Yesterday Put the F in Frustration

I had a very frustrating day yesterday.

I’d like to back up and say I am still on track with my fitness challenge.

Granted it is only day 6, but I am pretty sure this is the farthest I’ve ever gotten with anything when it comes to daily exercising.

And that is only because I have others to check in with on a daily basis.

Having a group makes all the difference!

I haven’t quite worked out the 30 minutes of cardio three times a week part yet due to my schedule.

I have only gotten in one for the week so far, but anything actually written on the list has been completed daily and marked off with glee!

And I can still get in 30 minutes of cardio on Friday (my half day, so it is doable) and on Saturday to be able to legitimately say I completed week one 100%.

So that is one thing that is nagging me, another thing being that I haven’t had the time to blog.

It feels weird not blogging.

I didn’t even get out a Wordless Wednesday yesterday.

I mean, come on, how hard is that?

But the two things that really got to me yesterday involve work and yoga.

The receptionist at work is going to drive me nuts!

She’s a little bit, hmmm how to say this, oh wait, I’ll use her own words….noisy.

She’s extremely interested in knowing what I do.

And it feels a little bit beyond her simply being curious about how things work.

The thing that pushed me over the edge yesterday was when I was in my boss’s office printing something off of his computer for my other boss and she surprised me by not only coming into the office, but marching over and coming around the desk while peering at the screen to ask me a question that could have waiting until I was back in my own office.

I watched it all with disbelief.  I watched her actually look at the screen to see what I was doing.

Me, when I enter an office, I stay on the other side of the desk no matter who it is because whatever they are doing is none of my business, and I only come around when invited.  Even with her desk up front.

Now nothing I was doing was super secret, it was the point-blank of her being noisy that got me.

Earlier this week, she had me across the hall badgering the receptionist of another firm – Dude, I didn’t know you were leaving, why didn’t you tell me you were leaving when you were busy welcoming me back???

Her response, I am not leaving , what have you heard, who told you that???

I had to back track fast and explain that our receptionist was looking on their site and saw an opening that she was trying to get her boyfriend to apply for and long story short someone in the firm across the hall was retiring, another got promoted hence an opening.

I am not noisy.  I don’t talk.  I am simply a listener that people like to talk to because it stays with me.

Lesson learned, next time, stick with what I know.

The frustrating cherry on top yesterday, I did not get the teacher assistant position for the yoga training that I applied for that would cut my tuition in half.  It went to someone who does not work full-time.

I usually always get whatever I apply for, so this totally sucks.

But the truth be known, I am not so sure that I want to get the training from this studio because of its location (aka it is kinda a pain in the @ss to get to from where I start) so this might be a blessing in disguise.

However, I am pretty sure the small print of this blessing in disguise said No Refunds for the deposit I put down thus far.

It will be a blessing if I can get that back! hahaha

And yoga training is not cheap, without the tuition help position I am looking at a $2,600 investment.   And that’s the early bird special price.

Add into the mix that I cannot get a motorcycle because I will soon have to buy a new car (read: hopefully jeep!) because of my commuting, and I just got my property tax bill for my 2002 car which is $170.00 so can you imagine what a 2012 or newer vehicle will cost????

All of this adds up to one really frustrated person who needs to go do her morning exercises now to release some of this pent-up stress!

But now I have run out of time because I chose to blog first, so I am going to have to pull off the biggest challenge yet – working out AFTER work.

And now I have probably frustrated you too with all of my complaining, so now I feel bad on top of it all!!! hahaha

Happy Thursday.

Oh, and please come back.  I am sure tomorrow, I’ll have nice things to say.

Tune for the Post ~ Smile sung by Michael Bublé


4 responses to “Yesterday Put the F in Frustration

  • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Okay, you can do your 3x a week cardio anytime You want – and if it is Fri, Sat, Sun, then so be it! Getting up and moving is all that counts!

    But yes, having made it to day 6 – IN A ROW – on the Fitness Challenge has me super duper excited! Even though last night Mr. T told me my squats weren’t low enough

    I promptly told him to shut up

    Because yes, that’s the appropriate way for a mom to talk to her son!

    I hate the struggles you have a work – we may have to come up with a statement for you to declare next time she comes around the desk (or any situation similar) such as “I know you don’t mean harm, but I could be working on confidential information, and as such, it’s not appropriate for you to walk over and try to see what I am doing. So that we both stay on the up and up, if you could stay on the other side of the desk, that would be appreciated.” Or something along those lines !

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      I am down with doing my cardio Fri, Sat & Sun! For the time being, that is the best that I’ve got. hahaha

      It is super exciting, huh? Congrats to you and congrats to me! I’ve never gotten this far doing the daily route, so this is the bomb and it is so much better doing it with peeps like you! 🙂

      Mr. T has got it easy with you around. I’d have a few choice words to add mid-squat. hahaha

      The struggle at work is a little bit uncomfortable because I have said something along those lines, that’s why I was frustrated. I found out yesterday that she didn’t even work on what she asked me about. I’ll get this down, and I will be nice about it. Maybe I could just hire you to do my PR! hahaha

  • Mind Body Soul Stylist

    Bummer about the assistant position. But as you said it could be a blessing in disguise…most of the annoying things in life often are. And regarding the deposit..why not just ask them? I’ve gotten deposits back that I thought were long gone.

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