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Would You Like a 2 Liter Bottle of Soda With Your Order?

Um, no thank you.

I know I have been complaining (bitching) about work lately, and I would like to retract previously aired complaints.

I complain when I feel frustrated, when I feel like I have given a lot and it seems to be going unnoticed.

I do not give to get and my work MO is pretty much work as if you own the company, while trying to keep some balance in your life.

I still have trouble with that second part. hahaha

As of late, my bosses (1 & 2) have made it more than worth my while to remain where I am doing what I do.  Wind blowing and appreciated beyond belief!

I really do work at a great firm, and I work for great bosses and I love what I do and the people I work with….with the exception of the receptionist whom, unfortunately, I hired myself.  Oh, and I still dislike my pain in the @ss commute. hahaha

As for my helper, I was told – She is a really nice person (and she is) and she is a great receptionist (and she is that too) but outside of that….she really wants to help, but….

Ok, so I really and truly thought – I can straight up train anyone.  Guess what?  Not so much.

We shall see what the other side of tax season holds.  She still has time to turn things around.  But that is an inside job. I cannot make you care about the quality of your work nor can I make you care about our firm as much as I do.

Speaking of which, yesterday, I made a point to show all of the accountants who have had to work on Saturdays for a month now just how much I care about and appreciate them.

I sent them an email about noon….


Lunch is on me peeps! Enjoy.


I enjoy working with each and every one of you and I love my job and bosses!

1 Italian sandwich (for Boss #1)

1 Chicken Parmesan sandwich with light cheese (for Boss #2)

1 chicken, apple and something salad for (Co-worker who is specifically trying to watch their weight)

The rest is for all to share and should hit upon each and everyone’s taste!

Happy Saturday people and soon enough I will be working Saturdays AND Sundays and all will be right in the world.

Enjoy and I appreciate you, Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend!!


I ordered and had delivered…..sandwiches, salads, multiple pizzas (to include veggie for our vegetarian), garlic knots and multiple desserts from Domino’s Pizza.

Boy they were all surprised!

And they were each extremely appreciative.  They emailed me separately to say thank you in their own way.

I love doing things like that.

And because of my bosses’ generosity towards me, I was able to.

They have been generous to the others too; it is not all about me.

But if you do something great for me, I am going to want to do something great for you that you are not expecting, just to say – Thank you.  I really appreciate what you have done.

From what I have heard, there is a lot of pizza left over.  So, I am going to reap rewards from what I sown. hahaha

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend, I hope you totally surprise someone who has done something that has meant a lot to you.

It doesn’t have to be big, just from the heart.











The Crush

Holy wow!  I cannot believe so much time has passed since I last posted.

A lot has happened.

My grandmother passed away, the receptionist resigned to pursue a job more in line with her goals and I pretty much did the work of two people to get the firm I work for through the October 15th tax deadline.

Luckily we did find someone rather quickly to become the new receptionist.  But when you are new, there is only so much you can do.  She did catch onto our phone system quickly, and that was a tremendous help!

All of that led me to unknowingly showing up to sign up for classes two days past the start date, so alas – I am not taking classes right now.  I wasn’t able to join late, even though it was only two days.

But, after all I have been through; this is really not such a bad thing.

Such is life.  The classes will be there on the next start date.

Let’s hope I make it there in time! hahaha

Right now I am struggling with a different decision.

Here’s what woke me up Thursday morning….in my dream I was frantically driving my S2000 trying to find my way home after one hell of a day. I drove between what I thought were two narrow construction barriers. But the space kept narrowing and I discovered I was in between two semi trucks. They inched forward four paces – 1. 2. 3. 4. Each time coming closer together and each pace crushed my car more with me very aware what was happening, but the truck drivers didn’t know. I woke up right before the next pace forward which would have sandwich crushed me and my car completely. Um. So not cool that this is the last thing I dreamed before waking up.


I posted my dream and the picture on Facebook and a couple of friends pointed out, um, I think you have too much stress going on in your life right now.

I looked up the meaning of my dream on Google, which I do if a dream sticks with me so vividly.  For me, it makes sense that dreams consolidate and process information gathered.  It is your brain trying to solve something when the fully conscious mind is at rest.

The meanings I found:

The action of crushing anything in your dream indicates that you are under tension and/or pressure in regard to making an important decision.

If you dream that a part of your body is being crushed, then it suggests that you are being prevented to full express yourself.

I think both of these fit my situation.

I love my job.  And I enjoy the people I work with.

But the commuting is crushing my spirit and pretty much making me an asshole when in traffic.  I now have little patience or tolerance for slow drivers, and I really don’t like being so aggressive.

When I signed on to return to working for my current firm, my two must were: return me to my former salary and during non-tax season allow me to come in early and leave early to avoid traffic.  My main pitch was, I don’t want to spend my life in rush hour traffic.

