To 10k or Not to 10k, This Year There Is No Question

A friend of mine has been doing a really big annual 10k for many years now.

10k = 6.2 miles.

6.2 miles kinda freaking long if you are not a runner!!

And I am talking really BIG annual 10k, like 36,000+ participants!

She’s been doing it with a friend of hers for a while now, and I joined the fun in 2011 & 2012.

I think 2012 was the year I ran the race by myself because my friend was pregnant with her beautiful son, but she and her daughter got me there and cheered me on!

Now I am not a runner, and before these races I had only been walking with a friend a few times a week right up until tax season.

When tax season hits, um, everything else in life goes out the window.

Here are my stats (keep in mind I am a walker who turns jogger when in the midst of 36,000+ people):

2011 – Age 40 – 1hr 15 min 53 sec

2012 – Age 41 – 1hr 15 min 46 sec

What can I say, I like to be consistent.

2013 – Age 42 – Experienced difficulties – no race.

2014 – Age 43 – New job, didn’t want to ask for time off, no race.

2015 – Age – it will be my last day as a 43-year-old, turning 44 the day after the race.

And yes, I am doing the 10k this year in honor of…..can I still pull off at least a 1 hour 15 minute and a handful of seconds time even though I have missed the last two years and haven’t been walking 1/10th of what I used to be walking before the other races.

During past tax seasons I didn’t train.  I just up and did the races.

This year, I am going to have to do some kind of training AND tax season.

But what the hell, I am only 43 going on 44.  I am still young, in some circles. hahaha

And yes, I did write two posts today.

That is another thing that happens during tax season, you post when the inspiration hits, which is not very often due to brain and body over usage!!



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