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Go Ahead. Make My Day. Card Me.

Friday I bought a pack of cigarettes.  Not smart, I know.

The clerk was ringing me up.  She was ready to hit the final key that would prompt me to insert my card for payment, when she stopped.

She looked at me funny and said – I have carded you before, right?  You are old enough to buy cigarettes, right?

I assured her, that although my actions weren’t all that smart, I was indeed old enough to purchase cigarettes.

She was relieved and said – Oh good.  I certainly did not want to sell to someone who was underage.

Yesterday I went to the ABC store and bought a bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila.

Again, prior to hitting the final key to prompt me for payment, this clerk also asked – You are old enough to make this purchase, right?

Once again, I assured her that I was more than old enough to make the purchase and she too was thankful that she wasn’t selling to someone who was underage.

I mean, who hit the jackpot?  Um, me.  Within 72 hours I was “carded” twice!

Granted, I obviously am not all that bright based on my purchases, but I must still look young.

Now before you try to rain on my parade by pointing out that there are signs posted stating….


We Reserve the Right

I’ll take it!

After all, I am pushing 46.  So to be mistaken for a 30ish year old…I am good with that.

I mean like I am really, really, really good with that.

That is all I’ve got.

It is my birthday month so I figure I should really enjoy the gifts each day holds.

Plus, as I told my dad last night – I need to relish this because, um, it cannot go on for very much longer! hahaha





Getting My Healthy On

I am working on getting my healthy on.

I am not a junk food person.

Nor am I a desert person.

My two pitfalls are Starbuck’s No Whip Mocha Fraps and Margaritas.

They are the bookends of my day, my start and my finish.

Guess what?

Drinking one’s calories at the ripe age of 44, um, those calories turn into unwanted pounds, lots and lots of unwanted pounds.

I have a problem with age, or the process of aging.

Sometimes it makes me sad.

I traced back that sadness.

What is that about?

I get sad sometimes because there are some many things I want to do or try in my lifetime.

If I don’t make some changes, well, I might not be capable of doing or trying many things that I would like to do or try.

I have been a pretty consistent dabbler with exercise for a long time.

I am cool with that.

I do want to kick it up a bit and I am working on that area currently, but unless you fuel your body in a healthy way, well, it just doesn’t work out so well the older you become.

I have been listening to two audio books that are helping me get my healthy education on:

  1. The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body by Cameron Diaz
  2. How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease by Dr. Michael Greger

I have also purchased things I have never bought before, some of which I don’t even know what to do with yet.

But they are in my house and that is a first step!

I am also building an in-home gym, a very simple one and I am very excited about it.

So, I am not sad any more, I am on a mission!

Ok, so sometimes I will still get sad because holy crap I am getting a lot closer to being a half a century old (OH SNAP! How the hell did that happen?).

I guess it beats the alternative, but still, kicking it for a half a century, yikes!

Ok, before I scare myself silly let me show you some pictures that make me happy.


The beginning of my in-home gym. I will put mirrors up on the wall, buy an exercise trampoline, the basket house weights, a jump rope, my yoga mat & my foam roller. Everyone should own a foam roller!

The beginning of my in-home gym. I will put mirrors up on the wall, buy an exercise trampoline.  The basket houses weights, a jump rope, my yoga mat & my foam roller. Everyone should own a foam roller!  Oh yeah, I am gonna learn how to hula hoop again.  Presently I suck.  Trust me.  It is NOT like riding a bike.  You cannot pick up where you left off some 35 years ago.


Check out my dinner! Chicken breast, broccoli and cauliflower simmering in onions and vegetable broth. Vegetable broth has now become my new best friend! Of course, this is the before picture. I was way too hungry to take the time to snap an after picture, but trust me, it was smack your mama good. Not that I would want you to really smack your mama, and for the record I have never raised a hand to mine.


