Dating 102: Not Going Any Better Than Dating 101

So things have changed since my post Dating 101: My Starbucks Lover.

Starbucks Lover did email me back, this time saying a whole bunch but not really saying anything at all, like…this is what I do for a living.

Which I was looking for since that was one of the things I asked him.

I decided to get a guy’s perspective so I emailed the conversation from the beginning to a guy friend of mine this time.

Poor Starbucks Lover, he certainly would not be emailing with me if he knew I was sending them to my sister and guy friend for feedback. hahaha

But he’s a complete stranger, so having others in the mix on my side, well that is just the way I went.

I have mentioned my Starbucks Lover in a couple of posts on Facebook, one joking about asking him to go with me to see the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

And my guy friend sent me a message behind the scenes.

Here’s our conversation….

Him: Dude…..I don’t want to rain on your parade but, do you know if SBL is in some kind of relationship? He never answered the job question and never gave forth any details about his living quarters…..only that he has a son and has an ex (am I reading your blog correctly)? or with a roommate etc…..some guys don’t mention significant others unless they are asked directly…. Just saying….. Trying to look out for you.

**Disclaimer: I did not ask about his living quarters or situation.**

Me: Dude, you are a mind reader. I was thinking on the way home – this dude is either married or in a relationship and neither of those options work for me. hahaha

Him: Well…..I got to thinking ….and he was gun shy and kinda reluctant to give info freely…..I hear Ya ….I hope neither are the case ….

Me: It doesn’t matter. It is not that I hope he is the one, because he is not, I can’t date anyone named Rolfe. What is cool is that I stayed open enough to talk with him in person and email with him. I am making progress!!! hahaha

And my statement is true.  I don’t think he is “the one.”  I am not your average girl.  I am not saying all girls are like this, but many are, they very much want to be part of a couple that they will latch on to the first dude on the scene.

For me it really was, wow that is so cool.  I met a cute guy, we talked, we had similar interests, there was a spark or a flicker of something and it gave me something fun to talk about on Facebook.

Plus I really did open up and give someone a chance.

Several guys have tried to start-up conversations over the years, and I wasn’t opened or interested, so it didn’t get very far.

But I am sorry, if you are married or in a relationship, I don’t care who you are, I am not interested.

If you are married be married.  If you are in a relationship be in a relationship.  If you are unhappy, then get out of it.

But don’t try to play both sides.  Karma isn’t kind.

And if your name is Rolfe, which I had to ask – um, did you say Ralph??? – well that just doesn’t flow easily off the tongue and it was doomed from the start! hahaha

Seriously, that is the first thought that came to mind when he said – No. Rolfe.

And I am very sorry if your name is Rolfe.

It is a cool name.

I just can’t say it without me tongue getting tied, and it doesn’t go well with Lisa. hahaha


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