens after the thrill of tax season is over.

I still get up early.

I just do a lot of things around my house in the morning and then realize. Oh Crap, I gotta go!

Recently I exclaimed to my boss, I am gonna get my act together and start getting here on time!

He hadn’t even said anything.

So this morning, as I said, I was pleased as punch because I was going to do all that I needed to do and maybe even get to work a few minutes early!

I was happy for about five feet.

That’s when I hit the traffic jam at the Let Us Out (!!!) gate.

The exit gate of my building’s garage wasn’t working this morning and there was a backup.

Poor dude in front of me pulled up, backed up, repositioned his car, and pulled back up again.

It’s triggered by your car.

He even got out and tried to manually lift the gate.


The thing wouldn’t budge.

So me, being the brilliant and I so can’t be late anymore person that I am….I backed up and zipped right up to the entrance gate.

The dude swiped his card for me, and Taa Daa, it worked!

He helped another car out after me, and I pulled over to help him get through.

No one else was present to see our spectacular escape, so there might still be a traffic jam in the exit lane when we all get home.

And that is how you work with complete strangers and get it done!

Team. Work.

Karma was kind to me today in return.

Free upgrade at Starbucks this morning!

And later in the day, a regifted gift card to Starbucks from my boss!

Woo hoo!

Life is good as long as you don’t lose your cool when trapped inside your own parking garage.

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