Who Poked The Damn Bear?!!


I’ve enjoyed working with you as well, and I’m sad to see you go.  Best of luck with your new (old) job.  I can see why they want you back.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer.  I hope you can take a break between jobs.

All the best,

Insert Consultant IT guy’s name here.

That was the response that I had expected to receive from most of the peeps that I worked with after I reached out one by one to let them know I was leaving.

I think past protocol was such that you walk in one day and daa taa a new person, and well damn thanks for letting me know!

Um, only the IT consultant and part-timer peeps have shown me any love.

To everyone else, I am a traitor.

Even spouses are sharing their distain…So I hear blah, blah, blah.

Yes, it is true.  Yes, I am a horrible person.  Yes, I’d rather be anywhere but here talking to you about this as it does not concern you.

Except for my boss’s wife and daughter, they are being pretty classy about it.

So is that boss for that matter.

I am kinda surprised because he’s the bear that everyone tries to avoid who doesn’t realize he’s a bear but then again he doesn’t really care if he’s the bear because he’s only concerned about the bottom line, his bottom line.

He’s actually been a prince to work with, keeping it professional and even gleefully sharing his latest discoveries with me.

Late yesterday afternoon he called me, Lisa I am leaving for the day….how do you do such and such?

I don’t know.  It’s been a while.  Give me a minute and I’ll call you back.

I tried everything, and then finally googled it and called him back.

Well you see, I did this that and the other and it is not working because of this.  You are going to have to ask the other chick because she is more versed in such matters than I am.

Ok.  Heavy sigh.

He called me back five minutes later excited….I figured it out (all by myself was implied)!!!  You want me to show you how?

Yes, and he imparted his newly found wisdom upon me and we both became that much more brilliant within the moment together.

Now my other boss who is a bear, but usually more of a cuddly teddy bear that everyone enjoys being around, has become the most complaining, fault-finding, grumpiest, unhappiest bear that ever was.

So much so that another coworker asked me, Have you ever had a day when you cannot do anything right no matter how hard you try???

Dude, I am on day two…that would later become day three and four….and eventually led to me finally snapping back at him.

And although I didn’t care for being pushed that far, thereafter, it led to him to completely avoiding me like the plague.

Sometimes the truth hurts, especially when you push someone to act like you are acting.

I share all of this for a couple of reason:

(A)  To get it off my chest and out of me.

(2)  I’ll soon be working for people who are at least aware of my Facebook account and blog and I won’t be able to share such stories anymore! hahaha

(The 2 instead of B is for my sister! Usually when I am on my high horse and sharing my profound wisdom with her I begin with (A) blah blah blah and (2) blah blah blah without skipping a beat! hahaha)

I have today off.

Thank God!

I am prepping for a weekend long Aerial Yoga teacher’s training program.

And my employer has hired someone who I will begin training first thing Monday morning.

Will I say anything negative?


I think it is best for each individual to draw their own conclusion because you are going to get what you expect to get, and you are going to deal with people however you are equipped to deal with people.

Plus others will slowly share their negative views like they did with me.  Human nature.

Me, I am sure as heck not going to bad mouth or add any stumbling blocks across this new girl’s path that do not need to be there nor do they need to be planted to come true.

I wish the best for this new girl, and I am going to show her how one passes the torch on professionally and kindly.

These are good people, and if she be good people, well then, all will be as it should.

If not, well I won’t be there to see what happens.

This ending is a little bit more emotionally messy than I am accustomed to, but I get it.

I hope that on the other side that they (read: he) has just as much respect and gratitude as I do for our time together.

Plus I’d like to remain friendly on the other side.  That is after all my normal MO.

But for now, I am free to be me and not worry about things I cannot control for the next three days….WOO HOO!

Bring on the hanging upside down and let’s work out this stress physically baby!!



12 responses to “Who Poked The Damn Bear?!!

  • Mind Body Soul Stylist

    Hanging upside down is ALWAYS a good solution!

  • Terry Schenck

    ya know what dude …it sounds like sour grapes from a few of your coworkers …. I’m wondering how many of THEM would turn down an increase to switch jobs? …. It’s expensive to live in (insert the name of area you live in here)…I know , cause I delivered to many of them haaaaa….

    I’m really happy for you and it’s so cool to get that unexpected phone call asking you to come back …. Amazing what hard work and determination will get you …. More Power To You Dude !!!!!

  • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I’m kinda glad that you snapped back at him, not gonna lie, that warmed my heart to read! But I am glad to hear that the other boss is being professional about it!
    Yay for the day off and the hanging upside down! 🙂 Mr. T and I went to an indoor trampoline park toast and bounced until we literally could not bounce anymore… It was awesome!

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      Well I am only going to be understanding to a point (read: it took me three days and almost all of day four to get pushed that far, and then you are going feel kinda bad when I give it back). hahaha

      Indoor trampoline Park? Sounds so awesome!!!! I wish we lived closer to each other – zip lines, trampoline parks – you sound like my kinda friend! 🙂

  • bobbie caffee

    Congrats! I am so happy that someone had the common sense to want you back. I wish you well. My daughter is here and we have been working our butts off (don’t I wish.) Have seen M&M. You are so good and so organized at whatever you do. Jealousy always raises its’ ugly head. Some of them would sure love to do what you are doing!!! Just stay professional and good luck!

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      Thanks! I hope you and your daughter enjoy your time together, non-worked off butts and all! I wish mine would work itself off as well. Maybe I’ll get to see M&M when they are up here briefly next week, kinda funny, you see them more than I do. hahaha Thank you for the kind words and for the words of encouragement. Jealousy is a mean little bugger that I so could do without. 🙂

  • 6hawks

    Classy. Always leave ’em smilin’

  • Chris

    congrats on the new job.

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