There Was a Snake on My Path So I Had To Climb a Wall Instead

I have 16 days of the 30 day fitness challenge under my belt!

And if I wore a belt, I am pretty sure I would have to bring it in a notch.

I haven’t missed a day yet.

Woo. Hoo!!!

Today is day 17, and I’ll be getting my fitness groove on after work, which is really a class because I have Quickbooks training today and tomorrow…another woo hoo in my world!

My current stats, because big numbers is what keeps you going and oh so impressed with yourself….

Push-ups: 226

Squats: 635

Crunches: 806

Lunges: 397

Jumping Jacks: 30 (I kinda forgot about these self added ditties until now)

Cardio: 6 hours

Yoga: 30 minutes (I still need to work on this self added category).

This week I did another Great Falls hike after work one day.

Such a brilliant and much enjoyed move….until I met up with him…

Milk Snake

That is the first time I have seen a snake while out hiking.

Now I know they live out there, I just don’t want to see them.

My prayer whenever I go out hiking alone is: God, please keep me safe.

And by that I mean from both man and animal.

Being a female and going it alone, you have to be aware of your surroundings all the time for many reasons.

Well home boy was leisurely meandering right across the middle of my path on my way back.

Snakes wig me out, so I did what comes naturally and comically jogged in place knees lifting high as if I was trying to climb on top of something to get off the ground with arms wailing, while saying, OMG, OMG, what do I do, what do I do????

Well I didn’t wait around for an answer and took off running to the left of the path as he was on the right side.

As I ran pass he lifted his head to look back and watched me pass, all the while probably thinking….WTF lady?  You are in my house.

And I watched him turn his head thinking, HOLY CRAP… he’s going to strike out at me.

He didn’t and I ran far and wide for a good piece, as well as had the willies for the rest of the day.

Luckily it happened on my way back in, or else I most likely would have cut my hike short.

Now I know snakes live out there, I am only a fake blonde after all, it is just that I have been fortunate enough to never have seen one thus far in all my hikes.

More unfortunate news for me, now I am also aware that these dudes live out there too….the copperhead snake….

Copperhead in the grass

They are the only poisonous snakes in residence, and they apparently like lounging in the grass which you sometimes have to walk by to get to where you are going.

This one kinda gives me nightmares.  And if I see him, my hiking days might just be over.

So yesterday, I decided to switch gears and try out indoor rock climbing again.

Yes, perhaps I could fall and crack my head wide open.

But thank God I wouldn’t have to worry about snakes!!

It has been a couple of years since I last climbed so I was a little bit intimidated trying it out again, mostly because I showed up all by myself.

But once the harness was on, and I got the green light to go, my inner monkey came out and up three walls in a row I went.

First a 20 ft wall, then the instructor was like, dude that was way too easy for you, time to step it up.

Next, up a 40 ft wall that went from one wall, climb around a corner, and continuing to climb up another wall.

Instructor’s response, dude, we need to step it up again!

Up another, slightly more challenging 40 ft wall I climbed, and I did falter at the top a little this time, until he yelled KEEP GOING YOU ARE TOTALLY ROCKING THIS as he gave my rope a slight tug to give me the umpf I needed to complete the wall in style.

In my defense, it is kinda tiring not having someone else there with you to take a turn so you can recover before your next climb.

Note to self – get someone else jazzed about indoor rock climbing so they can go with you and give you a little down time in between climbs!!!

This is the second wall I climbed, and no, that’s not me.  I just wanted a little motivation saved on my phone to go back!

40ft climbing wall

All in all, it was the best way to end my weekend.

I faced a fear of showing up alone and trying something I hadn’t done in a couple of years, and rekindled my romance with indoor rock climbing.

It didn’t hurt that the young whipper snapper of an instructor only had two things to say to me after I was done…. (1) You are out of shape my ass and (2) You have absolutely no fear!!!  You. Rock.

The training that I am going to today and tomorrow for Quickbooks, just happens to be on the same side of town as the indoor rock climbing gym.

We get to wear casual attire to the class too, so if all goes well, I am getting at least one more climb in this week after class!!!

Then I might try my hand at hiking again at the end of the week.

This time my prayer will be: Dear God, please keep me safe, and Dude, I don’t wanna see any more freaking snakes!!!!


8 responses to “There Was a Snake on My Path So I Had To Climb a Wall Instead

  • Mind Body Soul Stylist

    I would’ve definitely freaked out if I’d seen a snake…especially if I was alone! As far as the rock climbing…would you say it was a good workout? Comparable to your other activities?

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      I was definitely freaked! Now I am going to be hypersensitive about snakes the next time I go out, so not cool. As for rock climbing, it is an awesome TOTAL body workout. I think by far it is the one thing that I have tried that works everything all at once without you knowing until….after. hahaha It is great.

  • Chris

    Glad you’re okay. Do you know what kind of snake it was? I always love looking up what type of animal is trying to kill me or ruin my life, after the fact.

    I hear ya about the snake thing. I was offloading a couple weeks ago, got out of the jeep on the trail to look at some rocks and this snake lunged at me from about six feet away. I leapt straight up into the air and contorted my whole body landing backwards nearly six feet away myself.

    Here, I’ll try to post a link to the photo of the snake that tried to eat me out in the wilderness:

    That rock wall looks cool. I wanna see you climbing a real rock face next! 🙂

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      Thanks! According to Great Falls website it was a milk snake, I didn’t look any further than that. I don’t know what a milk snake is, just that he’s not poisonous and he’s an ugly snake that wigs me out. Dude, your pic, thanks for the nightmares! I am glad you are ok, and have an acrobat inside you to keep you safe!! If a snake lunged at me, geez, I don’t want to even think about that!!! I would just die of a heart attack and he would eat me. That’s is why I am careful on my hikes, a lot of it is right there cliff side and one bad move, accidental trip or snake – surprise, fear, involuntary jump, oh no, ksplat. Goodbye Lisa, nice knowing you, why the hell did you go hiking you are a city girl???

      I’ve tried climbing a real rock face once. It totally grounded my inner monkey right fast. Didn’t get very far. When you only have 1/4 or less of an inch to grab hold of with your fingers and toes….so not fun or easy!! Now, scrambling rocks and boulders and climbing with at least a place to hold onto or dig your toes in….I am all over and love!!!! This rock gym does offer outdoor climbs at same snake infested hiking spot….maybe I’ll try it and show you some real rock face next time. 🙂 Have you rocked climbed?

      • Chris

        I have not rock climbed (a rock face). I think it would be fun, but by no means would I go really high or anything crazy. I’m fine with little rocks.

        I agree, climbing boulders is fun. There’s a creek near by with big boulders that we’d go climbing when I was growing up.

        I think my snake was harmless too – some sort of racer. But still, a lunging snake freaks me out.

      • Saving My Belly Button Ring

        I hope you take your kids to that creek to climb the big boulders, talk about thinking your dad was way cool!

        Dude, lunging, lounging, living in an aquarium, anything breathing….snakes freak me out. hahaha

        But your lunging snake takes the cake. I might not leave my house if that had happened to me!! hahaha

  • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    You are killing the challenge! And Rock Climbing and Hiking!! You are an awesome and amazing woman! 🙂

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