This is me……

Mazel Tov

Or this is me trying to get my sport on (she says laughingly as I am not very athletic)………..


My greatest desire is…..to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, and to have some fun.

Here are some random facts about me, in no particular order.

During the winter months, when we all become paler, I have a visible mustache. I did have it waxed once. Um, that shit hurts! Now I beat them to the punch and state upfront: I’ll be keeping the ‘stache thank you very much.

I skied a black diamond mountain in Colorado….after only one day of lessons…..and didn’t die.

I have gone to a couple of ranges with others and have fired a pistol, a hand gun, a rifle and a shotgun. Get this, I actually hit the target. And more importantly, I did it without falling over.

I’ve also tried paintball. Once.  That was enough for me…..cuz that shit hurts too! I was sporting huge and painful bruises for a very long time.

I raised a lot of money for the American Stroke Association and was able to do a marathon in Jamaica in return…..even though I was a smoker at the time.

At the ripe old age of 38, I became a certified Lifeguard. Not once, but twice.  I passed both times and was offered a couple of lifeguard jobs….which I turned down. I found out that I can get you out of the water….but if the only thing standing between you living and dying is me performing CPR….well that just freaked me out too much.

Speaking of swimming…..I spent a year as a volunteer working with an Adapted Aquatics Program for children with Autism. I miss it. I might have to do that one again.

I have what I consider to be a good heart and what I know to be true….the mouth of a sailor.

I’ve experienced…skydiving, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, adult gymnastics, surfing, kickboxing, the Quantum Leap, yoga, AntiGravity yoga, hot yoga (noticing a theme here?) and a Super Spartan race……just to name a few of my “athletic” endeavors. I use the quotation marks because I am not very athletic in the true sense of the word.

I’ve got three tattoos that I love! All on my back and only visible if I want them to be seen. You know, being a “professional” and all.

I once accompanied a friend who is a little bit older than my parents to get her first tattoo. The one she always wanted and may or may not have gotten had I not stepped in and hooked her up. I think she has gone on to get a second one since then.

I also went parasailing with a friend who was 70 years young….I wanted her to be able to check that experience off her Bucket List as been there done that. She also had a young hottie waiting in the wings to teach her wind surfing. Now that is what I want to be doing when I am 70!

I have my motorcycle license, but no motorcycle.

I rise earlier than most….because I like when the world is quiet.

Lastly, I wish I had three of me…..because there are still many things that I want to try in life.

And that is what this blog is about……experiencing life as fully as I am able (the good and even the not so good), and hopefully at least entertaining others in the process.

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