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In It For The Wealth!




In Search of My 30 Day Challenge

Wow, what a difference a week can make.

Last weekend I was recovering from the stress of finishing up my last two weeks at my old job.

I was also recovering from the previous weekend’s physically intensive Aerial Yoga training that coincided with my period, on top of the stress of giving my notice and making sure things were in order before leaving.

I also spent last weekend hoping that I had made the right decision with the job change, especially because of the change in my commute.

Well I am happy to report, all signs point the fact that I did indeed make the right choice for me!

I am very happy with where I am.  I love that the office is in a large building with other people to interact with from other companies.  So far I have only had to sit in a little bit of traffic on my way home a few days.  And I enjoy what I am doing and will be busy for quite some time getting things the way my new bosses would like for them to be.

At this rate, I should be busy through the end of the year, and then tax season will hit. hahaha

But there is one thing that has been on my mind for the last few weeks as well.

I need to get back in shape.

One of the yoga places that I am connected with lo and behold is having a 30 day yoga challenge that begins mid-August!

That’s what got me thinking and in search of my 30 day challenge.

I was thinking about doing it, BUT not all of the class times are ideal for me with my new getting up at 4am schedule, plus it takes a little bit of effort on my part to get to that studio.

Now it would behoove me to do yoga 30 days in a row and then some because I begin my yoga teacher training on September 27th.

That’s only nine weeks away.  Yikes!

However, in 8 weeks I have the Mudderella coming up.

Why on earth I signed up for that I’ll never know!

I love obstacle courses.  I enjoyed the Spartan race I did.

The mud part.  Not so much.

And since it is called Mudderella, you can bet there is going to be some freaking mud!!!!

Mudderella 1

Mudderella 2

But what is done is done, so I need to prepare.

And that’s what got me to thinking about taking a different course of action….I need a personal trainer.

I pass a rec center on my way home every day.

I did my lifeguard training there, and worked as a volunteer with the Adapted Aquatic Program for children with Autism, which I really enjoyed and might look into doing again.

So that is what I am leaning towards, the rec center and getting a personal trainer to help me put together a workout program for a 30 day period, as well as to work me out at least once a week during that period.

I can do yoga on my own, take a class here and there, and with any luck attend an acro yoga event that is coming up mid-September.

But gyms, I know squat about and it would be nice to have someone there guiding my steps and making me sweat.

I am only able to consider hiring a personal trainer because there will be a small overlap in my paychecks due to the transition, so I figure I should invest it in myself.

I have never done a 30 day fitness challenge before, and I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t have some kind of partner in this, I am doomed to fail.

I am just not that driven (yet).

On the yoga front, to keep myself grounded in that too, check out the two teachers who trained me in the Aerial Yoga workshop and the Acro Yoga workshop.

Now they are dedicated, have bodies to die for and are strong, beautiful and powerful!

I aspire to be like these chicks….as soon as I get on the other side of my Mudderella and getting back in shape phase. hahaha

Kelly 1

Kelly 2


Jessica 1

Jessica 2

Jessica 3

I Am Not An Aerial Yoga Teacher Yet

But it is coming!

This past weekend was one of the hardest experiences I have had in quite some time.

And let me tell you, I have done many a hard things.

The best thing I can liken it to was when I went through lifeguard training in my late thirties when just about everyone else was in their mid to late teens.

Talk about hello, this is challenging AND I am old in this world.

But I held my own and was offered three jobs on the other side of it, which I turned down because I didn’t feel ready.

I proceeded by taking the lifeguard training course all over again soon after, passing again, and deciding, yeah, lifeguarding is boring and I’d rather be swimming.

Boring unless something tragic happened, and then I didn’t want anyone’s life resting in my hands.

I went into this aerial yoga training already challenged.

I am in the midst of changing jobs and I have shared how things are heading south daily as my current employer is not too thrilled that I am leaving.

Although I get it, it totally sucks going from about a 95% job approval rating and many thinking you hung the moon and the stars to what I have shared in previous posts.

And to top it all off, I started my period the day before training.

I mention that because I cannot explain to you how physically draining that can be, and you’d only really get it if you are a female.

