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Victory!  Three Weeks Later.

It has been a looooooong three weeks working on getting my car repaired at no cost to me.

Last post I shared that the oil pan in my S2000 had been damaged because someone used an aftermarket oil plug while performing an oil change on my car.

By doing this, it stripped the original threading and resulted in my car leaking oil.

I have never had an oil leak, and the car is 15 years old, so this really freaked me out.  I don’t like when something it not right with my car.

But when I found out that this problem was due to someone else’s negligence, someone who didn’t have the courage to let me know what had happened, I guess hoping I’d never find out, um, I got pissed.

You mess with my family, my cats or my cars and you are very much going to wish you did not do that.

I don’t go ballistic much, but in those three areas, I will rip you a new one and become your worst nightmare.

To make a long story short, I sent the garage a courier package with a letter that said in essence, you have got to be out of your mind if you think I am going to spend $650 to repair a mistake your garage made.

Well, I really did say that part among other stuff.

I also sent pictures of my home and work parking spaces featuring the oil leak in all of its glory, a repair estimate my normal mechanic (who has been working on my cars since 2000) prepared, along with copies of the receipts of the work they performed and a copy of my attempt to reach them sooner via email that bounced back.

I advised them to fix this, or refund me the cost of the oil change and the $650 needed to repair the damage, or they would be hearing from my lawyer.


Enter said lawyer.

I cannot share the letter he wrote and had FedEx’ed to them because I do not have his permission, but let’s just say, I sure as hell would step up to the plate if I had received that letter.

His letter also stated that all contact of any type going forward should run through him.


On Friday, the lawyer decided to draw up lawsuit paperwork to send over.  I think the paperwork was due to be sent out on Monday.

Friday evening I received a voicemail.  The garage owner asked that I bring my car in on Saturday so we could review and resolve the situation.

They put my car up, we went through the whole drill again about what was wrong and we were getting nowhere.

Then all of my pent-up anger about this whole unfair situation that has plagued me for three very long weeks tricked out and the f-bombs came flying out of my mouth.

I was hopping mad, like I said; one of the three things you do not want to mess with when it comes to me is my cars.

Three hours later, yes I spent three hours at the garage today supervising any and all work done on my car; asking question as they explained every step of the way what they were doing, we resolved (hopefully) the issue…at no cost to me.

They installed a larger oil plug that required creating new threads, which is very tricky and time-consuming.

And, I did eventually sincerely apologize for being rude and mean with my language explaining that my car means a lot to me and it is not fair that costly damage could be done without my knowledge or consent.

Kinda funny, the owner asked me – Do you work on cars?

I was quite knowledgeable and in the mix the whole time.

I said no, but whenever I take my car in and I am on site, I am in the garage under my car with the mechanic to learn everything I can.

And you know, the people who helped me today, I do not think they are responsible.

But I did notice one person who was missing from the scene.

The mechanic who I am pretty sure preformed the oil change on my car that started all of this.

I get vibes about people, those that helped me today, I truly believe they care about the work they do.

That other dude, hm, something about him rubbed me the wrong way from the start and we didn’t even talk.

To me, he was more disengaged and seemed to be there only for a paycheck and not happily so.

Moral of the story.  Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself.  Do not be afraid to ask for help.

I am pretty sure if I had not asked the lawyer for help, I would have had to pay $650 to repair something that was not my fault.

And the lawyer helped me, did not charge me, helped me because he is good and kind, and he does not like when people try to harm others by not taking responsibility.

I am going to buy him a $50 Starbucks gift card to say thank you.

And if he doesn’t drink coffee…he can re-gift the card and become someone else’s hero.








Your Garage Took Advantage of the Wrong Person

A message I sent this morning to a Garage that recently did work on my car.  I am beyond livid and open to any suggestions any of you may have –

My name is Lisa and I own the yellow S2000 that your garage did $1,221.88 worth of work on in early February.  I allowed your garage to do the work because the prices you quoted me where in line with the prices I had been charged before for the same work.

However, I do have a serious problem with the damage your garage has caused my car’s oil pan due to either negligence or sabotage.  Either of which are unethical.

