New (Old) Kid On The Block

So, I started my new job with my former employer on Monday.

Today was my second day.

And the receptionist went home sick.

And I was like What?!

Holy crap, crash course in Do You Remember This, That and the Other?

Um, maybe?

The place didn’t blow up, so that is a positive sign.

Luckily, there is no stress like the world is going to end, and Thank God it is not tax season.

But, it totally sucks going from Queen Bee and boom, this is how we do it….. to…, how do we do it again?

My old employer has not contacted me asking me for help and that would be because they have someone on site who knows what needs to be done and oh, I pretty much made it a work of art, anyone could follow my beautifully organized structure with someone on hand to answer any questions as they pop up.

I am glad they haven’t needed my help, because I forget to check my phone for emails during the day like I said I would.

I’ve been told that the girl who held my current position as well as the receptionist’s position during the transition, who turned down the position I was offered due to commuting, was Super Woman.

That totally blows, because I am used to being Super Woman.

I am Super Woman without much of a clue right now, and it is a bit frustrating.

But such is life as way of the learning curve.

A few positive notes….

Everyone has been nice and I am pretty well acquainted with much of the team.

I have crossed paths with several people who work for other firms in the building and they were like ~ Woo hoo, you are back!

To be honest, I was surprised they remembered me.

But then again, I remembered them so all is well.

A couple of things I am working through…..

My daily routine is totally screwed up at present, and I am going through an overhaul.

I actually have to set an alarm to wake up at 4 am, because I like a few hours to myself before I hit the road at 6:30am.

I want to make sure I have enough time to swing by Starbucks, as well as allow time for any traffic mishaps.

And I am not used to waking up to an alarm.

It’s been years since I have heard one, and I literally jump out of the bed running to shut the alarm off as if the place is on fire.

So not cool.

Exercise at present, out the window.

Emailing friends, out the window.

Blogging, out the window.

Facebook is even almost out the window.

I seriously need to shut that damn window!!

So that is my life, for family and friends who have been wondering how things are going…..they are going.

I am happy, but not the bomb, and therefore, frustrated. hahaha

I can’t wait until I am the old kid on the block again!


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