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MMM – March Motorcycle Maintenance

My co-worker came over after work today to maintain our bikes.





I did not work today because…it takes time for things to flow down the pipeline.

Guess what?  The flow is on!  I will be working tomorrow.

I like working on quiet days (aka no one is in the office, except maybe one or two of the bosses).

I get so much done.  Plus I enjoy the peace & quiet, the ability to focus without distraction, and oh, the hell yeah, I just pulled all of that off!!! hahahaha

But, back to one of my favorite friendships…my co-worker and MMM.

I have garage covered parking (at work and at home, hellz yeah, how lucky am I?!).

My coworker does not have covered anything on the home front, so I extended an invite for him to house his bike in my garage for the winter.

For the record, this arrangement has worked out well (um, like really, really well!) for me too.

Although, for the record again, (in case God keeps count) that was never my intention.

I am seriously all about sharing….if I have it and you need it and I am in the position to share – it is yours.

It has been sooooooo long since I have had a guy friend, true & straight.

Since my bro-in-law and family moved to CA (which I will never forgive them for!!!! hahahaha), I haven’t had the safety net of a guy helping me out without worrying about anything other than…..I help you and you help me, no attraction outside of genuinely liking each other as people, for years.

He is so in love with his wife, and I love that!

And I am so about involving her in everything, because seriously, it is nice to have someone to help me.  I certainly don’t want to cause any weirdness.

Which I am pretty sure I do not because I am also a Dream Weaver.

My co-worker, sometimes referred to as my surrogate bro-in-law, thanked me last year for helping him realize one of his bucket list dreams.

Him – I cannot believe I own a motorcycle and know how to ride one.  I am not sure I would have done this had you not encouraged me.

I went through a motorcycle training class with him, which took a helluva lot of “encouragement” to get him there, only to ditch him after the first day.




#1 I was almost plowed over by the only other female driver in the class from the start (she was soon after asked to leave and train one on one), and um, #2, more importantly, it was HOLY GOODNESS BEYOND COLD!!

On the first day we spent 8+ hours out in 32 degrees (or less, I am pretty sure it was less but I was so traumatized by the event that I have since blocked it out).  NON-STOP, not exaggerating, not even in the least.  It was flippin’ cold!

After the first day, I drove home (35+ mins) with my heat on high the entire time.

I am genuinely surprised that my dashboard didn’t melt. For real.

I then slept in sweats with 4 blankets covering me to overcome the cold all night.

Early the next morning, before the 2nd class, I texted him…..Dude, I will so do this with you at a later date, and it is so my fault we are here at this date and time, but I CANNOT do another day out in the cold all day.  Can. Not.  So sorry, really, but I already have my motorcycle license and I cannot take the cold for another minute.

He forgave me, and continued with the class on his own, in the freaking and unforgiving cold holy goodness how did he do that (???), and earned his motorcycle license.

I still apologize to this day, but seriously, holy crap, me and frigid weather do not mix, no matter what is on the line.

Speaking of Dream Weaver, if I could find a way to make a business out of this I WOULD!

100%.  For real.

Hello.  My name is Lisa.  I am so totally down with helping you do something that you really would love to do at least once in your life time, but never thought you would.  But um, I am going to need for you to pay for the experience and by doing so, I am in and completely willing to be your partner in crime.

I experience great joy and fulfillment when helping others experience something they would love to try, but sometimes doubt they ever will.

Outside of helping my co-worker realize his motorcycle goal/dream, I am currently on tap to help his wife fulfill one of her bucket list items too……sky diving!

Personally I cannot believe he is letting this happen because he is OVER cautious when it comes to his wife.  So much so that he is (for real) scared of letting her and I hang out together alone since she would love to sample many of the things I have done, owned or experienced.

Me and her together alone is just never going to happen…except when we are in the plane about to skydive….because there is NO WAY he will ever go up in the plane with us. How do I know? Um, because he has unashamedly said so. hahaha

I have been present for other such spectacular feats with those I care about too.

Dream Weaver…..I once accompanied a young lady, on her 70th bday I believe, to experience parasailing for the first time, for the both of us.