I brought my car back in to you yesterday morning because I have had an oil leak ever since I got my car back from you after receiving an oil change.  That has never happened to my car before.  And after you and your son wasted 20 minutes trying to convince me that there was not an oil leak, lo and behold, once you put my car up on the rack like I asked, there indeed was an oil leak and there was oil coating much of the front under carriage of my car.

You found that someone had used an aftermarket oil plug on my car’s oil pan.  It had to have happened in your shop because I have not had this problem before, and the oil leak did not appear until after your garage did the last oil change that I have had done on the S2000.  That means someone in your garage most likely lost mine, and used whatever they had handy.

Result, now my car needs a new oil pan.  The cost of that alone is about $250, not including labor.

Either you guys were sloppy and caused this damage, or you did it on purpose so I would need to return to have more work done by your shop.  Either way that is despicable.

You have two options.

You can order the new oil pan for my car and replace it – all for free.   I will then take my car to my normal mechanic so he can review the work to ensure that all is well and no other damage has been done.

Or you may refund my credit card for the synthetic oil change, as well as refund my card for the cost of a new oil pan and the labor costs involved.  Then I will have my regular mechanic do the work himself.

If you do nothing, I will reach out for help because this is unfair and unlawful.

I will contact NBC4 News On Your Side and ask for their help, I will report this garage to the Better Business Bureau , I will use every online tool available to share this message so others will be aware and I am in contact with a few other people to help me broaden my outreach for help.

My car means a lot to me.  I spend a great deal of money to keep it well maintained.

Your garage took advantage of the wrong person.

You will receive this letter via certified mail, along with all of my contact information.



For The Love of Yellow

Kids love my car almost as much as I love my car.

I think it is because it is so small.  It kinda looks like a matchbox car when next to other vehicles, so I am pretty sure they feel like they could hop in and drive it right then and there without any problems.

Plus it is bright yellow and kinda gives off the vibe – Hello.

Actually adults like it too.

Female, male, young, old – it doesn’t matter.

I’ve spent many a 20 minutes talking to complete strangers because they strike up a conversation about my Honda S2000.

Freedom, fun, cute and happy are commonly used when they are conveying what it must feel like to own and drive such a car.

Closer to home I have an extra special little friend.

One day last fall a guy got on the elevator with me and said – My daughter loves your car. He then proceeded to show me a picture on his iPhone of her hugging it.

Talk about making me happy. He said she hugs my car every day.

I couldn’t help but to think (a) note to self – keep it clean and (b) it is a good thing that doesn’t set off the alarm because that would scare the tar out of her because it is LOUD.

The family parked next to my car whenever possible because she wanted to be close to it.

Then last October I got my yellow jeep wrangler and I park my cars together.

One day, again on the elevator, the dad asked me – Is that your yellow jeep next to your yellow S2000?

I said – Yes.

He then shared – NOW my daughter thinks you are the COOLEST person ever!

I see the family often, and we exchange hellos.

If I am parking my car or jeep and our vehicles pass, the daughter waves to me and I wave back.

But last night, I got the best news so far ever from my friendly family.

The father and his two daughters got on the elevator with me.

He said – You know, we just got a yellow car ourselves.

I said – Really? May I see it?

He got out his iPhone and showed me this –

For The Love of Yellow

That is the best thing ever!  And the blurry little girl, that’s my fan.

It is not a very good picture because I was taking a picture of a picture that was on his iPhone in the elevator and we were rushing because our floor was coming up.

But it totally made my day to think that my car and jeep inspired this little girl to go out and get her own little yellow car.

I think I fell asleep last night with the biggest smile on my face because it really made my day.

Life is funny like that.  When you least expect it, you receive a lovely little surprise that makes your day totally great.

And connecting with others, over something as simple as a car, priceless.



Less is More. Except in the Garage!

So three weeks ago today, I got rid of a lot of my stuff.

And I still haven’t bought replacements yet.

I have been roughing it, and, I am pretty proud of myself for not freaking out.

In the past I have practically killed myself to unpack and put my entire place in order on the very same day I moved.

I couldn’t sleep soundly unless everything looked perfect.

Wow. Baby has come a long way.

Since selling my condo in the fall of 2009, I have moved many times trying to find my footing again.

Well I guess I found it where I am, back in Northern Virginia.

I have been in my apartment for 2 years this December, and I recently signed a lease for another 18 months.

