Busy Worker Bee Gets Even Busier (For The Time Being)

Change is stressful, even when you are changing back to something you know.

You try to remember, ok, what was the good and what was the not so good and what can be done differently this time?

My former employer asked me to come back in a new role, and I accepted.

This will be the third time this has happened in my twenty year working career.

So I guess that says something about my work ethics, and the fact that most people I work with like me as a person as well.

In the past, I have left positions when there was nowhere else for me to go or nothing else for me to learn, or no more money to be made.

Or sometimes it was at times when I needed a change and it would also behoove the company financially or a fellow co-worker by enabling them to move up.

Regardless, I do my best to find a win-win for all, and I do my best to help the transition flow as smoothly as possible.

I have helped past co-workers get promoted to take over the position I was leaving by pointing out, that’s who you want and I will train them if you promote them.

I have briefly stayed on board with the company I left in a part-time manner, an offer currently on the table should they want it, using my own time to make sure things keep on trucking.

I leave detailed instructions on how I do my job, I train the person if they come on board or are promoted before my departure, I am available by phone for questions, I stop by and continue on site training when I am able, I do work from home for them on my time, and I go in on weekends to help get things done that the new person might not know how to do yet.

And I do this because I care.

I become close with the bosses I work for and I would like things to end on a positive note.

I have even helped out a mean ole SOB who really wasn’t a mean ole SOB all of the time but I wouldn’t have known that had I not worked directly under him and gotten to see the different side of him.

I don’t discriminate.  I am who I am, and if it is possible, I will help.

I am returning to my former employer for many reasons.

Most importantly, this was the first place since leaving the company I spent nine years with that I saw the potential for building a long-term working relationship with.

So, my life just got a little bit busy.

And I am tired just thinking about it.

But then again I was feeling a little bit bored there, which will not be a problem any more for quite some time to come! hahaha


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