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Pondering Again…

Go back to school?

Buy a condo?

Seems to me if one keeps pondering the same things, perhaps one should do something about it.




In Search of the Right Change

I need a change.

I am just not certain which department(s) I want to make a change.

In my last post I shared my dream condo.

Since then I qualified for a loan to purchase a two bedroom condo in the same building. Not my dream condo, but a 2 bedroom condo at least.

Back in May when I started thinking about buying a condo I pulled into that complex, parked and called my dad. We usually talk every weekend and it was getting late.

He asked me what I was doing and I said ~ Oh you know, just sitting in front of the place I am going to buy a condo in one day.

Damn if I didn’t park right in front of the very building that currently has the two 2 bedroom condos for sale.

Last Tuesday as I drove into work, I decide, screw it, I am going to buy a motorcycle. I have wanted one for so long.

It is a commitment, but not a lifetime commitment like a condo could be.

A co-worker and I went for a walk at lunch later that day, and she asked me how my condo search was going.

I told her about my dream condo and shared that if I could not have that one, I wasn’t going to buy anything right now.

She told how her first place wasn’t her dream place either, but she bought it, kept it for a while, and sold it at a profit. The profit which then enabled her to buy her current home, the type she really wanted all along.

So then she clouded up my motorcycle choice! hahaha

I had to run down to the bank for my boss and one of the woman I had ask about mortgages before came over to me and asked me for my contact information again because she had misplaced it.

That led to me talking with a mortgage guy who has approved me for two different price points that I am currently sitting with.

I crunched numbers over the weekend and I’d be house poor if I proceeded.

I’ve been house poor before. It really isn’t any fun owning a beautiful home but not being able to do anything else.

I have also thought about going back to school.

You can make good money in accounting. Plus I like it.

I started down this path a while back, but it took everything in me to get an A in the class, to include all my time.

That idea isn’t very appealing to me at this moment in time.

And I don’t think I have it in me to go after becoming a CPA, which would be the next step.

I mean the amount of work and years that would take makes my head hurt.

Plus, I’d be a newbie.

I really wish I had taking the accounting/business path in college.

That is one thing I would do differently if I could do it all over again.

As I think about every which way but loose, I get frustrated and don’t know exactly what I want to change.

But there is one thing I am currently taking control over and changing, and that is my health and fitness.

I’ve got a friend who is a personal trainer who is going to create a workout plan for me and guide me via FaceTime. She moved to Texas, so this is the best option we have.

I might even be a model in an upcoming fitness instructional video for her business!

I am also in talks with my boss’s personal trainer.

We weren’t able to meet up this weekend, but he did present me with many options to choose from, so the ball is now in my court to get back in touch with him when I decide what I want.

Again, it is about creating a plan and showing me properly how to do the exercises and what to do to achieve what I want. After that it is all up to me.

My Fitbit, now that has been the very BEST piece of technology that I have ever bought!

It so totally rocks.

I have been participating in weekly Monday – Friday challenges for 5 weeks now.

I have won 3 of the 5, and one of the weeks that I lost was because I was on vacation and not going to move unless the building was on fire.

This past week’s challenge was the best so far.

We had a guy join us, and boy did I have to really work for my win. All the way up until midnight!

In return, I set a personal record of 95,326 steps in five days.

That is 38.05 miles in 5 days!

That is an average of 7.61 miles a day during the work week!!

I never would have gone that far, nor that hard had he not joined the challenge.

And I am pretty sure as I busted booty trying to catch up to him and then barely pass him; he was relaxing somewhere having a beer.

He could have beaten me too; all he had to do was walk back and forth to the bathroom or something a couple of times there at the end.

But I won, so I will take it!

We have another challenge starting this Monday, and 6 people signed up so far wanting to push themselves farther this next week too.

It is my greatest hope that a lot more of us are competing for 1st place.

It makes things so much more interesting, challenging and fun!

I’ll just let go of all of the other things that are driving me crazy, and go for a walk or something.

I’ll make a change in another department when I know what I want and when I know the moment is right.

Until then…..


Stalling for My Hall of Fame

So I have been giving a lot of thought to what it is I really want.