That’s a pretty big commitment for me. hahaha

I owned my condo for nine years, so all this moving around and trying to find my footing again really hasn’t been all that fun.

I like having a home base.

And now I have it again.

This year I was looking into buying a place.

And I could have.

But I didn’t feel comfortable asking for the kind of help I would have needed to own again right now.

Plus, I visited my dream condo (check it out here) and it so wasn’t worth tying myself down to own it.

I want to have fun, and freedom means a lot to me.

Now vehicles, owning and enjoying the *bleep* out of them, um, that speaks to me.

I have loved vehicles since the ripe old age of 14.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

My first set of wheels was a moped.

A Honda Spree….


God I was in love.

No fear.

I even drove on the open roads, much to the annoyance of the cars behind me.

But the best part was driving in the storm drains at night with New Edition blasting in my ears and the wind blowing against my face.


Those were some of the best days of my life.

Freedom at 14. #mindblowing

I think that is when I became……Born to be Wild!

So back to present day.

This is my empty home.




This is them installing my new carpet.




This is my new Jeep.




Pretty, huh?

I now own two of my five vehicle goal.


One I own outright, and one I am paying on for the next six years and it pains me so, and one……

A third one could be mine any day now if I make the move.

A 2002 Honda Shadow.

Check it out.


I know of three right now for sale by owners, all with extremely low mileage and within my price range, so I could pay cash and owe one of them.

And I could easily park it right in front of my other two, only gotta back the S2ooo up a little bit.


I am sitting with that at the moment.

I would love nothing more than to leap, but that is a pretty big responsibility owning three vehicles.

The good news is, one of my coworkers has dealt with motorcycles for more than 20 years, selling and owning, so he can help me.

That is one thing that has always held me back; I know nothing about bikes except how to drive one.

So having him in my corner might just push me to finally buy a bike.

Just thinking about it, I can taste the wind and feel the thrill of riding on the GW Parkway…..

But in this moment in time, I really need to do something about my place.

Three weeks, no furniture, I am tired of roughing it. hahaha

I am going to go with a minimalist approach.

Open – airy – spacious – clean – crisp – but still, I need some furniture.

So I am going shopping today.

I hate shopping.

Even for cars and motorcycles.




Dating 101: My Starbucks Lover

If you came here for dating advice, you might want to leave.

Like right about, now.

Cuz it all goes downhill from here. hahaha

Late last week I met a really cute guy at Starbucks.

He started talking to me about my car, my S2000.

Lots of dudes talk to me about my car.

My favorite, again at Starbucks, a father and son were walking into the store as I was getting into my car and the father opened the door  and leaned out to say – Miss, my son thinks that is the coolest car!

And the little boy, probably about 6, was standing right behind his dad with a huge grin on his face, nodding his head enthusiastically while giving me two thumbs up.

Or this other time, again at Starbucks, a construction worker was going by and said, “Ma’am that is a really nice car you have.”

I remember being totally impressed that he was so polite and respectfully in his manner and his words.

Oh any way, back to my most recent Starbucks lover.

He’s the one that kept the conversation going, so I obliged and returned conversation.

We talked about S2000s and Jeeps, because his ex had a S2000 and we both used to own Jeeps.

I shared that it is my goal to own a yellow Jeep alongside my yellow S2000.

And he shared how he took his son out in his Jeep to get stuck in the snow on purpose after a huge snow storm when they lived in Canada.

He seemed like a really nice guy so I gave him my business card (new to me) as we parted ways because I didn’t have the time to sit down and enjoy my coffee and breakfast with him like he asked, I was late for work.

He emailed me an hour and half later.  I was kinda surprised that he emailed me so soon.

What surprised me more is what he said!

Hi, (He didn’t even type in my name, red flag!! hahaha)

Enjoyed chatting with you this morning. Snowflakes reminded me of jeeps, which put a smile on my face thinking of your driveway all yellow and topless.

You must be a lot of fun!

Have a great weekend. Maybe I’ll get to see more of you in the future.


Holy snap!  He made me blush, and confused me.

I was like, um, this doesn’t sound like the guy I was speaking with earlier this morning.

I don’t know if emailing someone makes some people bolder or not, but this is precisely why I don’t do the online dating thing.