The yoga took care of any pain or discomfort, but it could not restore the fatigue I came into this weekend workshop with, both physically and emotionally.

The first day I was originally a little uneasy because all but three in the group were already yoga teachers.

What gave me peace of mind was that the teacher recognized me from her classes, and I was one of the few who had done aerial yoga, so at least I didn’t have that fear.

The first day proceeded well, although by the end I was sore, bruised, mentally dumb and even more exhausted.

Too exhausted to study what we had learned for the next day of training others in a more formal manner.

And that is when my panic set in, I cannot do this.  Not today.

I told the teacher early on, arrangements were made to keep the day flowing and all of my pent-up stress and worry was immediately released.

I got to be an observer.

I got to be involved without the stress of trying to remember a,b,c let alone showing it.

I got to practice, and I got to watch to see how others did it.

As I watched the teachers teach I did however realize, damn, I could have done it too!!

But I did not regret my decision.

The coolest thing for me was seeing the other non-teacher nail her turn at teaching.

In my opinion, she did the best and it came naturally.

Now if I had done it, I could not have touched that with a ten foot pole or many of the other teachers because I don’t have a daily yoga practice….yet.

That was the whole purpose of this training for me, getting one step closer to making yoga a daily part of my life and then being able to teach others.

The only thing I am lacking to be considered an aerial yoga teacher is doing the practice training of others and 10 karma hours of teaching others for free (all the other teachers still need to fulfill this part too).

So I am not sure if I have to take it all over again, or if there is a way for me to pop into a future training or class to assist a teacher to complete the program.

To be honest, I’ll deal with that after I get through the next three days. hahaha

So today, I am shifting gears back to work, which thankfully I didn’t have the time or mind to think about over the weekend, and begin training the new girl.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get up tomorrow morning and do a little yoga.

Because that is so not going to happen today! hahaha

Who Poked The Damn Bear?!!


I’ve enjoyed working with you as well, and I’m sad to see you go.  Best of luck with your new (old) job.  I can see why they want you back.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer.  I hope you can take a break between jobs.

All the best,

Insert Consultant IT guy’s name here.

That was the response that I had expected to receive from most of the peeps that I worked with after I reached out one by one to let them know I was leaving.

I think past protocol was such that you walk in one day and daa taa a new person, and well damn thanks for letting me know!

Um, only the IT consultant and part-timer peeps have shown me any love.

To everyone else, I am a traitor.

Even spouses are sharing their distain…So I hear blah, blah, blah.

Yes, it is true.  Yes, I am a horrible person.  Yes, I’d rather be anywhere but here talking to you about this as it does not concern you.

Except for my boss’s wife and daughter, they are being pretty classy about it.

So is that boss for that matter.

I am kinda surprised because he’s the bear that everyone tries to avoid who doesn’t realize he’s a bear but then again he doesn’t really care if he’s the bear because he’s only concerned about the bottom line, his bottom line.

He’s actually been a prince to work with, keeping it professional and even gleefully sharing his latest discoveries with me.

Late yesterday afternoon he called me, Lisa I am leaving for the day….how do you do such and such?

I don’t know.  It’s been a while.  Give me a minute and I’ll call you back.

I tried everything, and then finally googled it and called him back.

Well you see, I did this that and the other and it is not working because of this.  You are going to have to ask the other chick because she is more versed in such matters than I am.

Ok.  Heavy sigh.

He called me back five minutes later excited….I figured it out (all by myself was implied)!!!  You want me to show you how?

Yes, and he imparted his newly found wisdom upon me and we both became that much more brilliant within the moment together.

Now my other boss who is a bear, but usually more of a cuddly teddy bear that everyone enjoys being around, has become the most complaining, fault-finding, grumpiest, unhappiest bear that ever was.

So much so that another coworker asked me, Have you ever had a day when you cannot do anything right no matter how hard you try???

Dude, I am on day two…that would later become day three and four….and eventually led to me finally snapping back at him.

And although I didn’t care for being pushed that far, thereafter, it led to him to completely avoiding me like the plague.