The sad thing is that I only live 12.5 miles from my job, yet I spend 7 – 7.5 hours a week going to and fro.  That is almost an entire work day’s worth of hours spent commuting each week.  That is depressing.

In the end it didn’t work out well for me to come in early and leave early during non-tax season.  My job is kind of really need to be on-site during business hours kind of job.

Even shifting my hours to coming in an hour later and leaving an hour later still has me with the 7 – 7.5 hours a week going to and fro commute.

I have been doing this for 2 and half years.

So this is where I am now…What do I do from here?

I am still trying to figure it out.

Maybe a less disturbing dream will happen tonight to shed some light on my situation.

Something warm and fuzzy…



A Little Slice of Heaven

I was sitting on my porch this morning.

It is finally beginning to feel like spring.

A gentle breeze was blowing.

Birds were chirping.

The sun was shining upon my face.

All of this with the serene serenade of flowing water from the fountains out in the courtyard down below.

My thoughts were….This is heaven….and all I need is a hammock, pillow and blanket right about now.

I need to get a hammock this year. It just has to happen.

This is the first time in a long time that I am not at work when all of this is going down.

It is just the recharge my mind, body and spirit needed.

I am getting ready to go into work now armed with the knowledge that this is the LAST weekend of tax season.

Woo. Hoo.

I’d WOO HOO but I am too tired.

I’ve just got to bust booty for five more days and then…..it is back to getting off at noon on Fridays until November 30th!

Ok, now that got me excited.

I am going to drive with the top down on my car this morning and get in another slice of heaven on my way into work.

I hope you have a great weekend, and I really hope you have done your taxes already.

It would be such a shame if both of us have to work on tax stuff this weekend! hahaha


Tax Season Did NOT Make Me Do It

I felt really bad yesterday.

I yelled at someone, and I mean yelled.

And let me just say, it takes a lot to have me yell at you.

There have been talks, and there have been unthreatening correcting behavior comments as things arise. But this one took the cake and I in no uncertain terms said get on board with this tax season NOW.

Later I sincerely apologized, not for what I said (thank God I didn’t cuss at the person) but for my delivery.

I got back from lunch and had a note and small gift on my desk, and all is well for the moment.

And we got a lot done yesterday.

I also apologized to my boss who was witness of my spectacular delivery, to which he replied (a) it was fun to watch and (b) you were right.

It still didn’t make me feel better and I hope to not do that again for a very, very long time!

My reaction wasn’t due to tax season and being tired.

My reaction was due to my work ethics and the works ethics I believe others should have.

Unfortunately I probably looked something like this, and I must say, that is not very becoming.


Ok, back to focusing on why I do the things I do and what I hope to gain…..after all, I can only control myself.




Time Flies By When You Are…Having Fun?

It feels like I just posted yesterday.

I looked at the date, oops, I lost a week and a few days.

Tax Season will do that to you.

As will retirement.

Which I am a long ways from enjoying.

So, not only do we have tax season going on, but our receptionist gave notice and this Friday will be her last day.


To be honest, I knew this day would come.  I just thought it wouldn’t happen until this summer.

I did kind of wanted it to come, however for the record, I would have preferred it happening during non-tax season time! hahaha

Oh well, such is life.

We will get through tax season; we already have extra help lined up and a new receptionist starting in two weeks.

I have high hopes for the new receptionist.

I think she will be well-organized and detailed oriented, so we should get along just fine – read, perfectly.

She does talk a lot though, or at least she did in the interview.

My boss and I stepped out of the room to discuss things and he mentioned that he thought she was great and would work out well, but he felt that she talked a lot.

Good. We agreed. I thought I just might be tired. hahaha

She will be way too busy to talk when she comes on board March 30th, talk about walking into the line of fire!

Good thing it is me overseeing and training her, because I am pretty nice even when I am tired.

Honest, I am.

I am looking forward to training someone to do everything the way I do it.

But then again, sometimes I even forget how I do things and have to go back and look. hahaha

Oh well, we are going to do the best we can, which in reality means, we are going to bust our asses.

I am weird.

I thrive under pressure.

But only if it is for a given period of time, because I don’t think anyone could do this 24/7/365 and be happy and healthy.

And it doesn’t hurt that half day Fridays are on the other side of tax season!

It is like having a three-day weekend for 7 months and 2 weeks of the year.  Not a bad trade-off in my book.

So I may or may not be able to post again until after April 15th.

Or make that April 19th because I begin a yoga teachers training program on April 17th, and that truly makes me want to cry just thinking about how I am going to be able to pull that off RIGHT AFTER tax season ends.

But I’ll worry about that on another day!

Being here now, this is my world….




