Color Me Pretty!

Tonight I will be marking off something I have always wanted to try on my Things I Have Always Wanted To Try List!

This is what it will look like:

Get an airbrush tan!

Yep. Color me pretty, please and thank you.

That one time it took me 40 minutes to drive two blocks home from the grocery store during rush hour, you know that day I gave a lady the bird and enjoyed it?

Well I spent a great deal of time behind a SUV with a website listed on it for a local airbrush professional.

Guess who had the presence of mind to at least write it down since an answered prayer was stuck in traffic right ahead of me?

I finally called on Monday and made an appointment.

She makes house calls.


She did offer a $10 discount if I were to drive out to her home.


With rush hour around here, I’d pay her an extra $20 to drive out to mine.

Of course I didn’t tell her that.

So tonight at 6 pm I will be standing all straight and pretty in my birthday suit waiting for her to hit me with her best shot!

I hope she’s packing Golden Glow and not Outrageous Orange.

She asked me what the occasion was, and I shared, just because.

I followed it up by sharing that I have a farmer’s tan from my endless driving with the top down, and always sporting tank top attire that I need to even out.

I have had this farmer’s tan for a good 20 years and finally acted on the hey, I wonder what it would look like to have the same color all over!!

I am a little slow.

My legs are so white that you need sunglasses, and even then you’d still be blinded by the whiteness of my legs.

And it is not a pretty white either.

Some people have pretty white going on, not me.

Add in AC and they get splotchy purple to boot, so not attractive.

So, I don’t know if orange looks any better than white, but I am willing to take my chances.

My goal, a light sun-kissed looking tan all over that I can maintain with lotion, and maybe a touch up brush here and there.

Cuz I am not one to lay out by the pool.  The thought of it just bores me.

Plus I am fair-skinned and would only turn red, another color that doesn’t look too good on me.

I am only in the sun if I am driving my car or doing something outside, hence the farmer’s tan and white ass legs.

So, if you are the praying type, please pray that I do NOT end up looking like this….

upa lumpa

Photo courtesy of a friend who has not freaked me out in the least! hahaha

Wish me luck!

Tune for the post ~ The Rainbow Colors Song


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