Sometimes the truth hurts, especially when you push someone to act like you are acting.

I share all of this for a couple of reason:

(A)  To get it off my chest and out of me.

(2)  I’ll soon be working for people who are at least aware of my Facebook account and blog and I won’t be able to share such stories anymore! hahaha

(The 2 instead of B is for my sister! Usually when I am on my high horse and sharing my profound wisdom with her I begin with (A) blah blah blah and (2) blah blah blah without skipping a beat! hahaha)

I have today off.

Thank God!

I am prepping for a weekend long Aerial Yoga teacher’s training program.

And my employer has hired someone who I will begin training first thing Monday morning.

Will I say anything negative?


I think it is best for each individual to draw their own conclusion because you are going to get what you expect to get, and you are going to deal with people however you are equipped to deal with people.

Plus others will slowly share their negative views like they did with me.  Human nature.

Me, I am sure as heck not going to bad mouth or add any stumbling blocks across this new girl’s path that do not need to be there nor do they need to be planted to come true.

I wish the best for this new girl, and I am going to show her how one passes the torch on professionally and kindly.

These are good people, and if she be good people, well then, all will be as it should.

If not, well I won’t be there to see what happens.

This ending is a little bit more emotionally messy than I am accustomed to, but I get it.

I hope that on the other side that they (read: he) has just as much respect and gratitude as I do for our time together.

Plus I’d like to remain friendly on the other side.  That is after all my normal MO.

But for now, I am free to be me and not worry about things I cannot control for the next three days….WOO HOO!

Bring on the hanging upside down and let’s work out this stress physically baby!!


WOW, This is What Being in Your 40s Looks Like in My World!!

First, soaking in a sea salt bath really does right the wrongs of airbrush tanning mishaps.

Or perhaps it was a combination of that and exfoliating some more.

Either way, I am golden and I have baby soft skin.

Which was timely and great because yesterday, I had the *best* experience!

Drum roll please…..

Acro Yoga 1

Acro Yoga 2

Acrobatics Yoga!!!

I didn’t think to take pictures until the end.

Oh well, hopefully there will be more to come.

The workshop was three hours long, and I loved every minute of it.

Towards the end I did get a little fatigued because I was offering up my services to be the base for a couple of muscular dudes.

I was pretty impressed with how strong I am being that I am little and don’t lift weights or anything.

The last couple of runs though, mid-lifting, I was like, yeah, this so isn’t happening anymore, someone help him off, like now, or this is going to end badly for both of us!!!

As I added the photos to my facebook page, I saw other photos and I had a thought….

WOW, this is what being in your 40s looks like in my world!!


2 11 The Catch Close Up May 2013

3 Trapeze 2

4 3 Partner Yoga

5 Hold It Like You Mean It

6 10 Ready to Take Flight On My Tippy Tip Toes

7 We have Lift Off

8 Acro Yoga 1

9 Acro Yoga 2

Not bad for a dabbler, huh?

Just think what would happen if I got focused!!

I am so looking forward to my Aerial Yoga Teacher’s Training in early July.

And who knows, perhaps this is the way one becomes focused.

I am feeling pretty happy, and a little sore, but mostly Oh So Happy!!

Tune for the Post ~ Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall

Stalling for My Hall of Fame

So I have been giving a lot of thought to what it is I really want.

In my perfect world, my 40 hour work week would look like this:

20 hours, typical office job.

10 hours, fitness instructor job.

10 hours, organizing/de-cluttering job.

I would spend 20 hours a week sitting on my butt using my brain, and I would spend 20 hours a week busting my butt while using my brain to help others better themselves and their work/personal space.

I like freedom, I like variety and I like interacting with as many different people as possible.

I am telling you, I’d be in heaven!

So I am not going to go full throttle and attempt to complete the accounting certificate this year.

The last time I was working towards that goal, I fell into a deep depression, for real.

I even sought professional help, that’s how unhappy I was.

The first thing he told me, you do not want to be an accountant.  Do you know how many accountants I have as clients?  You seem better suited to be an Office Manager, and you need to be physically active too.

