I Am In LOVE! And I Am Sorry.

First, let me apologize, because this is going to hurt your eyes.

Second, holy crap, who knew my January Buddha belly would look so good right about now???

Exhibit A – January Buddha belly, white but not quite so squishy!  My original before picture.



Stupid Jose & Starbucks, did me in I tell ya.

Now, on with the hurting of your eyes. 

But before I show more skin, I gotta tell you, I am so IN LOVE with airbrush tanning!

And the technician was great and tan, and my former size, and she’s had 3 children!!

No more excuses.  I will be walking tomorrow morning.

So here you go, and again, I’m sorry….

Clean Face and Ready!

Clean Face and Ready!

2 Before Buddha Belly

Before Buddha Belly

3 Tan Buddha Belly

Tan Buddha Belly

Before Buddha Back

Before Buddha Back

5 Tan Buddha Back

Tan Buddha Back

6 White Girls Legs

Before White Girl’s Legs

7 White Girls Legs Airbrushed

Tan White Girl’s Legs Airbrushed

My legs and belly are finally the color of my face, chest and arms!

It was quick, easy and I gave all my neighbors a show as we did it outside on my balcony.

There was a tent, WITH windows, and as I had my arms raised in the air facing forward I was thinking….so sorry, now I am the streaker.

What can I say?

I am OCD and didn’t want my house smelling like an airbrush tan.

Really I was looking out for my cat’s health and well-being.  Honest!!

The only thing I am looking forward to more than enjoying my beautifully tanned squishy body is…..tomorrow morning….because then I get to take a shower!

Slight draw back.  I am tan and sticky, but above all else, extremely happy.

And for the record, these are my FOR REAL before pictures.

Because I am not getting any more before than this!! hahaha


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