The Art of…Effective Communication

Let’s face it, having a conversation with someone who has ruffled your feathers is not the #1 thing on most people’s Top Ten Best of Times List.

And I am talking conversation, not fighting, because fighting is so much easier.

You get to rant and rave about your side without really taking in what the other is saying.

I had such a conversation yesterday with someone I somewhat oversee.

This time she brought the conversation to me I believe because I had gotten to the point right past frustration where I wasn’t going to work on resolving the problem anymore, at least not for the time being.

And I responded in kind for the last couple of days, with an attitude.

Not my normal MO.

As with any conversation, at first, both sides are stating their position.

However, I was listening to what she was saying, and in turn she was listening to what I was saying.

But just because you are listening doesn’t mean in that moment in time you are ready to move to the next level.

One of the things she shared with me was when I brought something up I had a tone in my voice that wasn’t my normal nice and relaxed tone, and that whenever I pointed something out it left her wondering if I thought she was stupid.

I responded totally dumb founded and told her, dude, I am one of the nicest people.  I go out of my way to hook you up with stuff because I like you and like working with you.  I wouldn’t do that for someone I didn’t think much of or someone who I considered stupid.

I also got pushed to the point of, I don’t want to talk anymore, and told her so.

She went to the bathroom to collect herself and I shifted my focus back to getting done what I needed to get done.

Shortly thereafter however, we spoke again and did resolve our differences.

I shared with her that it totally blew my mind that she thought I would think she’s stupid when I need to point things out.  I don’t like the way that feels myself, so to the best of my ability, I certainly don’t do that to others.

I told her, I can’t control what you are thinking in your mind.  I don’t think you are stupid.  So however you are processing what I am saying is out of my control.

I point things out here and there because (a) once upon a time I had your position for two and half years so I do know a thing or two and (b) we need to be doing things the same way to have a working process going on.

I also admitted that yes, when I had to come and share something with her, that I didn’t use my normal relaxed tone because each time I pointed something out I was met with resistance later followed by attitude, so my tone was strained because I was frustrated and didn’t know how to get pass this way of interacting.

She admitted some things as well and we hugged and made up, followed by some truly working together, her asking me questions, and me being able to show her some things while she was opened to learning.

I did share with her, dude, during tax season we are going to get tired and we are going to get pissy, and you will be pointing things out to me too because that is just how it goes.  I want this to be a good working relationship, and I think we have great potential.

I also pointed out to her that she is in the perfect position to have a great job and to use the down time to explore what she might want to do with her life.

I was 40 when I had her job, completely starting over to break into a new field.

She’s only 23 and can do anything and go anywhere from here.

I have kinda had to point out our 20 year age difference, and therefore work experience difference, a couple of times because I look younger than I am.

She also serves as a great teacher for me, because on the one hand I know where she is coming from because I had that position and the same frustrations, but on the other hand, I do need to kinda manage the process.

So in the end we are both learning the art of effective communication that will serve us well in all areas of our life.

And for that I am grateful.

Until tax season really hits, and then I might just be pissy! hahahaha

I Have A Problem

So yesterday, I went into work with the attitude of, Ok, just start doing stuff.

I had a couple of items that I knew I needed to check on to make sure everything was in order or else it would be a slight problem, and then I just followed the day with doing things as they came up, as I stumbled across them, or as I was asked.

All the while, I was checking and noting other things.

One of my bosses jumped on that bandwagon and came by my office several times throughout the day to say, add this to your list.

My other boss had given me a list up front.

We get off at noon on Fridays until December 1st.

At one point during the day I was so in the groove that I was thinking about staying late on Friday, if my former employer did not need my help, to get some stuff done after hours.

That’s how in the zone I get, and that is when I realized that I have a problem! hahaha

It turns out that my former employer does not need my help (woo hoo!).

I also had a moment of clarity and will not be staying late on Friday because….(a) it will still be there on Monday and I’ve got time, and (b) I’ve got my own stuff to do.

I am very fortunate that the receptionist is very eager to help in any way she is able.

She’s new to the firm so we are both going through a learning curve, her learning and me remembering.

I keep assuring her, because she keeps asking, that once I have a better understanding of what I am working with, there will be plenty of things for her to do.

That one list my boss is creating by remembrance….oh yeah let’s do this and oh yeah let’s do that….that list so has both of our names all over it.

I have seen resentment briefly flash upon her face a couple of times, and I get it, because I used to have her job.

But pretty soon, with a little bit of luck and a whole lot of understanding, we are going to be like two peas in a pod and working together to keep the admin part of this train going.

And soon enough, after she learns just how anal and organized and hard-working I am, she will be dreaming about those days when she had a little bit of free time on her hands.

After all, I have a problem, and I am trying to pass it on.


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