I do not have a fear of heights nor flying, but I DO 100% have fear of sharks!

If I didn’t have that fear, I would so be a most excellent surfer!


While parasailing, looking down I was like, I am going to be so damn pissed if there are sharks down there waiting for me and this is how I go!

I was honest to goodness scared that we would land in the water, and I would be eaten by sharks.

Luckily, we graciously and effortlessly landed safely back on the boat (as was protocol).  Thank God!

I will face my fears, but, I may or may not be scared while doing so! 

Still, I did it because I love being involved in anything that helps others experience something that is a once in a lifetime, holy wow, I did it, and I may or may not have done this if you had not offered to do it with me.

I also once met a 67-year-old young lady at a tattoo parlor to be with her when she got her first tattoo (that her husband may or may not have approved of, but she had to at least do this one thing for herself).

I got a tattoo that day too!  I have no husband, to hell with what anyone else thinks! hahahha

I got my name – LISA – tattooed on my lower back, you know, the tramp stamp area.

The tattoo artist said, well Missy, no one WILL EVER forget your name! hahahaha

But for the record, in case God does keep track, my tats are pretty well hidden and not a problem when it comes to being “professional.”

Only those I am intimate with are able to admire my tattoo, or two, OK FINE, three!

PS ~ Should my co-worker read this, um, I guess you were right.  You really might want to be present any time your wife and I are together.  Otherwise, you may or may not receive the shock of your life (and not necessarily in a good way!!). hahahaha












Spring Training & Spring Cleaning

Well Hello March!

March is my birthday month.

So March seems like a pretty good time for me to start cleaning things up in my personal world – health, fitness, appearance, overall wellness and in my home.

Makeover March…I like that.

Do you know how much things can change over the course of one year alone?

Um, there are unlimited possibilities.

It takes planning, then lots and lots of action and one year later = taa daa, things are different.

I have already started on my let’s make some real changes Lisa journey.

I am going on a 3 Week Yoga Retreat!!

In my living room.

Here’s the website with the information if you are interested…..3 Week Yoga Retreat

Last week I also bought a Squatty Potty.

My sister forbade me of going into any type of detail about this product here, as well as on, Facebook.  That is after she could catch her breath and stop laughing.

So, should you be curious, check out the site.

I will say it works, I like it, and there has been a lot of coverage about the product – Shark Tank, The Doctors TV show, maybe even Dr. Oz (I can’t remember) and plenty of online articles.

Most recently I bought a NutriBullet® Balance Blender, and I think it is due to arrive at work today. I am excited!

Check out the website – NutriBullet® Balance Blender

There is one more thing that I would like to own and I have wanted this since last September, and that is a Teeter Inversion Table.

This product is kind of pricey so I will not be getting one until I prove to myself that I will use the yoga retreat dvd and the NutriBullet® Balance Blender.

If I am consistent with those, well, maybe for my birthday, I’ll get myself a Teeter Inversion Table!

Happy March People!

Personally, I am aiming to be a few pounds lighter, more organized and better rounded by the end of March.

And then let it spill over and continue to grow as the months unfold.

Lost In Space…

I feel somewhat lost right now.

Not lost as in down and depressed.

Lost like ~ well hells bells, I didn’t see that coming.

Um.  Now what??!!

I feel lost in two areas: me & work.

In regards to me, I have so much work to do health wise.

Holy schmoly.  Where to begin?

I FINALLY received some good news from my doctor this last Wednesday.

On my own, I managed to drop my cholesterol & sugar numbers a lot without medication.

My physical last year did not go well blood work wise and my doctor wanted to put me on medication.

I said ~ No.  Not yet.  Let me try to fix this on my own first.

She was not happy with my decision, and I said ~ This is my life, and only my vote counts.  I am going to try this on my own first.

My latest blood work shows that I have course corrected my cholesterol & sugar numbers (not perfect, but pretty damn good progress) on my own, enough so that my doctor does not see the need for medication at present or the near future (if I continue on this course correction path).

But.  It does appear that I may or may not be Anemic.

They took more blood at my Wednesday appointment to see if perhaps the lab made a mistake.  I hope they did.  I am still waiting to hear back.