I don’t have the time or the energy to speaking with dudes in such a way.  I’d rather know what…well anything but this kind of talk with a complete stranger by email.

Now I wouldn’t have been put off by this if this was someone who I actually knew and joked with, but I had only talked with him for about 10 minutes in person.

I replied and according to my sister, because I later had her “analyze” the complete back and forth “conversation,” I was flirty in my responses.

Personally I guess I was, I like to flirt, but really I was trying to keep it light and playful since I have been out of the game for a while and wasn’t sure whether or not I was being too sensitive.

After I shared that he made me blush, his response kinda of took it way too far way too fast for me.

It was something to the effect of, excellent now I have you smiling and blushing and thinking…

He used the word “fun” in all of his emails to the point that I finally said – Dude, I don’t think I am as “fun” as you think I am. hahaha

Even my sister picked up on it and said – If he said how “fun” you must be one more time I was going to have to….

I can’t remember the rest of my responses, but after he kept emailing me I finally said – Dude, aren’t you working?  Cuz I am!!!! hahaha

To which he responded, ok, email me from your personal email account sometime this weekend.

Well I did email him…at 10 pm on Sunday night, because I wasn’t sure I even wanted to.

I said – Well this is still considered the weekend, right?  You know what I do for a living, what do you do?

Lame I know, but it was the best I could come up with.

He never emailed me back.

I guess I wasn’t “fun” anymore.

I can’t say that I am disappointed.

But I do regret sharing this with a co-worker because she’s of the mindset that if I don’t hear back from him by Thursday, which is today, I should email him again.

Um, no.  Times 2.

It is that whole he is just not that into you, and I can’t say that I don’t feel the same.

My co-worker means well, she and my friends and my family would like for me to have someone in my life.

They have wanted that for me for a long time. hahaha

But the cool thing is, now I do too.  I mean for real.

I have half heartily wanted it previously, kinda put myself out there, but not really.

Now I am ready, and the cool part is if you are ready on the inside, the outside really does respond in kind without you even trying.

I am not your typical girl.  I am not looking to get married.  The thought of it freaks me out.

But one day, I think I would like to try it, if we could have separate places and spend the night with each other when we wanted too. hahaha

Maybe it really will happen like I have been telling my grandmother for years – Don’t worry Grandmother, the first 50 years are for me and then I’ll share the other 50 with someone else.

Until then, my first real potential Starbucks lover, not so much!!

Luckily I haven’t run in to him again, and I better not – because that is My Starbucks!!




Are We There Yet???

My boss asked if I would drive him over to a meeting.

His daughter had his car, and it was too muggy and hot to walk over.

So I obliged.

Let me preface this by saying, he’s tall, probably a little over 6 feet.

Let me also preface this by saying, he could have asked one of my co-workers whose vehicles include a truck, a monster truck, a SUV and a four door sedan.

I think he wanted to see what the little convertible was all about.

I also think that will be last time he asks me for a ride.

He was barely able to get in, and no lie, his knees were up by his ears for the entire ride.

I looked over and asked ~ Are you going to put your seatbelt on?

HELL NO! I cannot move, let alone find the seatbelt!!

Shortly after he exclaimed, HOLY BLEEP! Can you even fit your cat in this car???

As we were driving, I looked over and had visions of what one of those race track trainers would look like in my car with me and thought, Uh Oh.

I am hoping they employ some trainers the size of jockeys, because those are about the only dudes who would be comfortable up in my car with me, particularly racing around track.

We arrived safely at his destination and he had to peel himself out.

Seriously it was kinda iffy there for a moment.

I offered to put the top down to make it easier, but he declined.

He also informed me that he’d be walking home after his meeting!!

Best twenty minutes of my day, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

So, does anyone else need a ride somewhere?

My Need for Speed Has Been Snuffed!

And I didn’t even get it out of 2nd!

Yesterday I was driving to work.

Not too much traffic, zipping here and there and I had a smile provoking thought that I have often…..I love the roar of my engine!

Now anyone who owns a sports car has to have had that thought.

I know because sports car owners seem to unconsciously greet each other, at least those who have a secret desire to see what their car can really do.

Engines get gracefully and gently revved, without even thinking, when another sports car drives by and catches your eye.

I have done it, and my car has evoked that in others.

