I Am Not An Aerial Yoga Teacher Yet

But it is coming!

This past weekend was one of the hardest experiences I have had in quite some time.

And let me tell you, I have done many a hard things.

The best thing I can liken it to was when I went through lifeguard training in my late thirties when just about everyone else was in their mid to late teens.

Talk about hello, this is challenging AND I am old in this world.

But I held my own and was offered three jobs on the other side of it, which I turned down because I didn’t feel ready.

I proceeded by taking the lifeguard training course all over again soon after, passing again, and deciding, yeah, lifeguarding is boring and I’d rather be swimming.

Boring unless something tragic happened, and then I didn’t want anyone’s life resting in my hands.

I went into this aerial yoga training already challenged.

I am in the midst of changing jobs and I have shared how things are heading south daily as my current employer is not too thrilled that I am leaving.

Although I get it, it totally sucks going from about a 95% job approval rating and many thinking you hung the moon and the stars to what I have shared in previous posts.

And to top it all off, I started my period the day before training.

I mention that because I cannot explain to you how physically draining that can be, and you’d only really get it if you are a female.

The yoga took care of any pain or discomfort, but it could not restore the fatigue I came into this weekend workshop with, both physically and emotionally.

The first day I was originally a little uneasy because all but three in the group were already yoga teachers.

What gave me peace of mind was that the teacher recognized me from her classes, and I was one of the few who had done aerial yoga, so at least I didn’t have that fear.

The first day proceeded well, although by the end I was sore, bruised, mentally dumb and even more exhausted.

Too exhausted to study what we had learned for the next day of training others in a more formal manner.

And that is when my panic set in, I cannot do this.  Not today.

I told the teacher early on, arrangements were made to keep the day flowing and all of my pent-up stress and worry was immediately released.

I got to be an observer.

I got to be involved without the stress of trying to remember a,b,c let alone showing it.

I got to practice, and I got to watch to see how others did it.

As I watched the teachers teach I did however realize, damn, I could have done it too!!

But I did not regret my decision.

The coolest thing for me was seeing the other non-teacher nail her turn at teaching.

In my opinion, she did the best and it came naturally.

Now if I had done it, I could not have touched that with a ten foot pole or many of the other teachers because I don’t have a daily yoga practice….yet.

That was the whole purpose of this training for me, getting one step closer to making yoga a daily part of my life and then being able to teach others.

The only thing I am lacking to be considered an aerial yoga teacher is doing the practice training of others and 10 karma hours of teaching others for free (all the other teachers still need to fulfill this part too).

So I am not sure if I have to take it all over again, or if there is a way for me to pop into a future training or class to assist a teacher to complete the program.

To be honest, I’ll deal with that after I get through the next three days. hahaha

So today, I am shifting gears back to work, which thankfully I didn’t have the time or mind to think about over the weekend, and begin training the new girl.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get up tomorrow morning and do a little yoga.

Because that is so not going to happen today! hahaha


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