And Then She Woke Up…

You know that when boy meets girl, they have a good time, he stays the night and she rolls over in the morning and thinks…OH CRAP(!)?

Yeah, me either.

I am friendly.  I am a flirter.  And I am a prude.  Although, I prefer the term Good Girl.

But I did wake up to this, my version of OH CRAP(!!!!)….




I slept on my side with my hands pressed together under my cheek!!!

Luckily, my face didn’t suffer.

Cuz then we’d have a serious going into hiding for a week and I don’t have that much vacation time at work to use but I would develop some type of weeklong you so don’t want to be exposed to this sickness.

So I took a shower.

A nice long hot shower that I was advised not to take.

I was supposed to be in and once the water ran clear out.

And I employed every bit of exfoliating item that I own.

And on the other side I have this….

FIXED 1_crop

FIXED 2_crop

It’s not a noticeable as it looks in real life.

Ok, so it is.

But I cleared up that thumb and palm mishap section and can live with the new results.

And I am getting ready for my second round of scrub down.

So the final analysis…..I am still in love with airbrush tanning.

Now I just know that hands and feet….so gotta be careful with that area!!!

Great news, I will still be able to enjoy my acrobatic yoga class tomorrow and my friend’s son’s birthday party on Sunday.

It was kinda iffy first thing this morning.

And I’ll be sporting my slightly wonky hands and feet knowing that this is not so bad for a first timer, and it can only get better from here.

Learning curve.

Color me schooled!


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