Great, that’s right when I was enrolled in an accounting class that was being paid for by my bosses at the time.

Against his advisement, I stuck the class out and got an A.  But what he shared with me stuck with me.

The reason I was so unhappy was that it was going to take me forever to complete the program class by class.

Add into the mix taking time off from school because of tax season, and more importantly, the fact that I just could not fathom continuing to work under the same woman any longer than the 2 ½ years I had already put it….well, it was just doomed from the beginning.

I think that I still want the accounting certificate.  I just don’t want to go after it this year.

And I don’t want to go after it until I am in a position to get in, get out and get it done in one year’s time.

But, I am ready to put in the time on developing the other aspects of work that I would like to be involved in.

I am taking a 2-day Quickbooks training course at the end of this month.  I decided not to wait for my bosses, and I am paying for it myself.

With this training, not only could I potentially work on the side for clients as some of our accountants do, in time I will better understand accounting through the hands on approach.  I might even find getting the accounting certificate easier should I revisit it next year.

I am taking a weekend Aerial Yoga Teacher training in July, and I hope to be accepted into a 200 hour Yoga Training course that runs on selected weekends from September 2014 through June 2015.

With those two trainings, I will be a certified Aerial Yoga Teacher and a certified traditional Yoga teacher.  I could potential get work on the side doing those as well.

And this weekend, I will be bringing the smack down of getting organized and de-cluttered on at work.

I was supposed to work on the second floor, however one of my bosses said, Screw that, first I need your help with my office.

So that is where I will start, and I bet overtime I could find ways to make money at that on the side too.  Many people in the office have said…..I need to take you home so you can help me get my life organized and de-cluttered.

And all of these little sides, in time, could possibly add up to my perfect world.

Tune for the post ~ Hall of Fame by The Script, featuring will.i.am (beautiful video).

Hall of Fame

Give Me A Minute. I Am Strategizing.


Over the course of the last four and a half years, I have leapt, acquiesced and dithered in my search for meaningful and fulfilling work.

And yes, I do believe work can be meaningful and fulfilling.

I really enjoy the accounting realm.

That was one step in the right direction.

However, I feel like I have outgrown my current position and there is no room for advancement unless some things change, which would benefit them, but unlikely to happen.

That and um, the raise we spoke about happening after tax season, hasn’t happened.

And that wouldn’t be a problem, but the whole let’s arrange a time to sit down and talk about this hasn’t happened yet either.

But still, that’s not the worse part.

What really made my heart heavy was when my boss complained about the overtime they had to pay me.

His exact words to me: “Is this the last of your overtime? We have never paid anyone in your position this much overtime.”

I was totally dumbfounded, and hurt.

When I first came on board they all, bosses and co-workers alike, over emphasized the importance of overtime during tax season, and how they had had problems in the past of getting the people in my position to commit.

I assured them that it wouldn’t be a problem with me.  And it wasn’t.

And I am not too crazy about how it was handled.

Granted I shouldn’t take it personally, as my boss isn’t thrilled about paying his daughter either.

If you are wondering how in one post I can be like ~ my boss gave me this!

And then in another post say, my boss said what I shared here.

Well that because I have two bosses.

One is gregarious and generous, and one is nice, but I guess focused more on the bottom line.

I get it.

But I don’t understand it.

I guess because I don’t operate that way.

That and I have had the experience of working for two bosses for close to ten years who were very generous to their employees AND who did very well for themselves at the same time.

That’s what I know and trust.

So now I am going to try the last corner in the picture above – I’m strategizing.

I can do far more than I am doing now, and I know that.

I want money, for basic needs, saving for the future, and enjoying life, and I know that.

Perhaps I can work with what I have now and add a thing or two, or perhaps I need to go in a new direction.  That I don’t know yet.

But I am going to take my time, because there is another aspect of me that is important to me too, although I have a funny way of showing it at present.

The yoga studio who used me in their flyer to advertise their upcoming Aerial Yoga Teacher Training has agreed to set up a payment plan for me so that I can take the training in July.

Yet another step in the right direction.

So my minute could very well take the rest of the year to realize, but I am working on it!



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