Plain and simple now, I need to lose weight.

Honestly, that IS the KEY factor to everything.

If I could go back to my normal weight, @108 – 110, then all of these health problems will most likely be resolved.  Read: will be resolved.

Everything has gone downhill in the health department since I broke my foot in March 2016.

With said broken foot, I became immobile.  I hadn’t broken anything before and to go from semi-active to immobility, well, that scared the hell out of me.

So I took extra care to rest on the weekends, to repair and restore.

And um, if you do that for 2 years and eat, rest and enjoy a margarita or two on the weekends, Hello Weight gain!

For me, now, it is a matter of rewiring how I spend my time off.

My weight gain isn’t because of age or a drop in my metabolism (at least not yet!), it is 100% my own doing and therefore fixable.

If you use FaceBook you too receive those reminders about what you have posted in years past.

Um.  I personally would kick my own ass if it were possible for ever complaining @ weighing 115 pounds!!!   Geez, the young are so damn stupid. hahahaha

And in regards to work, I feel like I am getting paid really well to do 1/2 of what I used to do.  I don’t like it, but it is my fault for voicing my thoughts.  Management has lessened my work load to help me not feel overwhelmed.  Personally, I feel demoted and not quite sure what I am supposed to do and what I am not supposed to do sometimes.

I don’t know how to un-ring this bell.  To go back to how things were is not possible. I tried and that was nixed.

I may or may not be too ambitious for my own good, and a little ahead of my time (quite often!).

Nonetheless, I want to create something really great for myself.

So many friends have told me over the years ~ Just marry a guy who is crazy rich and spend his money to create whatever you want.

Small problem, I want to create something great on my own.

I may not ever reach the heights I dream of on a daily basis, but, for better or worse, whatever I achieve will be solely because of M-E.


PS ~ I don’t even use Twitter or any other hash tagging sites.   I just love my own “clever” hash tags. hahahahaha

It Happened. I Got Sick.

It is my own d@mn fault.

And maybe, or maybe not, at least two of my co-workers.


I like to share the glory.

One co-worker had been sick for a little over two weeks, and we are talking sick as in S-I-C-K.

Yet day after day, he showed up for work.

I told him ~ Dude.  If I get sick because of you…I will kick your @ss!!

The new receptionist came to work three days in a row, at the end of the week before last, feeling really under the weather.

Because she is new she didn’t want to call in sick, even tho I warned her, after telling her to really take a day or two off if she needed it – If I get sick because of you, you will be the one driving this boat on your own!!

My fault in the mix, I didn’t take the best care of myself.

I was so focused and determined on meeting the Jan 31st deadline.

Almost every day, the receptionist would ask me – Have you eaten, are you going to eat??!!

I’d go all day without eating, and then I’d go home and eat Ramen noodles for dinner.


I recently rediscover beef flavored Ramen noodles, after 10+ years, and I am addicted.

I am not sure why I picked them up, but I am glad I did.

They are…Easy. Quick. Tasty.

And did I mention quick?

My dinner was ready in 5 minutes flat each night!!!

#Heaven for a single gal.

I must admit, not the healthiest of diets, nor the best of ideas, for a couple of weeks pretty much straight, but hey, the things you learn in hindsight (mind blowing!).

I made a “Note to Self” and read it daily – Find healthy ways to dress up this soup so you are getting protein and veggies into your diet too!!!

I haven’t made it that far yet.

It is still on my list.

But I am on it!

As a result of my previously mentioned self made poor choices, which I made during a pretty busy time for me, and maybe (read: most likely cuz I really do wash my hands constantly and rarely get this sick!!!)…I  have been, wait for it, throwing up all weekend!

Oh.  I also feel quite crappy, achy, and all that jazz too.  I am asleep more than I am awake.

Personally, I’d give anything for a coke right about now.

However, that would require me leaving my home, and um, maybe I will try that later today.

Drinking lots of water doesn’t necessarily sit well with an upset stomach.

But wait!

There’s more.

My cats must have felt left out.

Each of them decided to throw up this morning too.