I really need to google – How do I change the settings on my phone so the damn pictures uploads correctly?  Oh well, turn your head sideways – this stuff is the bomb and the closest I will ever come to eating brown rice (don’t like it, yuck).  I made it using my best friend vegetable broth instead of water and it was uber great! I am going to need you to go smack your mama again now cuz this stuff rocks!


I am glad you still had your head turned sideways. Now I am pretty sure this is not the healthiest version of Quinoa, but it is a start! This is one of those I don’t know what to do with it yet. I’ll figure it out soon.


Just keep your head tilted sideways, we are almost done. I bought Flax Seeds! Woo hoo! I think I just put them in smoothies and such. Working on it. Haven’t opened the bag yet.


This will be my Starbuck’s No Whip Mocha Frap replacement here one day soon. As you can see, I dallied a bit and a banana expired in the process. So sad. I think a Starbuck’s No Whip Mocha Frap will help me get over the loss.


Woo hoo! Points for getting this shot uploaded straight! Now, I am going to have to smack your mama over this one. I have never in my life bought brown shelled eggs. An eggshell in my mind has always been white. And I don’t know what white or brown eggshells mean (another thing to google!), but I went brown this time. These eggs came from chickens who were cage free and ate 100% vegetarian feed with no antibiotics. I usually eat boiled eggs, just the white part. OMG. I have never ever EVER tasted such great eggs. I am going to have to try an omelet or cheese scrambled eggs. These were divine and now I am going 100% cage free healthy happy animals, unless I go vegetarian. But I am not there yet.

And we are done.

Thanks for sticking with me and my sideways pictures!  You might need to tilt your head in the other direction for a while to balance things out.

And no matter your age, get your healthy on too so you can enjoy more things in life for as long as possible.

OMFG! When Is Winter Leaving?

I don’t know how the winter is going in your neck of the woods, but in mine, Holy Cow winter needs to move right along now!

As in goodbye, adios, see you later!!

Thursday our area was hit with snow, like an all day freakin’ snow.

And yes it is pretty, and it does seem to quiet life down for a little while.

Unless you are a newscaster, weather person, or snowplower, and then you are pulling 18+ hour shifts.

But hey, you signed up for that, I didn’t.

I really dislike snow when it happens during the work week.

And no, I am not clambering to get to work for the joy of it, although I do enjoy my job.

Tax season is underway, and it makes life a whole lot easier when I can get to and from work easily without fear, worry or concern.

Who needs that kind of stress on top of tax season stress?

Well it snowed so much on Thursday that I had to take a co-worker’s offer up to pick me up Friday morning.

I really didn’t want to, but only because picking me up was 50 minutes out of his way.

We agreed that he would pick me up at 7:45am since we were aiming to get to work by 8:45am, when the office opened.

Well along his travels I kept getting updated timetables – make that I’ll be to your place by 8am, then 8:15am and then….it keeping going until I received the final message at 9:02am….I should be there in 8 minutes.

That was my cue to tie things up and go wait for him outside.

And I waited and I waited, all the while freezing my ass off.

Seriously, my fingers went numb.

He texted me and said – Ok, I am sitting outside the leasing office here at blah, blah, blah Drive. Where are you?

Me – Um, I am freezing my ass off at blah, blah, blah CIRCLE!! You know, the address I sent you last night?!

Ok, so I wasn’t that rude, but I did tell him, um it’s blah, blah, blah CIRCLE.

And I did really say, dude I am freezing my ass off!! hahaha

While waiting during my 1 hour and 15 minute delayed pick up, I did do something productive.

I played with my cell phone trying to get a good selfie.

I don’t know how people can take good selfies.

I have been trying forever.

I would just like a few good pics of myself to freeze this point in time, no pun intended, so when I am 105 I can remember that once upon a time, sometimes, I had it going on!

I’d prefer to capture it in a selfie because I don’t want to have to go up to co-workers, friends and family and say, hey do mind taking a picture of me? Why? Um, just because. hahaha

So I think I finally captured a good pic or two that I will share in a moment.

