Your Garage Took Advantage of the Wrong Person

A message I sent this morning to a Garage that recently did work on my car.  I am beyond livid and open to any suggestions any of you may have –

My name is Lisa and I own the yellow S2000 that your garage did $1,221.88 worth of work on in early February.  I allowed your garage to do the work because the prices you quoted me where in line with the prices I had been charged before for the same work.

However, I do have a serious problem with the damage your garage has caused my car’s oil pan due to either negligence or sabotage.  Either of which are unethical.

I brought my car back in to you yesterday morning because I have had an oil leak ever since I got my car back from you after receiving an oil change.  That has never happened to my car before.  And after you and your son wasted 20 minutes trying to convince me that there was not an oil leak, lo and behold, once you put my car up on the rack like I asked, there indeed was an oil leak and there was oil coating much of the front under carriage of my car.

You found that someone had used an aftermarket oil plug on my car’s oil pan.  It had to have happened in your shop because I have not had this problem before, and the oil leak did not appear until after your garage did the last oil change that I have had done on the S2000.  That means someone in your garage most likely lost mine, and used whatever they had handy.

Result, now my car needs a new oil pan.  The cost of that alone is about $250, not including labor.

Either you guys were sloppy and caused this damage, or you did it on purpose so I would need to return to have more work done by your shop.  Either way that is despicable.

You have two options.

You can order the new oil pan for my car and replace it – all for free.   I will then take my car to my normal mechanic so he can review the work to ensure that all is well and no other damage has been done.

Or you may refund my credit card for the synthetic oil change, as well as refund my card for the cost of a new oil pan and the labor costs involved.  Then I will have my regular mechanic do the work himself.

If you do nothing, I will reach out for help because this is unfair and unlawful.

I will contact NBC4 News On Your Side and ask for their help, I will report this garage to the Better Business Bureau , I will use every online tool available to share this message so others will be aware and I am in contact with a few other people to help me broaden my outreach for help.

My car means a lot to me.  I spend a great deal of money to keep it well maintained.

Your garage took advantage of the wrong person.

You will receive this letter via certified mail, along with all of my contact information.




2 responses to “Your Garage Took Advantage of the Wrong Person

  • Terry

    Dude………… time to take it back to Frank ( after they reimburse you ) . I know the feeling ……hold onto that trusting mechanic and never let go !

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      No joke dude! I only stopped at this place to quickly get my car inspected on my way to work since it is near the highway on ramp. I needed new tires and brake pads to pass inspection, which were so needed just one of those things I kept putting off since I don’t drive it as often so I agreed to have them do it since it was already there. They did great on that part. The sad thing is, the oil change was an after thought since my car was already there. My car from now on will be going to Franks’s shop for auto work!!

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