Which truth be told, almost made me throw up again when I had to clean it up!

Thank God for hard wood floors.

Easy and quick clean up.

Hardwood floors beat carpeted floors hands down.  Every time.


Maybe there is something in the water.

That is the only thing the three of us share.


Wishing you are yours nothing but health and wellness.

And oh, keep washing those hands and stay away from sick people!

One more thing.

Have a much better diet going on than I have been keeping…

And for goodness sake…

















On The Other Side of a Big Tax Deadline

I did everything in my power to make sure my company met yesterday’s January 31st tax deadline (which is only one of many to come until the big April ~ end all be all ~ tax deadline) with the help of a new yet most excellent support lady, who is so awesome BUT still new and only knows so much.

Truth be told.  I am sad.  I am tired.  And I am disenchanted.

The meaning of disenchanted is ~ disappointed by someone or something previously respected or admired; disillusioned.

I worked so hard.  I put in more hours than were asked of me, but necessary in order to pull things off in time.

Neither of my bosses fully understands all that I do, I mean every single little thing that I do for everyone on the staff on a daily basis.

They each recognize that I do a lot, one more than the other, but neither of them have a clue what I do on a daily basis.

And at this point, I do not care anymore.

I am not here to prove myself to anyone.

I work hard, I care about the company.  End of story.

In my tenure since 2010 (with a one year stint at another CPA firm), 5 co-workers have repeatedly told me:  Dude, you do way too much.  You need to chill and disengage.

And now, I agree.

I took today off to recharge after fulfilling previously stated deadline to the best of my ability.

I informed 3 co-workers this morning to make sure things were covered, and of course, I notified my bosses.

My co-workers ~ we’ve got your back dude, please step away and do not check in via phone or email until tomorrow (FOR REAL!!!!!!).  We will figure things out ourselves as they arise.

I also received the response (and non-response) from my bosses as I expected.

And with that, I became disenchanted and sad.

I am going to give everything I have to this tax season, like I have done for many years now.

And I am going to teach the new support young lady everything I know.

But, my health is in jeopardy, because I keep putting work first.

Aka ~ Simple truth, now and on the other side of tax season, my priorities need to change.











50 Is On the Horizon in My World!


I am turning 47 this year. #2018

Holy mother of….

I don’t have a problem with 47.

I do however; have a problem with the big 5-0.

I never thought I’d get there.

As in, in my mind, I guess I thought I would always be and feel and look 40 something.


(one half) * (1 century) = 50.

Holy goodness.

A half of a century, I will have been alive for a half of a freaking century!!

D@mn.  Are you *bleeping* kidding me?

Geez.  2018 just showed up a minute ago, and now here we are and it is January 28th.

Time needs to slow the hell down!

Side note.  One way to slow down time is to disconnect completely from social media and smart phones and the likes.

I have managed to do 24 to 36 hour and slightly longer “fasts”.

I am working my way up to one month!  #For Real.

You would not believe how much you can get done, or how long your days are when you disconnect completely and focus on the now.

Like I said, I’ll be 47 this year.

That gives me 3 years to really continue to focus on growing my knowledge base before I reach 50.

  • Health/fitness wise.
  • Business wise.

Holy crap!  I just saw a commercial for AARP.

In 3 years, I will be eligible for AARP.

OMG.  That totally sucks!!  Are you *bleeping* kidding me?!

AARP should REALLY update their eligibility minimum age based on today’s life expectancy span!

But, I digress.

I know age and getting older bothers people.

It bothers the hell out of me.

I listen and talk with many people who are honest enough to say… WHAT THE HELL?! THIS TOTALLY SUCKS!!!  And then some.

I cannot speak for anyone else, but for me, I don’t like aging so quickly because there are still things I’d like to accomplish in my lifetime, on at least two fronts specifically, plus sooooo many others.

I am currently focusing on these two things for the next 3 years….

  • Health/being crazy fit for “my age”.
  • And business.

I have so much to offer, and I have so much to give…. I just need to disconnect, focus, and get on with it.

Maybe by doing so, I will actually enjoy turning 50.


