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Late 2009 through 2013 have got to be some of the darkest days of my life.

I hope that was my mid-life crisis because I do not wish to experience and feel like I did during those years ever again.

I broke.  I mean I broke like I never dreamed possible for me.

Since then I have been building my life up again, day by day, year by year.

I have worked really hard all in areas of my life.

The ole broken foot last year set me back in the health and fitness department, and I am unclear about how I can get that side going again as I head into tax season with a newbie and for some reason challenged helper.

That really concerns me.


This morning.  In this moment in time.  ALL IS RIGHT IN MY WORLD.

I did it.  I finally did it.  I got my Hey Dude license plates back!!

I have been trying to get those personalized license plates back since 2010!

My signature thing is – Dude.

Hang around me long enough and you too will be using the term frequently.

When I had the plates before, they made people happy and were conversation starters.

Complete strangers would walk by me and say – Hey Dude.  And I would be like – Hey Dude.

I remember a couple of times driving on the interstate and cars would pull up beside me giving me the thumbs up or rolling down their windows yelling – Hey Dude!!

Smiles and happy.

That is how I felt.

I had those plates at a high time in my life before, and now I have them back!

I worked very hard for those plates.

I deserve them.

And I will be enjoying them for the rest of my life.

Yep.  I am going to be in my 80’s or maybe even 90’s driving around with Hey Dude license plates on my vehicle.

Granted I will be driving 5 miles per hour and people will be yelling – Hey Dude Get Out of The Way!!!

But I will be hard of hearing and remembering the good old days as I flash them my thumbs up and big smile.






I Just Paid $40 for a 6-Pack of Coke!

One of the drawbacks of being single is that you have to fend for yourself when you don’t feel well.

Guess what?

I don’t feel well, and there is no one around to wait on me hand and foot.

Really I only want a Coke.

I don’t get sick that often and I have only called in sick twice in the last year and three months.

Today would be that second time.

I brought it on myself.

Saturday morning I drove down to the Outer Banks with the top down on my Jeep.

It was already down, and I hadn’t tried putting it back up by myself yet, plus I was running late so I just threw on a heavy sweatshirt thinking that would cut it.

Um. No.

I froze my butt off for FIVE hours.

I honestly don’t remember ever being that cold and it was so deep in my bones that when I finally did make it to my mom and step-father’s place, I took a nap totally clothed with two blankets on top of me (and I was still chilly!).

I left at 9am Saturday morning.

It was supposed to get up into the upper 60’s so I thought for sure I wouldn’t be too cold for long.

I was wrong.

I took a nap, went to dinner with them and then promptly went back to sleep for the next nine hours.

I felt really bad. My step-father is a very active guy, and he had planned so many different things we could do – fishing in the ocean, fishing in the sound, walking, bike riding, canoeing, etc.

He even got me a temporary fishing license, hoping that I would want to go fishing because he’s an avid fisherman. (I don’t like fishing because I don’t like seeing the poor little fish with hooks in their mouths.)

Sunday morning I got up early, as did my step-father, and we figured out how to put the top back up on the Jeep. There was no way I was driving back with it down!

He also showed me lots of other stuff about my Jeep, because they have one, so I learned a lot much faster than had I been left to my own devices (aka I only learn stuff about my car when it becomes a need).

I went to Starbucks and then to the beach for a little me time.

In my mind, I was going to sit on the beach for a little while and watch and listen to the waves crash.

The beach is a really nice place to be in the morning before all the people come out, it is so peaceful and awe-inspiring.

Well because of recent hurricanes and storms, there isn’t much beach left!

At least not at the public access that I chose to enter, and what sand was left was wet and not conducive to sitting around and relaxing on.

So I watch some surfers from a deck, took a couple of pics, and then headed home.

When I got home, my step-father and I went for a bike ride.

I always say that I don’t like bike riding but I found out that I was wrong, which is a good thing because we rode around sight seeing for 8 miles.

I was pretty impressed with myself and thought, wow, I really could do a triathlon.

I don’t know that I could physically do one, or that I would be willing to train that hard in three areas for one, but biking is no longer off the table.

