Sharing Selfies

A co-worker and I got to talking yesterday and he shared with me his latest before and after pictures.

He showed me two and I was like ok, where’s the before?

He said, that was the before and latest after!!

Oh, sorry, you look pretty fit in both!!

Much to his disappointment, he didn’t take the very first before picture, when he was 40 pounds heavier.

Because then we both would have been like, Oh Holy Smackoli!!

Yesterday I was only 11 days in to my transformation, so I only had my before pics to share, which was quite a downer for me. hahaha

But I told him, give me time dude and soon I’ll have some afters to share as they unfold too!

I like the idea of documenting your body’s changes, so I am going to follow his lead and take selfies along the way.

He shared that it is very encouraging to scroll through your pics and to see with your own two eyes the changes that are occurring with your body due to all of the small daily changes you are making in diet and exercise.

I was sold!

These are my June 25th befores, add in a bit more squishiness before my actual 30 day fitness challenge start date of August 2nd

06.25.14 Front

06.25.14 Back

And although I will never get to these 100% because I am not a gym rat by choice, no appeal to me whatsoever, I am going to get as close to these as I am able….

Front Goal

The Back

A friend of mine recently reminded me that I could achieve similar results by doing something such as indoor rock climbing versus weight lifting, and I am all over looking into that again!

I prefer “exercise” where you are doing something with your entire body and taa daa you accidentally tone and define by default.

And there is swimming and ice skating and hiking and a whole slew of other activities that you can do to have fun and share with others that produce the same kind of taa daas!

That’s my kind of “exercise.”

To have the after selfie to die for, you first must be willing to see the before selfie (even if it is for your eyes only) and be cool with, yep, this is where I am starting and I can change.

Tune for the post ~ Hall of Fame by The Script, featuring











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