And that is a mighty *BIG* maybe!!!hahahaha
















Did You Ride?

Texting Convo…

Me: Did you ride?

Co-worker:  Don’t ask.  I feel like a total dumb @ss.  I brought my battery, helmet and tools today.  I got to your garage at 3:30pm with a big smile.  Then I realized, I did NOT have my motorcycle key!!!!  I slapped myself and left.  “Story of my life.”

Me:  And to think, I was upstairs sleeping and had one of your motorcycle keys. hahahaha



I checked.  He did not try to contact me to see if I was home to give him the extra key.

And with good reason.

I told him on Friday, I cannot wait for tomorrow.  I do not want to see or talk to another human being all day.

I’ve been busy at work, and I have no problem with that at all.

BUT, if I do not get a little me time alone, this is not going to end well for anyone. hahahaha

I never know when I will run into my co-worker or my co-worker and his wife in my parking garage.

He is storing his bike with mine for the winter because he does not have garage parking.

I have one of his keys if I need to move his bike, and he has one of mine because he takes (GREAT) care of my bike when doing anything with his.

We’ve gone out to lunch a couple of times where I have paid for his lunch.

He gets all up in arms, because I have learned how to slyly pay for the meal before he realizes what has happened, which provokes him to exclaim how he will never go to lunch with me again if I keep doing that!!

Co-worker: Why did you do that?

Me: Because you do a lot to take care of my Harley (Last weekend, he changed the oil in both of our motorcycles, and his wife stopped by Harley to pick up the extra oil I needed and paid for because she works near the dealership and it is out of my way to go there.  And yes, you can only buy the d@mn oil and oil filter at a dealership and not online. Grrrrr.).

Co-worker: I do not do any of this because of you.  I do it because I like working on things.

Me: I don’t give a shit why you do it.  I just need you to keep doing it.  It is about give and take.  You do stuff for me, I do stuff for you and yours.  It would get old pretty damn fast if you always do stuff for/on my bike and receive nothing in return.

Co-worker:  But you let me park my motorcycle in your garage.

Me: Whatever.  Shut up and eat your d@mn free lunch.  And take this to your wife.

Like I said before, I have been busy at work.

Last weekend I worked on work projects from home on Saturday and Sunday.

And, I ran into my co-worker in my garage on Saturday and Sunday as well.

We worked on things while his wife went shopping at the mall.  He is not pleased with that part and wants to find her a new hobby. hahahaha

Then a whole week of being busy at work, getting home each night a little later, and taa daa, here we are at today.

I worked from home 5:30am to 9:30am this morning, returned a phone call to one of my bosses (took only 3 seconds to answer the question but still ruined my not speaking or seeing another human being all day goal. hahahaha).

I made something to eat, ate, and then slept until 4:30pm.

I guess I was far more drained then I realized.

I could not have helped my co-worker anyway had he reached out because I turned my ringer off.

The new receptionist (who is awesome beyond belief!) has been feeling sick for the last three days.

I told her multiple times, if you are not feeling well, you need to take a day off.  If I get sick, you’ll be the one driving this boat!

She has since informed me ~ You CANNOT get sick or take any vacation days for a full year.

I told her ~ You’ve got until June lovey.  Then Mama is headed to CA to see her family (FINALLY in CA).  It has only taken me 4+ years and paying for 3 d@mn plane tickets to get out there!

Truth be known, the receptionist (who is a former Executive Assistant) will be more than fine.  She is such a smart, organized, personable and quick study young lady.

She may even replace me before I return from my CA trip to see my fam.

I may or may not have picked something up from being around her, sickness wise.

My solution is always ~ eat, sleep, recharge and only take medicine if really needed.

Hopefully on Monday, I will be right as rain.

I’ll work again tomorrow from home at some point because I get a lot done when I am alone, and we are approaching a January 31st deadline.

Bottom line ~ I do not care if my co-worker or my co-worker and his wife show up tomorrow in my parking garage.

I am not leaving my home.

Mama has officially extending her ~ I do not want to have contact with another human being, in any form, on Sunday either.

I really hope he remembers to bring his motorcycle key this time!! hahahaha





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