Because first, I want to share with you something else that I discovered by way of mistake, as in I hit something on my computer and taa daa, I had a slide show of all the pictures I have taken over the years.

That was pretty cool.

And here is how good I am with discovering stuff, because for some reason as of late I am getting pretty darn good at it with anything that has to do with technology.

I noticed a small crescent looking moon symbol on my iPhone and thought, uh oh.

What if I pressed something that is charging me through the nose for something that I am not even using? What the hell does that thingy mean and why is it on my phone???

So I took my phone to the expert in the office, the 23-year-old receptionist and said, Help!!

Easy peasy she took my phone fixed it and said, You had your Do Not Disturb on.

Greaaaat. I’d be missing calls and texts (cuz now I am so hip and happening that I finally text), and be none the wiser if I hadn’t noticed that something on my screen looks a tiny weeny bit different.

So the moral of the story is…I accidently touch things on technical items and learn something new every day usually by SURPRISE!!!

Now back to the slide show because this was a very good surprise.

I am aging very nicely.

And by this I mean, slowly.

Thank God!

Check out my discovery, and if you don’t agree, keep it to yourself and don’t burst my bubble! hahaha

An old lady has got to have a dream!!

Speaking of which, later this month I am turning 44.

And I am cool with that until I think….Holy Bleeping Hell!!!! I am only 6 years and a few days away from turning the Big 5.0.

That is just too much to handle so back to my slowly aging dream that keeps me grounding in the I am not 50 yet baby(!!!):


  Me.  2005/2006.

Me 2012

Me. 2012.

2014 me

Me. 2014.

And me, 9 to 10 years after the first picture….



My last thoughts on this winter and freezing my ass off yesterday, which obviously I did or I wouldn’t keep repeating it!

Well, it wasn’t so bad now that I can see just how much (as in not much at all) I have changed over the last 10 years.

Thank you Old Man Winter.

Now get the hell out!!! hahahaha

Just Say No!

Last Friday I had my physical and a pap done at the same time by the same doctor.

A two for one special if you will that left me feeling pretty darn efficient knocking it all out in one visit!

This is the first time I have met with this doctor and she is awesome.

She was very thorough and spent a long time talking to me because I came armed with a notepad and lots of questions.

I asked her about my alcohol intake.

I used to drink a glass of red wine each night for a long time.

Then in the last couple of years I switched to margaritas.

Probably because my brother-in-law taught me how to make them, and to make them really well, hello new best friend!

I have one a night, maybe two every now and again.

But I also exercise and eat fairly well.

But I also smoke, which we will talk about later.

She asked me – Do you ever have six drinks in that time of drinking?

I said – Hell no!  I’d end up dead on the floor.

She said – Then we don’t have a problem.

My question stemmed from not knowing how alcohol dorks up your liver and kidneys in your forties, and I’d like to keep those as good as I can since currently I still smoke.

Which led me to my next question – Do doctors smoke?

I have been dying to ask that question forever!

I mean they are human, right?  And some of them, even knowing how harmful it is, have to smoke.

To which she reply – Yes some doctors do smoke, even though they have more information than you would ever want to know about the harmful effects of smoking.  Doctors are human and each of us probably do different things that we know aren’t in our best interest.

I knew it!

Next I asked her to check a mole on my back that I have had every doctor since the beginning of time check, and it is still just a plain ole little mole that is doing no harm.

Then I asked her about birth control.

I am not currently on it, but then again I am not having sex, so all is well.

But I would like to be in a relationship and when that relationship rolls around, I’d like to be able to have safe sex – as in I have made it this far and momma doesn’t want no babies!

Unfortunately, again because I smoke, I cannot go on birth control when that relationship does roll around.

When you are in your forties and you smoke, you cannot take birth control due to the risk of having a stroke.

She then shared something that really alarmed me!

She said – Do you know who the most unexpected pregnancies happen too?

Me – No.

