I’ll Wait and It Will Be Worth It!

Bright & Spacious, open floor plan, 9′ high ceilings. Beautiful & COMPLETELY renovated. Gorgeous NEW kitchen with new LG appliances! NEW master bathroom with frameless shower & gorgeous tile work, beautiful cabinetry with amble space and slow close features! New first floor bathroom with gorgeous subway tiles and Nantucket breadboard. ALL New Paint! New SUPER-Plush Carpet! New Light Fixtures. ALL recess! New Ceiling Fans! Vacant & ready to move in… Beautiful!

For the last few months I have been looking into buying a condo.

I haven’t really had the desire to own anything since I sold my last condo, which was my first home, at the end of 2009.

But I like the area where I live now and I would like to stay.

However, um, this area is expensive!

The first condo I saw a few months ago solidified…..I want something like this and I want to live in that particular community.

It was a 2 story condo with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Holy wow, a 2 story condo!!

I have already owned a 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo in a high-rise building in an extremely desirable location in the Courthouse area of Arlington.

So for me to make a 30 year commitment, it is going to need to have a powerful *wow* factor about it and 2 stories will do it in my book!

I think that is the coolest thing ever.

I have some must tho….must not be on the ground floor, must be in a secured building and must have garage parking.

Security is important to me, but I also want a secured location should my cats ever get out.

If that did happen, they’d make it out into the hallway and not out into nature before I grabbed them.

The 2 story condo I saw a few months ago has long since sold.

But alas, there is another one on the market now!  I found it Friday.

Small problem. I met with a mortgage guy on Saturday and um, I can’t afford my dream home. Not anywhere even close. hahaha

Once I got over the disappointment, and boy it took a while (hahaha), I remembered all of the other things that I got to enjoy even though it didn’t look like I would be able to at different times in my life….my Jeep Wrangler, my 1st fancy spancy condo, my Alfa Romero Spider and my Honda S2000.

I am patient. I will wait.

Plus, I got all the other things I waited for, so this should be no different. hahaha

Need a visual?

Check this out!

1 2 story condo

1st floor bedroom

2 1st floor bathroom a

3 1st floor bathroom

4 fireplace

5 kitchen a

6 kitchen b

7 upstairs

8 2nd floor bedroom

9 0 2nd floor bathroom

9 1 2nd floor bathroom b

9 3 2nd floor bathroom a

Oh. So. Beautiful, huh?

One day I’ll own something just as beautiful.


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