A Little Slice of Heaven

In this moment in time, I am in heaven.

I am sipping a margarita with an iTunes playlist playing softly in the background as I read some RSS FitBit articles, review a couple DailyOm emails and watch a few Ted Talks about business and personal growth.

Then a thought hit me.

I do not know many people who are able to experience this peace.

People I know…they have a spouse or they have children or perhaps a roommate.

They are pretty much never alone.

Me.  I like being alone and it is quite peacefully right now.

My essential oil diffuser is running, giving off a lovely lavender scent.  It also sounds like a small trickling waterfall.

On Friday, I shut down my computer at work when I left so there would be no way I could remote in to do or check……anything.

Not that anyone asks me to do anything outside of the normal work week hours.  It was an internal urge….I wanted to stay on top of things and get ahead.  It wasn’t working.  So I let it go.

I also deleted both my personal and work email accounts off of my phone on Friday.

Then today I went one step further – I totally turned my cell – OFF.

I let go of the fear that something bad would happen if I shut my phone off and was unreachable…because I remembered, everyone I know has a partner to help out if something happens.

This weekend I became a quitter.  On purpose.

For one weekend, I quit!

Work, family, friends, anything…I quit knowing that all would get along fine without me.

I must admit, quitting feels pretty good, and um, peaceful.

I can read. I can write. I can paint.  I can ride my motorcycle.  I can love on Kennedy and Mozzie.  I can lounge.  I can rearrange my home.  I can watch self-created TV show marathons on Netflix.

In short, I can straight up wallow in my heaven, do anything in the world that I want, happy as a lark, and re-energize myself.

AKA, I will have more to share with others on the other side.

My wish for you is that you too can experience this little slice of heaven for yourself one day.

Totally mind-blowing.



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