Her – Teenagers and women in their forties.


She said – Women in their forties think they are safe and cannot get pregnant.

To which I replied – I have spent so long trying NOT to get pregnant that my brain will still be programmed that way when I am 80!

Now she has put the fear of God in me, more than the fear she reignited about the smoking cuz she spent 10 whole minutes talking to me about that.

The good news is I can go on birth control the minute I stop smoking.

So there is a chance for a win-win here.

But for now, unless my future relationship dude is fixed, I am just saying no because of the fear of this:


And it would totally suck if I made it this far in life and then….well, let’s just not go there! hahaha

In Search of My 30 Day Challenge

Wow, what a difference a week can make.

Last weekend I was recovering from the stress of finishing up my last two weeks at my old job.

I was also recovering from the previous weekend’s physically intensive Aerial Yoga training that coincided with my period, on top of the stress of giving my notice and making sure things were in order before leaving.

I also spent last weekend hoping that I had made the right decision with the job change, especially because of the change in my commute.

Well I am happy to report, all signs point the fact that I did indeed make the right choice for me!

I am very happy with where I am.  I love that the office is in a large building with other people to interact with from other companies.  So far I have only had to sit in a little bit of traffic on my way home a few days.  And I enjoy what I am doing and will be busy for quite some time getting things the way my new bosses would like for them to be.

At this rate, I should be busy through the end of the year, and then tax season will hit. hahaha

But there is one thing that has been on my mind for the last few weeks as well.

I need to get back in shape.

One of the yoga places that I am connected with lo and behold is having a 30 day yoga challenge that begins mid-August!

That’s what got me thinking and in search of my 30 day challenge.

I was thinking about doing it, BUT not all of the class times are ideal for me with my new getting up at 4am schedule, plus it takes a little bit of effort on my part to get to that studio.

Now it would behoove me to do yoga 30 days in a row and then some because I begin my yoga teacher training on September 27th.

That’s only nine weeks away.  Yikes!

However, in 8 weeks I have the Mudderella coming up.

Why on earth I signed up for that I’ll never know!

I love obstacle courses.  I enjoyed the Spartan race I did.

The mud part.  Not so much.

And since it is called Mudderella, you can bet there is going to be some freaking mud!!!!

Mudderella 1

Mudderella 2

But what is done is done, so I need to prepare.

And that’s what got me to thinking about taking a different course of action….I need a personal trainer.

I pass a rec center on my way home every day.

I did my lifeguard training there, and worked as a volunteer with the Adapted Aquatic Program for children with Autism, which I really enjoyed and might look into doing again.

So that is what I am leaning towards, the rec center and getting a personal trainer to help me put together a workout program for a 30 day period, as well as to work me out at least once a week during that period.

I can do yoga on my own, take a class here and there, and with any luck attend an acro yoga event that is coming up mid-September.

But gyms, I know squat about and it would be nice to have someone there guiding my steps and making me sweat.

I am only able to consider hiring a personal trainer because there will be a small overlap in my paychecks due to the transition, so I figure I should invest it in myself.

I have never done a 30 day fitness challenge before, and I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t have some kind of partner in this, I am doomed to fail.

I am just not that driven (yet).

On the yoga front, to keep myself grounded in that too, check out the two teachers who trained me in the Aerial Yoga workshop and the Acro Yoga workshop.

Now they are dedicated, have bodies to die for and are strong, beautiful and powerful!

I aspire to be like these chicks….as soon as I get on the other side of my Mudderella and getting back in shape phase. hahaha

Kelly 1

Kelly 2


Jessica 1

Jessica 2

Jessica 3

WOW, This is What Being in Your 40s Looks Like in My World!!

First, soaking in a sea salt bath really does right the wrongs of airbrush tanning mishaps.

Or perhaps it was a combination of that and exfoliating some more.

Either way, I am golden and I have baby soft skin.

Which was timely and great because yesterday, I had the *best* experience!

