Time Flies By When You Are…Having Fun?

It feels like I just posted yesterday.

I looked at the date, oops, I lost a week and a few days.

Tax Season will do that to you.

As will retirement.

Which I am a long ways from enjoying.

So, not only do we have tax season going on, but our receptionist gave notice and this Friday will be her last day.


To be honest, I knew this day would come.  I just thought it wouldn’t happen until this summer.

I did kind of wanted it to come, however for the record, I would have preferred it happening during non-tax season time! hahaha

Oh well, such is life.

We will get through tax season; we already have extra help lined up and a new receptionist starting in two weeks.

I have high hopes for the new receptionist.

I think she will be well-organized and detailed oriented, so we should get along just fine – read, perfectly.

She does talk a lot though, or at least she did in the interview.

My boss and I stepped out of the room to discuss things and he mentioned that he thought she was great and would work out well, but he felt that she talked a lot.

Good. We agreed. I thought I just might be tired. hahaha

She will be way too busy to talk when she comes on board March 30th, talk about walking into the line of fire!

Good thing it is me overseeing and training her, because I am pretty nice even when I am tired.

Honest, I am.

I am looking forward to training someone to do everything the way I do it.

But then again, sometimes I even forget how I do things and have to go back and look. hahaha

Oh well, we are going to do the best we can, which in reality means, we are going to bust our asses.

I am weird.

I thrive under pressure.

But only if it is for a given period of time, because I don’t think anyone could do this 24/7/365 and be happy and healthy.

And it doesn’t hurt that half day Fridays are on the other side of tax season!

It is like having a three-day weekend for 7 months and 2 weeks of the year.  Not a bad trade-off in my book.

So I may or may not be able to post again until after April 15th.

Or make that April 19th because I begin a yoga teachers training program on April 17th, and that truly makes me want to cry just thinking about how I am going to be able to pull that off RIGHT AFTER tax season ends.

But I’ll worry about that on another day!

Being here now, this is my world….





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