Don’t Be a Victim. Make Some Noise.

Ok. There are some pretty freaky people out there. And when possible, you need to stand up for yourself.

Especially if you are a woman.

This morning I had an odd experience.

I was on my porch having a smoke.

Right after my walk.

I know, I am working on it!

And this guy was walking on the path below and unzipped his pants.

At first I wasn’t sure that I was seeing things correctly.

Then my face got a little red, and then I waited to see what he was going to do.

See, it is pretty secluded out there and I was 95% sure he didn’t realize I was out on my porch.

He was dressed nicely for work, and he was tucking in his shirt.

Why he was doing it while out for a walk, I don’t know.

Once he realized I was out there, he kinda maneuvered himself to a place that was out of my sight and then later (which seemed like forever) turned and walked back the way he came.

Now I was preparing what I was going to say if he jumped out and flashed me.

On the tip of my tongue was, Can you wait right there for a minute while I go in and call the police? I would have probably cussed too.

I am glad I didn’t have to.

The experience was a bit unnerving and so not the way to start a day.

It reminded me of two other incidents that happened to women that I cared about.

Once I was driving with a friend on 395 and a dude pulled up next to us and was doing things that he should not have been doing.

I didn’t know until my friend yelled out, and I about wrecked because I thought he had pulled out a gun or something.

But then I got pissed and followed him rather quickly and closely until he speedily exited the highway.

I wanted to scare him, and I wasn’t thinking, or I would have gotten his license plate number and called it in.

And then once it happen to another person that I know in an office bathroom.

I went to the office building management daily reminding them ~ you better act on installing that lock for accessing the ladies bathroom like yesterday until it was done.

Being a female can be hard sometimes.

And if anything that is freaky and uncool happens around or to you, make some noise, a whole lot of noise, because it is not ok and should not be tolerated.



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