Drum roll please…..

Acro Yoga 1

Acro Yoga 2

Acrobatics Yoga!!!

I didn’t think to take pictures until the end.

Oh well, hopefully there will be more to come.

The workshop was three hours long, and I loved every minute of it.

Towards the end I did get a little fatigued because I was offering up my services to be the base for a couple of muscular dudes.

I was pretty impressed with how strong I am being that I am little and don’t lift weights or anything.

The last couple of runs though, mid-lifting, I was like, yeah, this so isn’t happening anymore, someone help him off, like now, or this is going to end badly for both of us!!!

As I added the photos to my facebook page, I saw other photos and I had a thought….

WOW, this is what being in your 40s looks like in my world!!


2 11 The Catch Close Up May 2013

3 Trapeze 2

4 3 Partner Yoga

5 Hold It Like You Mean It

6 10 Ready to Take Flight On My Tippy Tip Toes

7 We have Lift Off

8 Acro Yoga 1

9 Acro Yoga 2

Not bad for a dabbler, huh?

Just think what would happen if I got focused!!

I am so looking forward to my Aerial Yoga Teacher’s Training in early July.

And who knows, perhaps this is the way one becomes focused.

I am feeling pretty happy, and a little sore, but mostly Oh So Happy!!

Tune for the Post ~ Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall

A Moment of Truth

I don’t want to get old.

I know, it is inevitable

But I am not going to take it lying down, or sitting on a couch.

I’ve taken some steps recently to continue working on becoming the feistiest and spunkiest 100-year-old out there, should that day arrive, aka I make it that far.

Last weekend, a friend and I went for an awesome 3 mile hike at Great Falls. Soooo nice and soooo needed!

This weekend, weather permitting, a co-worker and I will be hiking Old Rag Mountain.

A ditty from the National Park Service site about Old Rag — Old Rag is Shenandoah’s most popular and most dangerous hike. The number of blogs and websites about this hike attests to its popularity. The number of search and rescue missions each year attests to its danger. There’s no doubt that the scramble is great fun and the views are spectacular.

Check out these photos….








They just take my breath away looking at them and I am a HUGE fan of the boulder scramble part!  I mean like big, BIG fan!!

Side note, all pictures are borrowed and were found by googling Old Rag Mountain images.

I went last year. By myself. And I did the nine mile hike and boulder scramble in 4 ½ hours start to finish.

Now that’s not going to beat the record of 1 hour and 23 minutes, but it is not too bad for someone who woke up one day and decided…..I need to prove to myself that I can do anything that I set my mind to if I want it bad enough.

This year I have a feeling it will take a bit long than 4 ½ hours.

(A) I am 43 now.

And (B) my co-worker is 55.

He’s an avid hiker, however he hikes not for speed, but for the experience.

I on the other hand, don’t like the heat and will be encouraging him to pick up the pace Bubba.

My boss also expressed interest, and he’s 55 too.

But I am not sure he has ever seen a let’s get this party started at the crack of dawn for real dude party before.

I only point out their age because when I am 55, 65, 75 and some more 5s after that, I want to still be active too.

So I am impressed.

Working on my present and future spunkiness and flexibility, I finally applied for the 200 hour yoga teacher training this morning.

It begins this fall. I am just waiting to hear back.

To keep myself entertained in the meantime, I am attending an acrobatic yoga workshop next weekend, and I have the Aerial Yoga Teacher training coming up in July.

And both of those make me go WOO HOO and WOW!!

The only drawback to all of this fun yoga is that the yoga studio is in Maryland.

But hey, I am willing to travel to make the dreams of my future 100-year-old self come true.  That’s how much I love her!

I hope your summer is full of life and adventures too!

Tune for the post ~ The Big Bang by Katy Tiz

PS ~ These are things I hope NOT to see while out at Old Rag Mountain….and it is a GOOD DAMN THING that I didn’t see these pictures last year when I headed out there by myself!!!





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