I’m Bored and I am Getting a Divorce

I am a bit bored at work right now.

I’ve got things to do, which I do, but holy crap, the days no longer fly by and that makes for a very long day…after day, after day.

I was so excited last week.

I was going to get to spend my afternoons for the next few weeks organizing the place while someone else covered for me.

Right out of the gate I met with defeat.

There I was changed into my yoga pants, tank, ball cap and sneaks ready to rock the joint.

And I rocked it for all of 30 minutes before I admitted defeat and changed back into my dress, which pleased my boss immensely as he chose that moment to need my help with everything under the sun.

There is so much stuff that needs to be recycled, discarded, moved and it’s not my call as to what to purge first.

Plus without any direction my hands are tied.

After the initial purge, then I could rock it.

But I don’t see that day coming any time soon, since it has been that way for at least a decade now.

So now I have just given up.

I’ll continue to keep my floor totally spectacular, and they can keep theirs as they wish, since I don’t have to work up there.

On another front, it seems that I will be going through a divorce.

This will give me a new experience, and may really keep me from ever getting married.

My boss asked if I would help him divide up his investments between him and his ex-wife.

I think it is pretty cool that my boss trusts me with his personal information, and I handle a lot of personal items for him.

I am not a talker so I do not discuss these matters with anyone, and I don’t look at transactions or breakdown information either because it is none of my business.  Anyway, how would it help me out to know?

If something does pique my curiosity, I just ask him point-blank….

So why do you receive a monthly bill from this place?

Because I got a year interest free, any other questions?

Nope, I am good.

But I have no idea how you divide things up.

Apparently neither does he, hence the asking of my help.

Really it is more my computer help that he needs, and it is kinda scary that he would depend on my skills.

But then again in his eyes and only in his eyes because I am slightly challenged, I am a computer whiz!

I think his only other options were asking one of his grown children or a co-worker for help.

Therefore I was chosen by default.

So should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of going through a divorce, call me.

I will professionally and confidentially be able to help you settle your affairs.

Yeah, I don’t think so.  This is going to be a one shot deal for me.

I think it is time for me to really explore getting training to be a fitness trainer.

That kinda excites me and intimidates me all at once, and I am leaning more towards the intimates me side.

You know that accounting certificate I put on hold so I could currently pursue my yoga certifications instead?

Well that community college also offers a fitness trainer certificate.

Just something I am pondering so I can add a little more activity and excitement into my daily work life.

I have an Acrobatic Yoga PLAYshop coming up this weekend.



Perhaps that will help me gain a little perspective.

Still working on creating my hall of fame…..Tune for the post ~ Hall of Fame


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