It is kinda like the sports car owners version of Namasté.

For those who don’t know – Namasté is both a spoken Indian expression and a symbolic gesture that people use when greeting each other or in parting. Pronounced “na-ma-stay,” the term derives from Sanskrit and literally means “I bow to you.” It’s more commonly translated as “the divine light in me honors the divine light in you” or “the God within me greets the God within you.” Namasté is the recognition that we are all equal and share a common divinity. – Courtesy of The Chopra Center.

I got to work and lights were being installed in my area so I had to find something to do.

I sat down and read this….


And I un-expectantly came across an article entitled Need for Speed: The Night I Raced Away From DC’s Hellish Traffic by Christopher Shea.

To be honest, I thought it was going to be an article about a dude who moved away from the hustle and bustle of DC and escaped to a quiet life somewhere.

Instead it began….

The 140-horsepower engine in my little 1995 Acura Integra isn’t exactly roaring, but it is snarling nicely.  I’m coming out of the 90-degree right-hand turn onto a 2,900-foot straightaway at Summit Point Motorsports Park’s main track, my knee braced hard against the side door, body tense, pores emitting copious sweat.


My heart just skipped a beat.

Other snippets from the article that grabbed me…

I’m a manual-transmission snob, and yes – I do think I’m a pretty good driver.  But I’ve never done much more than take highway exit ramps kind of fast, or maybe sneak it up to 90 on a remote highway.

I’m also here because I suspect that hitting the track is something a lot of Washingtonians itch to do.  That our region is full of repressed drivers: people who only ever deploy their high-performance rides in stop-and-go traffic on the Beltway.  In Washington, we are forever in cars – yet we rarely really drive.

Suddenly there’s an overpowering engine note in the air, symphonic Wagner to my Acura’s kazoo, and I look up in the rearview mirror to find it filled with the leering face of a Porsche.  “We call it the red mist,” DVD says, and warns me not to get competitive.  I am distracted – he’s right.  But not by testosterone-fueled aggression.  It’s just that watching a Porsche glide through a fierce, arced turn is a beautiful sight.  “Breathe,” DVD says.  He’s full of these helpful reminders.

Get Out Of Gridlock!  Turn off your GPS, buckle up, and let your inner Jeff Gordon rip…at Summit Point Motorsports Park.

Hello, I’ve been looking for you Summit Point!

I cannot even begin to explain to you how excited I was for the next few hours.

I found a race track and I could finally see what my car could do!

One day.  I don’t have the money right now.  BUT I had the place, so I had a goal to focus on and work towards!

The author also shared how intimidating it was to show up and I couldn’t help but to think….dude, how would you like to be a petite, blonde highlighted FEMALE showing up to take that drive?

Hi guys.  I’d like to race my car, please and thank you.

Not only that, which instructor would be able to fit into my car with me?

In my grand visions, it was my hope that they would underestimate me, thus taking the pressure off since they wouldn’t be expecting much.  And then boom, I would *wow* them like I did in my motorcycle class with a…..Not too shabby for a little girl,  huh?

But since the author proved to himself that he was not as good of a driver as he thought he was, I am pretty sure that I would have driven away drawing the same conclusion.  But I would have happily driven away after having tried it!

However, it saddens my heart to say that I may not be able to experience this dream anywhere near as soon as I had hoped.

Alas, there was an unfortunate catch….spelled out on their website…in order to race your S2K (or other similar convertibles) on their track you had to have one of these….

S2000 After Market Roll Bar

An aftermarket roll bar installed in your car.

Hello $1,000+ in parts and labor upgrade to my car just to be able to race it that I wasn’t anticipating.

What a bummer!

I mean like BUM. MER.

But you know that roll bar, pretty cool.

Too bad my car needs the convertible top replaced in the next year or so also.  Another $1,300+ in parts and labor upgrade.

So that all adds up to $2,500 of work needed on my car to pay $250 for a day of racing it, and wow, my dream just keeps getting more and more expensive by the minute!

So thanks stupid magazine article for inspiring me to try something that I have wanted to do, and helping me to find out that I REALLY cannot afford it, but still clipped you out and have you in my Must Do Before I Die folder!

Cuz ya know, this could be me one day…


Although the yellow car #1 is a Solstice, but in my vision it is a S2K!!

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