Take Me Out To The Ball Game! (Jose Cuervo Speaking)

Last night I went to my first professional baseball game ever!

And I went kicking and screaming.

Not really, but I was very unenthusiastic about it every step of the way.

I was tired because I get up extremely early.

There was also a huge and looming threat of a gonna happen at any moment rainstorm like you have never seen.

The cherry on top, it took me 40 minutes to get about 7 miles from my home.

But then things turned around.

I ducked into my Starbucks for a pick me up, and the dude hooked me up for free!  I must have looked like I needed it, and he’s my neighbor and said he might need a ride home sometime.

Once back in my car, however, things turned back around and it took me another 25 minutes to get to the meet up place, me dodging crazy rush hour drivers who were trying to take me out left and right.

Once I got to the meet up place, I stood in line a good 15 minutes to buy a pack of gum to break my $20 so I would only spend what I needed to on a metro card.  The sad thing is, there was only one person in front of me AND we hadn’t even made it to the metro area yet.

The game started while I was buying gum, in a place far, far away from the stadium.

My friend and I got on the metro, and no lie, toxic fumes were engulfing the place.  We were contemplating getting off and catching another one at the next stop, although no one else seem to be concerned.

But we stayed the course when the fumes magically dissipated moments before one of us tossed our cookies or passed out.

With a huge and tired sigh I told my friend, I will NEVER do this again.

Ding. You have finally arrived.

Everything changed once we arrived.

The energy, the crown, the big bright *WOW* everywhere….totally awesome!!

Much to her relief, I was actually happy to be there,  and all past moments (read: hours) leading up to our entry was worth it!

We went to the bathroom, toured the whole first floor of the stadium by mistake.

When we finally made it to the second floor, again just wondering about, I hear ~ LISA!  Where the hell have you been??

My boss saw me and my friend on our baseball stadium hike/walk about.  It was the third inning.  And all I said was, where can I get that damn margarita???

With drinks in hand, the food hunting came next!  I am all about having my priorities straight.

We wanted a cheeseburger, and of course, that would be the place with the longest freaking line!

No worries, we made friends.

Some dude was admiring my Starbucks hat as he happens to be an avid Starbucks fan too.  I told him to email me his address and I would mail him my extra hat, the black one my Starbucks peep gave me that I will never wear.  So he did and was extremely happy and grateful.

My friend tugged on me and said, Did you give him your phone number???

Um no.  Just my email address so I can mail him my extra hat.

Good because I was like, Lisa so doesn’t do that!

He was kinda cute, very courteous and hopefully we made his night!  He’s not my type, and my only wish is that he and his new Starbucks hat find great happiness together.

Seventh inning, and our butts finally sit in our seats, which I might add were very removed from the rest of the group!!  I knew that chick who set this up didn’t like me!!!

I am just glad my boss saw me, since they paid for everything, because no one else from my firm ever knew I was there.  Speaking of which, I am going to have to ask about that whole seating arrangement thing today.

We watched an inning and a half and then raced the crowd back to the metro, where we spent a good amount of time with the rest of the early leavers lets beat the crowd.

I finally made it home by 11pm.  My goal was 10pm.  But hey, what can you do.

BUT, it really was such an awesome experience!!  It took a lot of effort to get to and fro, and I am not sure I’d ever do it again unless it was free, and even then I am still on the fence, but it definitely was so worth adding to my ~ Why yes, I have done that before list!

TGIF is all I can say!  I need to recover.  I’d call in sick if I could.

And my other co-worker hasn’t confirmed our Old Rag Mountain hike for tomorrow.

If he does, I am gonna see how he feels about Sunday hiking, as I don’t think I could do it tomorrow unless push comes to shove and I’d be bitching the whole way.

Unless I saw a bear or snake, then I would push him to the side, run like crazy AND bitch the whole way!

Photo portion of the post ~ Hanging with Jose, and Adanna, and I don’t know how to work my iPhone camera anyway so I almost didn’t make it in the shot, but serious guys, I was there…




PS ~ When I laid my head on my pillow last night, my last words were…Thanks God, for a really cool night.







2 responses to “Take Me Out To The Ball Game! (Jose Cuervo Speaking)

  • bobbie caffee

    Oh,Lisa..I bet the energy of that place was terrific. How I wish I could have been there .Your pictures are great. I am a baseball fan and the Nats are my team. I am also a football fan and will be going to see the Patriots practice with the Redskins in August. I’ve got the coolest son in law who will take me. Have a great weekend!!!!

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      Hey you! It was awesome. I was telling M&M about it….speaking of which, you should come up to see them and get them to go over. They are Nats fans too. Then I could see you on my turf. 😉 So cool about your upcoming Patriots/Redskins outing!! And yes, you do have one of the coolest son in laws!! I hope you have a great weekend, you made mine as I was thinking about you!! 🙂 YVAFF

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