3 Day Fitness Challenge Check In

I’ve just completed the 3rd day of my 30 Day Fitness Challenge.

What do I have to show for it?

20 push-ups

90 squats

100 crunches

64 lunges

And a 30 minute walk (cardio) under my belt!

What does all of this add up to?

A hell of a lot more right going on for my body than what was happening before in just three short days.

I learned a nifty trick too, if your muscles are sore the best way to remedy that is to do your next set of scheduled exercises.

Taa daa, sore muscles be gone!

Until later, and then I am guessing you simply repeat the nifty trick I learned.

I am very fortunate to have five other lovely ladies doing this with me; else I might be tempted to, well, I am just happy to have others doing this with me because it makes all the difference!

Happy Monday and New Week!



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