Well That Is Never Going To Happen Again

I worked 12 hours straight yesterday, no lunch, only a Mocha Frap for breakfast and water to see me through the day.

This morning I came in an hour late.  And I forewarned my bosses as to why.

Was I thanked?


One said nothing, the other chastised me for “spending too much time and effort” doing things a certain way.

Truth be known, the question in hand took me all of 30 minutes.

Boy was I pissed.

Nice way to start my day off.

I very rarely get full blown pissed.

Yes, I can get pissy.

Usually if I am tired.

But now I am done!

Each of my bosses think I am there for them, and them alone.

Um, I do things for 10+ people daily or at least every other day.

Our receptionist is um, still new, not much help outside of basic things due to lack of time on the job and lack of focus.

She is a really nice person and wants so badly to help, but if you cannot focus and follow the directions I lay out to the T, it is easier for me to do it myself.


I am not going to spend 12 hours straight working anymore until push comes to shove in March and April.

I don’t get paid enough to give all that I give and it not to be appreciated, let alone understood why I would have to put in that many hours!

Everyone is replaceable.

I so get that.

Guess what?

I am so replaceable.

But I give and do far more than my bosses seem to realize.  It is not even a bleep on their holy crap this is what it takes to run a fairly good (great in my world) administrative side of what we need world.

Next summer, I am moving on.

After I get them through this tax season and set up a guide for the next person.

Unless they should let me go before then, and that is up to them.

If I get pissed AND I cry for a while when I get home….we are done.

You my friend (boss) do not realize all that I do and all that I give.

I don’t usually post straight up bitchy or complaining posts…..to be honest, I don’t think I have ever post something like this…

But everyone breaks when pushed to their limit and…



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