In my perfect world, my 40 hour work week would look like this:

20 hours, typical office job.

10 hours, fitness instructor job.

10 hours, organizing/de-cluttering job.

I would spend 20 hours a week sitting on my butt using my brain, and I would spend 20 hours a week busting my butt while using my brain to help others better themselves and their work/personal space.

I like freedom, I like variety and I like interacting with as many different people as possible.

I am telling you, I’d be in heaven!

So I am not going to go full throttle and attempt to complete the accounting certificate this year.

The last time I was working towards that goal, I fell into a deep depression, for real.

I even sought professional help, that’s how unhappy I was.

The first thing he told me, you do not want to be an accountant.  Do you know how many accountants I have as clients?  You seem better suited to be an Office Manager, and you need to be physically active too.

Great, that’s right when I was enrolled in an accounting class that was being paid for by my bosses at the time.

Against his advisement, I stuck the class out and got an A.  But what he shared with me stuck with me.

The reason I was so unhappy was that it was going to take me forever to complete the program class by class.

Add into the mix taking time off from school because of tax season, and more importantly, the fact that I just could not fathom continuing to work under the same woman any longer than the 2 ½ years I had already put it….well, it was just doomed from the beginning.

I think that I still want the accounting certificate.  I just don’t want to go after it this year.

And I don’t want to go after it until I am in a position to get in, get out and get it done in one year’s time.

But, I am ready to put in the time on developing the other aspects of work that I would like to be involved in.

I am taking a 2-day Quickbooks training course at the end of this month.  I decided not to wait for my bosses, and I am paying for it myself.

With this training, not only could I potentially work on the side for clients as some of our accountants do, in time I will better understand accounting through the hands on approach.  I might even find getting the accounting certificate easier should I revisit it next year.

I am taking a weekend Aerial Yoga Teacher training in July, and I hope to be accepted into a 200 hour Yoga Training course that runs on selected weekends from September 2014 through June 2015.

With those two trainings, I will be a certified Aerial Yoga Teacher and a certified traditional Yoga teacher.  I could potential get work on the side doing those as well.

And this weekend, I will be bringing the smack down of getting organized and de-cluttered on at work.

I was supposed to work on the second floor, however one of my bosses said, Screw that, first I need your help with my office.

So that is where I will start, and I bet overtime I could find ways to make money at that on the side too.  Many people in the office have said…..I need to take you home so you can help me get my life organized and de-cluttered.

And all of these little sides, in time, could possibly add up to my perfect world.

Tune for the post ~ Hall of Fame by The Script, featuring (beautiful video).

Hall of Fame

Alligators & Doing the Math

I don’t know that I have ever dreamt about alligators before.

But I did last night.

So not cool.

There were two of them, huge mothers, they kinda looked like this….


They were in my place, and I had to maneuver around them to find my cats (Cicero and Caesar who have since passed) to get them to safety.

The whole time thinking, how the hell did two alligators get into my place (my condo that was on the 14th floor in the middle of the city in a prime location that I have since sold)?

And they killed someone I didn’t know, snapped him in half and ate him right in front of me.

The dream continued for a long time, me trying to herd others to safety, everyone in the condo building working frantically to deal with the situation.

In the end, I don’t know how it was dealt with, but I was in my condo again looking at ash piles in the shape of two huge alligators.

In the mix was also a lot of time spent with someone I have wondered what it would be like to be in a relationship with, but he’s taken, so it is not an option.

And when I say taken, I mean married, so not only is it not an option, no one on the planet except for one, knows that I was even half way intrigued by this person.

In my dream this guy also had a connection to the one guy I still measure everyone against, and no one has even come close to him, although he did have his flaws too.

So I googled ~ What does it mean to dream about alligators?

Because I do think we work things out in our dreams and our minds use symbols.

I found lots of stuff, but this is the only thing that really resonated with me:

When an alligator or crocodile appears in your dream, you can be sure that they have something important to share; whether it’s facing a personal fear, confronting a difficult situation, or accepting that you are connected to a tremendous source of power.

I got a raise yesterday.

And I gotta tell you, that was the most painful raise to get.

At one point during the day, because they were less than thrilled out of their gourds to finally have the meeting, I wanted to tell them ~ just forget about it.