That bike ride was about the only time I felt well during my trip, and I told him, it was worth coming down just to do this.

We had lunch, I grabbed a shower, kissed them goodbye and headed over to my OBXFF, who also happens to be their backyard neighbor.

I only stayed 30 minutes, but boy were those 30 minutes packed with happiness and excitement.

My friend is 77 and she is gearing up for our next adventure!

When she turned 70, we went parasailing so we could both check that off of our bucket lists.

Now she wants to try zip lining, and I am all for it because I have never done that before either!

I drove home, went to bed, felt poorly this morning, called in sick, ate breakfast and went back to sleep until 4:30pm.

Here we are at 6:30pm and I just happily paid a delivery guy $40 for a six-pack of Coke.

Oh and some food, but really, I just wanted the Coke.

The moral of the story is be sure to get a boyfriend before you become sick.

No really, the moral of the story is don’t be a dumbass and drove five hours in 50 degree weather with the top down on your vehicle!!

The true moral of the story is, always have Coke on hand because you never know what life will throw you.


Less is More. Except in the Garage!

So three weeks ago today, I got rid of a lot of my stuff.

And I still haven’t bought replacements yet.

I have been roughing it, and, I am pretty proud of myself for not freaking out.

In the past I have practically killed myself to unpack and put my entire place in order on the very same day I moved.

I couldn’t sleep soundly unless everything looked perfect.

Wow. Baby has come a long way.

Since selling my condo in the fall of 2009, I have moved many times trying to find my footing again.

Well I guess I found it where I am, back in Northern Virginia.

I have been in my apartment for 2 years this December, and I recently signed a lease for another 18 months.

That’s a pretty big commitment for me. hahaha

I owned my condo for nine years, so all this moving around and trying to find my footing again really hasn’t been all that fun.

I like having a home base.

And now I have it again.

This year I was looking into buying a place.

And I could have.

But I didn’t feel comfortable asking for the kind of help I would have needed to own again right now.

Plus, I visited my dream condo (check it out here) and it so wasn’t worth tying myself down to own it.

I want to have fun, and freedom means a lot to me.

Now vehicles, owning and enjoying the *bleep* out of them, um, that speaks to me.

I have loved vehicles since the ripe old age of 14.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

My first set of wheels was a moped.

A Honda Spree….


God I was in love.

No fear.

I even drove on the open roads, much to the annoyance of the cars behind me.

But the best part was driving in the storm drains at night with New Edition blasting in my ears and the wind blowing against my face.


Those were some of the best days of my life.

Freedom at 14. #mindblowing

I think that is when I became……Born to be Wild!

So back to present day.

This is my empty home.




This is them installing my new carpet.




This is my new Jeep.




Pretty, huh?

I now own two of my five vehicle goal.


One I own outright, and one I am paying on for the next six years and it pains me so, and one……

A third one could be mine any day now if I make the move.

A 2002 Honda Shadow.

Check it out.


I know of three right now for sale by owners, all with extremely low mileage and within my price range, so I could pay cash and owe one of them.

And I could easily park it right in front of my other two, only gotta back the S2ooo up a little bit.


I am sitting with that at the moment.

I would love nothing more than to leap, but that is a pretty big responsibility owning three vehicles.

The good news is, one of my coworkers has dealt with motorcycles for more than 20 years, selling and owning, so he can help me.

That is one thing that has always held me back; I know nothing about bikes except how to drive one.

So having him in my corner might just push me to finally buy a bike.

Just thinking about it, I can taste the wind and feel the thrill of riding on the GW Parkway…..

But in this moment in time, I really need to do something about my place.

Three weeks, no furniture, I am tired of roughing it. hahaha

I am going to go with a minimalist approach.

Open – airy – spacious – clean – crisp – but still, I need some furniture.

So I am going shopping today.

I hate shopping.

Even for cars and motorcycles.




The Dilemmas of Shopping

The dilemmas of shopping for me can be boiled down into one dilemma, the parting of me and my money.

The new job I am taking is going to require some commuting.

My car is 12 years old and has 150k miles on it.

