Focus on Building the New

So I’ve got 11 days of the 30 day fitness challenge under my belt.

Never in the history of my life have I done some sort of exercise 11 days in a row!

Today is day 12, and I’ll be exercising tonight after work.

I am a morning person, but I actually pulled off the after work workout last night so I am going for a second time.

Wish me luck, because doing so involves revamping my habits.

Time is short in the mornings for me, so it was nice to work out last night after work and not have to rush through the motions just to get it in.

As the rest of the challenge unfolds, I hope to be able to go between the two times, am and pm, as my time and energy permits.

Here are my stats so far, because I like crunching numbers.

I’m also pretty impressed with myself for going from zero to this in 11 days…..

Push-ups: 174

Squats: 410

Crunches: 550

Lunges: 229

Jumping Jacks: 30 (just added)

Cardio: 3.75 hours

Yoga: 30 minutes

I am working on adding more cardio because that is where the fat burning power comes from, but at present I am the ole weekend warrior in this department.

I obviously also need to add more yoga since I claim to enjoy it so much, and it really would behoove me to stretch out all of these newly found and used muscles I am tapping daily.

This is a process of adding and tweaking and getting more in without burning myself out.

My main goal at present – do every day of the 30 day challenge, because then I will have officially done something I have never done before!

The lingering goal in the back of my mind – do another 30 day challenge when this one is complete.

Pinterest was kind enough to send me an email with a whole slew of 30 days challenges to choose from last night.  Kinda spooky. hahaha

By the way, the only reason I have gotten this far is because I am doing this with a group of ladies and we check in daily using Facebook.

Just a tip should you want the inside edge.

Building the New



6 responses to “Focus on Building the New

  • 2davesarebetterthan1

    Great effort – well done – love the fact there is a facebook check-in – helps make you feel you can’t drop out!! That along with the blog of course!!

  • Mind Body Soul Stylist

    I prefer my exercise in the AM too. But I imagine in the evening it could be a nice transition from the workday to home.

  • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    OMG! I got the same Pinterest email!!!

    I hit delete.


    I don’t think I’ve ever made it this far doing this much – I’m very excited over it!

    I do get up and do my morning run (or walk, depending on the day) and then usually do my challenge. Today I was running behind, so the challenge came after I took T to school. And I have a lunch meeting, so that means no lunch time yoga. And I need to get in 30 min on the bike – plus, I really want to fit in my yoga – maybe both after dinner?

    Because, through all of this – I still have to work! 🙂 Or, apparently read blogs, which I’m doing right now…

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      Do you wants me to re-email you the Pinterest email? hahaha I saved it so we could have something to do next month. 🙂

      WOW, I just got tired reading all the you are doing, and working on top of it. 🙂 🙂

      I’ll be reading your blog later! Something to look forward to after my evening workout.

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