My First Vacation Day in 2019…

Was such an epic fail.

I was on tap to experience my first floating tank appointment (see previous post if interested) at noon on Friday.

Supposedly, from all I have read for at least 1+ years before trying, this modality could/can help me completely detached from everything (due to complete sensory deprivation).

This experience could/can supposedly also help me delve into my own psyche/subconscious mind to receive clarity on what truly matters to me, because what else are you going to do for an hour when totally isolated and detached from all of your senses?

I called the establishment at 7:30 am on Friday morning to reschedule my appointment and was very surprised when the owner answered.

I was able to successfully reschedule the appointment for Saturday, January 5th in the morning.

I really need this experience both physically and mentally.

But at the same time, I also felt the need to complete a couple of things for work.

Hence the rescheduled appointment.

Here I was taking a day off from work, prior to tax season, to ponder and think about and maybe even hopefully start planning what I hope to achieve by my 50th birthday (becoming 50 still totally blows my mind, um, I am almost a half of a century old, what the what??).

What skills and/or education do I still need?  And more importantly, what exactly is my end game now?

But I failed and I worked from home.

No one asked me to do this, nor was it required.

I simply logged into my work computer to complete a couple of things that really needed to be done but I hadn’t had the time to complete yet….and that turned into…..just one more thing…and that turned into… just one more thing….and that turned into 6 hours.

Afterwards I found myself asking, really?  This is how you spend a vacation day, Lisa? Dude, something needs to change.

Along side of wanting to do well at work, someone I love and care about is battling cancer.  I, nor anyone else, saw this one coming.

This experience alone has been the biggest eye opener for me in the last 6 months and it has me pondering…am I on the right track?

Thankfully, I have a little bit of year-end bonus money left to invest in myself.

And that is what Saturday’s floating session will be all about…checking out, detaching, letting go and getting centered.

I know first hand that mind, body and spirit modalities work, and why it has taken me so long to get back here….short answer, I got lost.  I have been focusing on the wrong things (for me).

Before tax season becomes prominent again, I really need to know what I hope to happen by this year’s end (Hello 2019) so I can stay focused and keep refocusing when needed.

In 2018, I did well on several levels.

However, as for my health in 2018, that too was an epic fail.

That must change, and that one is well within my control.


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