Oh, and my car, totally not going anywhere even in an inch of snow kinda car.

So I am going to need to buy a car (read: Jeep Wrangler with 4 wheel drive) before the end of the year or shortly there after, and that pains me.

  1. I haven’t bought a new car in 7 ½ years.
  2. I haven’t had a car payment in 4 years.

I was already taking a painfully slow approach to buying the motorcycle that I have so long coveted owning.

Now I am gonna be dragging feet on buying a Jeep too.

My friend and mechanic is not even talking to me anymore about motorcycles as he provided me with ample what about this one, or this one, or this one (for the love of God pick one!!!)???

Just kidding about the not talking to me part and he did graciously send me many, many options to consider, which I was still considering until taa daa I found the brand I want.

He’s actually the reason I’ve even made it this far in my search this time, this far as in, I really could get one and got approved for a loan and motorcycle insurance.

At my last oil change I asked him, do you know how to maintain a bike?

Well hello. Why yes he does.

I walked away a new woman, well really drove away a new woman, because my greatest fear had been resolved….I know someone who can help me keep the bike maintained.

And I finally have decided on the bike I want, which is not a Harley but a Buell (sports bikes created by ex-Harley-Davidson engineer Erik Buell, and they were sold at Harley Davidson until they parted ways @ 2009).

This is the bike I last learned on and it fits me perfectly, it is about half the weight of a Harley and is more agile and easier for me maneuver.

Oh, and they cost about half of what a used Harley costs.

Ding, ding, ding…we have a winner!!!

Plus, right now, I find the sports bike a little bit hotter.

So, these are the things I am sitting on at present….

2008_6_blast_black 2008_buell_firebolt_xb12r-wide



I’ll make a decision soon (as soon as I am able to stomach that yes in the real world cars really do cost a lot more money 7 ½ years later and I am going to have to have a car payment and give them my money monthly).

And NO, I will not be turning in my S2000.

Some people want really big and fancy houses, others want every latest and greatest gadget known to man, others want the best *insert anything here* money can buy, and some, like me, want a simple fleet of varying vehicles for the different driving experiences because it brings me such great joy.

Of course, I will be buying used as I always do and of course, it is going to take me a little while to act on this.

Cuz right now, I am seriously sick to my stomach and need to go drive my free to me car and let go of my shopping dilemmas.



Happy Homebody 4th of July!!!!

I have been looking forward to this three-day weekend for some time now so I could be a homebody and putter around my house and do things that make me happy.

My to-do list consisted of….

Clean & work on my place.

Files & shredding.

Steam carpets.

Goodwill run.

Work on vision board.

Paint coffee table.

Wash & vacuum car.

Oh, and go out and buy a motorcycle!!

I didn’t even ask anyone what they were doing.

I just wanted some time to myself.

And it turns out that I really need it.

This weekend while doing these things I originally was going to be pondering….what do I want to do over the next year?

I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make any moves work wise for the next year and was going to focus on moving forward on the yoga training front (by the way, on July 1st I was accepted into the year-long teacher training program that begins in September!).

However, I couldn’t shake the nagging thought of, but I need to make more money now to be able to do the things I want to be doing with and in my life, and I am not interested in getting a part-time job.

Stage left enter second surprise of the day going down on July 1st, I was offered a job by my former employer, which I accepted.

Needless to say, I have had a bit of an emotional and stressful week.

My current bosses are really sad to be losing me, one of my bosses had such thick emotions in his voice as he said, Man, you are really bumming me out, I’ll be down in a little while to talk.

I almost started crying on the spot as I said, I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking and I’ll do whatever I can to help you guys out during the transition.

I held it together and didn’t cry until I drove home.

I hate disappointing people, I really hate blind siding people, and I totally wrecked their we finally have a good thing going on here again thanks to Lisa.

So anyway, this weekend couldn’t have come any sooner for me and now I have even more reason to want to be a homebody and just take care of me and my stuff.

My dance card just got pretty damn full in the weeks and months to come, so I want a detach from everything and do what makes me happy and feel good weekend.

So today I bought a couple of things to brighten up my place a little more.

