Just Don’t Blow Us Off, Ok?

So, my last day was pretty good.

Busy and no drama.

No happy hours, no cakes, but a couple of very nice conversations with my bosses.

One is not very good with goodbyes, that would be cuddles turned grumpy turned I am going to at least act normal and nice on your last day.

His parting words, just don’t blow us off, ok?  Stop in from time to time and say Hi.  Let’s stay in touch.  For real.

I asked him how about next Friday from 2-5pm since my other boss had asked me to maybe come in to answer a week’s worth of questions that the new girl might have.

It is not certain whether or not they will need me, but I blocked off that time just in case they do.

Now my other boss, he took the time to talk with me at the end of the day before he left.

He hoped that I enjoyed my time there, and more importantly and surprisingly, he took the time to tell me how much they appreciated me being there.

With sincerity, he said ~ their gain is our loss.  I hope they know what they are doing (because I had shared they were restructuring and asked me back to fill a vacancy) and that they treat you well.

And then he said with a heavy sigh, What are we going to do if the new girl doesn’t work out for us?

My only response, Well, for the time being, I can help on Fridays in the afternoon, but outside that, my hands are tied.

The moment I had dreaded for two weeks turned out to be not so bad.

The worse moments were when I was saying goodbye to my two bosses, each time there was that awkward moment of…do we hug, do we just shake hands or do we what?

We chose the or do we what.

I had my goodbyes with everyone except the one chick I occasionally butted heads with throughout the day.

She and I just went our separate ways. hahaha

But it was nice, uneventful and it is done.

And now, I am immensely enjoying a four-day staycation before starting my new job on Monday!



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