But I didn’t.

I even cried at lunch (away from the office).

Not a boo hoo poor me mega tears cry, just a few tears from pent up frustration that needed releasing so I didn’t carry emotions into the meeting.

I try to reflect on how far I have come….

In nine months, I came on board with $4k more than I was making (had to factor in commuting at the time), have had two reviews, have had them pick up my full medical insurance, have received a 4% raise and have them considering paying for Quickbooks training next month.

In 3 ½ years (because I was unemployed for a few months between this job and the last), by this year’s end I will have increased my salary by 80% since starting over in a new field in the fall of 2010.

You’d think I would be thrilled.

But I am a bit discouraged, tired and pondering….what am I going to do now?

I can go back to school and pick up with the accounting course work that I started at my last job.

I already have a BA, so I am only about 9 classes away from earning an accounting certificate that would enable me to become an accountant.

It can be done in a year, if you don’t dork around, bite the bullet and dedicate every waking minute of one year to getting it done.

And that’s what I am pondering; do I have that in me?

Is this what I want?

I have two girlfriends, one single and one a mother, who did have that kind of dedication and drive….one, earned her master’s degree and one earned her bachelor’s degree.

I don’t even need a degree, just a certificate.

Plus, working in the accounting field, even on the administrative side, you gotta factor in tax season aka lack of time to do anything but tax season.

And then I have thoughts of, it is possible to become a CPA in five years.

I don’t know that it is possible for me because the CPA exam is extremely difficult to pass.

I don’t know whether or not I even want to go that far.

But the possibility is there, so it gets me thinking.

So, I am so glad it is Wednesday, because I am ready for the weekend!

And I hope I don’t dream about alligators anymore.

I’d like some bunnies, butterflies and bottlenose dolphins please.

Not that I have looked those up, but they have got to be warm, cuddly and fun, right?


Tune for the Post ~ Fix You by Coldplay

Hell No!

Disclaimer: Under normal circumstances both of my bosses will speak with clients, either by phone or in person, until the cows come home.

The closer we get to tax day, the more Grrrrr things get.

Clients fail to realize that there are one thousand ‘I just need a moment’ request each day, on top of all of us working to get everyone’s tax returns processed in a timely manner.

Thirty minutes of my life yesterday emailing with my boss about just one of these many clients.

**Names have been changed to protect the pain in the butt, I mean, client. **

Me:  Ms. Smith is here.  Do you have a moment to meet with her?

My boss:  Hell no!

Me:  I told her you were on a conference call and could not come down.   Can you meet with her in 45 minutes or an hour from now?

My boss:  Ask her what she wants………….she is a pest.

**I had already spent twenty minutes with the client, as she would not take my word for it, I could not answer her questions.**

Me:  She had a few questions, why does she owes taxes, will she need to make estimated tax payments this year, why did you apply her federal credit to next year’s estimated taxes b/c she’s poor, why is the invoice so high, and a whole slew of other questions that I couldn’t answer.

She’s running errands in the area and wants to pop back in to meet with you for a few minutes.  I tried to tell her how busy you were, conference call now, client site this evening, booked tomorrow with meetings.   Her cell # is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

I guarantee you that she will come back whether or not you call.  Just a heads up if you come down here.

My boss: I’ll meet with her when she returns.

Me:  She’ll be here at 3:45.

I had a similar exchange with my other boss regarding another client I spent thirty minutes on the phone with, because she kept calling back.

His response, “Just hang up on her!!”

To which I replied, “I can’t just hang up on her, she’s a client.”

His response, “I’ll talk to her, and I’ll show you how to get off the phone real quick.”

Guess who was on the phone with the said client for a good thirty minutes himself? hahaha

Gotta love tax season!

Three Dudes Every Girl Should Know…

 imagesEU0VBAQLAn Accountant


 A Computer Technician


 A Mechanic

I have a few in each category, but only one in my favorite category.

My favorite?

My mechanic!

I love taking my car in for an oil change.

We go over every inch of my car together while it is up on the racks to make sure it is still A Ok.

He’s been my mechanic for over 12 years and will continue to be so until the day he retires.

I heart my mechanic!

He’s my one and only.

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