I am kinda from the school of I do it myself, I do it myself so I trekked across town to buy and drive home a big ass mirror in my tiny car hoping that I would not get pulled over by the cops.

I passed two on my I’ll take every back street between here and there and not go over 35 miles an hour even if it takes me an hour to get home route!!

No one pulled me over.  In fact, they didn’t even give me a second glance.

And the mirror was SO worth it because it only cost $30!  And the art work only cost $7 each.

So here are a couple of photos for your viewing pleasure and with any luck Sunday night I’ll be able to share many rooms completed taa daas!!!


I got two of these to be placed on each side of the kick ass mosaic mirror that I got from Pier One a month ago never featured here but seen on FB. These are for the dining area and right now, obviously it is laying on the carpet. hahaha

PHOTO 1_crop

Huge ass mirror strapped in and ready for painfully slow but worth it transport!!


photo 2_crop

Yes Officer, I can see out my passenger side mirror!

PHOTO 3_crop

Yes Officer, I can see out my rear view mirror!!

So, as I recoup from my long week and day, and putter around my house, I wish all of you a safe and happy 4th of July doing whatever makes YOU happy!!




I Gave Someone the Finger, It Felt Good and I Got More Luv

I don’t know that I have ever given anyone the finger while driving before, but I sure did yesterday!

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work.

This said grocery store is only TWO city blocks from my home.

It took me 40 MINUTES to go two city blocks to get to said home!!

I cannot tell you how depressing and frustrating it is to see a traffic light turn green when you are 20 cars back and not one car moves in any direction….light, after light, after light.

Well I am one of those people who is NOT going to be an asshole and drive all the way up in a turning lane to try to cut in front of someone who has been sitting at a light for 30 minutes.

Apparently the lady behind me was that type of person, and honked at me a couple of times, until I gave her the finger and said a few choice words.

She’s lucky I didn’t put my flashers on and get out of my car to have a word with her, since no one was going anywhere anyway.

But I was PMSing, hungry and frustrated…..so I remained in my car.  Plus she might have beaten me up! I’ve never been in a fight before so I am pretty sure I would lose.

When I got home, ten years later, I thought, I have got to change my THE LISA license plates.

I am just not feeling them for day-to-day commuting.  Now if I ever get to try out the race track in my car, then I’d be feeling them!

I really miss my plates HEY DUDE.

Now those got people talking, drivers smiling, waving and yelling out on the interstate – HEY DUDE!!!!

Someone else has them now, but I check every now and again to see if they are available.

Hopefully they will be as dumb as me and turn them in one day.

If I ever get them back, I will keep them forever.  I didn’t know that was an option.

So I bought new places this morning – MORE LUV.

And if that lady gets behind me again, I’ll give her the finger and MORE LUV.

Not my actually plate, but my picture portion of today’s blog…..



Are We There Yet???

My boss asked if I would drive him over to a meeting.

His daughter had his car, and it was too muggy and hot to walk over.

So I obliged.

Let me preface this by saying, he’s tall, probably a little over 6 feet.

Let me also preface this by saying, he could have asked one of my co-workers whose vehicles include a truck, a monster truck, a SUV and a four door sedan.

I think he wanted to see what the little convertible was all about.

I also think that will be last time he asks me for a ride.

He was barely able to get in, and no lie, his knees were up by his ears for the entire ride.

I looked over and asked ~ Are you going to put your seatbelt on?

HELL NO! I cannot move, let alone find the seatbelt!!

Shortly after he exclaimed, HOLY BLEEP! Can you even fit your cat in this car???

As we were driving, I looked over and had visions of what one of those race track trainers would look like in my car with me and thought, Uh Oh.

I am hoping they employ some trainers the size of jockeys, because those are about the only dudes who would be comfortable up in my car with me, particularly racing around track.

We arrived safely at his destination and he had to peel himself out.

Seriously it was kinda iffy there for a moment.

I offered to put the top down to make it easier, but he declined.

He also informed me that he’d be walking home after his meeting!!

Best twenty minutes of my day, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

So, does anyone else need a ride somewhere?

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