Dating 101: My Starbucks Lover

If you came here for dating advice, you might want to leave.

Like right about, now.

Cuz it all goes downhill from here. hahaha

Late last week I met a really cute guy at Starbucks.

He started talking to me about my car, my S2000.

Lots of dudes talk to me about my car.

My favorite, again at Starbucks, a father and son were walking into the store as I was getting into my car and the father opened the door  and leaned out to say – Miss, my son thinks that is the coolest car!

And the little boy, probably about 6, was standing right behind his dad with a huge grin on his face, nodding his head enthusiastically while giving me two thumbs up.

Or this other time, again at Starbucks, a construction worker was going by and said, “Ma’am that is a really nice car you have.”

I remember being totally impressed that he was so polite and respectfully in his manner and his words.

Oh any way, back to my most recent Starbucks lover.

He’s the one that kept the conversation going, so I obliged and returned conversation.

We talked about S2000s and Jeeps, because his ex had a S2000 and we both used to own Jeeps.

I shared that it is my goal to own a yellow Jeep alongside my yellow S2000.

And he shared how he took his son out in his Jeep to get stuck in the snow on purpose after a huge snow storm when they lived in Canada.

He seemed like a really nice guy so I gave him my business card (new to me) as we parted ways because I didn’t have the time to sit down and enjoy my coffee and breakfast with him like he asked, I was late for work.

He emailed me an hour and half later.  I was kinda surprised that he emailed me so soon.

What surprised me more is what he said!

Hi, (He didn’t even type in my name, red flag!! hahaha)

Enjoyed chatting with you this morning. Snowflakes reminded me of jeeps, which put a smile on my face thinking of your driveway all yellow and topless.

You must be a lot of fun!

Have a great weekend. Maybe I’ll get to see more of you in the future.


Holy snap!  He made me blush, and confused me.

I was like, um, this doesn’t sound like the guy I was speaking with earlier this morning.

I don’t know if emailing someone makes some people bolder or not, but this is precisely why I don’t do the online dating thing.

I don’t have the time or the energy to speaking with dudes in such a way.  I’d rather know what…well anything but this kind of talk with a complete stranger by email.

Now I wouldn’t have been put off by this if this was someone who I actually knew and joked with, but I had only talked with him for about 10 minutes in person.

I replied and according to my sister, because I later had her “analyze” the complete back and forth “conversation,” I was flirty in my responses.

Personally I guess I was, I like to flirt, but really I was trying to keep it light and playful since I have been out of the game for a while and wasn’t sure whether or not I was being too sensitive.

After I shared that he made me blush, his response kinda of took it way too far way too fast for me.

It was something to the effect of, excellent now I have you smiling and blushing and thinking…

He used the word “fun” in all of his emails to the point that I finally said – Dude, I don’t think I am as “fun” as you think I am. hahaha

Even my sister picked up on it and said – If he said how “fun” you must be one more time I was going to have to….

I can’t remember the rest of my responses, but after he kept emailing me I finally said – Dude, aren’t you working?  Cuz I am!!!! hahaha

To which he responded, ok, email me from your personal email account sometime this weekend.

Well I did email him…at 10 pm on Sunday night, because I wasn’t sure I even wanted to.

I said – Well this is still considered the weekend, right?  You know what I do for a living, what do you do?

Lame I know, but it was the best I could come up with.

He never emailed me back.

I guess I wasn’t “fun” anymore.

I can’t say that I am disappointed.

But I do regret sharing this with a co-worker because she’s of the mindset that if I don’t hear back from him by Thursday, which is today, I should email him again.

Um, no.  Times 2.

It is that whole he is just not that into you, and I can’t say that I don’t feel the same.

My co-worker means well, she and my friends and my family would like for me to have someone in my life.

They have wanted that for me for a long time. hahaha

But the cool thing is, now I do too.  I mean for real.

I have half heartily wanted it previously, kinda put myself out there, but not really.

Now I am ready, and the cool part is if you are ready on the inside, the outside really does respond in kind without you even trying.

I am not your typical girl.  I am not looking to get married.  The thought of it freaks me out.

But one day, I think I would like to try it, if we could have separate places and spend the night with each other when we wanted too. hahaha

Maybe it really will happen like I have been telling my grandmother for years – Don’t worry Grandmother, the first 50 years are for me and then I’ll share the other 50 with someone else.

Until then, my first real potential Starbucks lover, not so much!!

Luckily I haven’t run in to him again, and I better not – because that is My Starbucks!!





2 responses to “Dating 101: My Starbucks Lover

  • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    No need to email him, there is no future there, but I am super proud of you for leaving him your card and for emailing him back! 🙂

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      Thanks! Afterwards I was like, oh crap, maybe I shouldn’t have done that cuz now he knows where I work and how to contact me and I don’t know a thing about him!!! hahaha Here is what a guy friend of mine said about all of this, which I like – What he should have said is: (as you were parting ways from SB) – Thanks for the card …..maybe we can get together for coffee to finish the conversation. I’ll email you. Then he should have set up a time that’s good for you (with a time constraint for you built in in case you really don’t connect at all, like : I have to pick up my real boyfriend from prison cuz he gets out today kinda thing haaaaa).

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