Day 19 – I’d Like an Order of Healthy Excitement Please

Have you ever been thinking about all of the little things you need to change up in your life to make it work a little bit better for you?

I have.

And I am like damn, I want to do it all, but where do I start?

I did a 30 day fitness challenge last month with some friends, and I did all 30 days.

First time ever.

Then I started another one this month with the same friends and a few new ones, but I got a little bit too ambitious and we were doing three 30 days fitness challenges at once.

I know, someone should have said, No this is not happening, but no one complained loud enough so on our way we went.

It is Day 19 and I have missed a few days.

The grand total of things completed by me in the last 18 days is this:

Sit Ups – 400

Crunches – 355

Leg Raises – 225

Plank – 302 seconds

Upright Rows – 515

Lateral Raises – 273

Shoulder Press – 450

Rotations/ Sides – 325

Push-Ups – 174

Dips – 268

Bicep Curls – 450

Punches – 370 seconds

Yoga – 1 hour

Cardio – 3 hours

But I am losing motivation because I am not seeing any results after my 48 days (this and last month’s fitness challenge) of getting physical.

I’ve still got the same 15 pounds to lose.

So then I starting thinking….why?

I came up with, um, I need more cardio.

I also really looked at what I eat, and although I don’t eat much junk food or fast food, I do have a whole lot of carbs going on in my world.

I heart carbs.

Rice, pasta, the whiter the better.

Cheese, don’t even get me started.

And then there is sugar….Jose (margaritas) and mocha fraps.

I have managed to cut back on the both of those, much to my surprise.

But it got me thinking, I seriously need an overhaul in what I eat.

What I am doing right now, it is all about habits.

I love healthy well-balanced meals; I just don’t know how to make them.

Then that got me to thinking, wow, I never read anymore. I mean like read a book.

I used to be such an avid reader. I was always reading something.

Now, I am wasting my time watching TV.

And I am only watching repeat shows just to pass the time; I don’t even following any programs that I “must” see.

Then that got me to thinking, I really should sleep in my bed.

More times than I would like to admit, I fall asleep on my couch because the TV is in my living room, and I know my body would prefer sleeping in my nice comfy bed.

And that is when I am like….holy cow, there are so many little things that have become a norm in my life out of sheer habit, and not necessarily enjoyment, that it would really make me happier and healthier if I changed some of this stuff up.

But where to start?

Well, first things first, my three 30 day fitness challenges, I am backing that up to only one so I can add more cardio and yoga into my daily life.

That is one habit that I would like to continue to develop, doing something, anything fitness related daily.

I also whipped out my book The Accidental Athlete: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Middle Age by John “The Penguin” Bingham so I can reread it, as well as fire up my old habit of reading again.

And lastly, I am going to cook up a couple of new things over the weekend for my upcoming week.

It is time to add a little bit more healthy excitement back into my life.



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