A Moment of Truth

I don’t want to get old.

I know, it is inevitable

But I am not going to take it lying down, or sitting on a couch.

I’ve taken some steps recently to continue working on becoming the feistiest and spunkiest 100-year-old out there, should that day arrive, aka I make it that far.

Last weekend, a friend and I went for an awesome 3 mile hike at Great Falls. Soooo nice and soooo needed!

This weekend, weather permitting, a co-worker and I will be hiking Old Rag Mountain.

A ditty from the National Park Service site about Old Rag — Old Rag is Shenandoah’s most popular and most dangerous hike. The number of blogs and websites about this hike attests to its popularity. The number of search and rescue missions each year attests to its danger. There’s no doubt that the scramble is great fun and the views are spectacular.

Check out these photos….








They just take my breath away looking at them and I am a HUGE fan of the boulder scramble part!  I mean like big, BIG fan!!

Side note, all pictures are borrowed and were found by googling Old Rag Mountain images.

I went last year. By myself. And I did the nine mile hike and boulder scramble in 4 ½ hours start to finish.

Now that’s not going to beat the record of 1 hour and 23 minutes, but it is not too bad for someone who woke up one day and decided…..I need to prove to myself that I can do anything that I set my mind to if I want it bad enough.

This year I have a feeling it will take a bit long than 4 ½ hours.

(A) I am 43 now.

And (B) my co-worker is 55.

He’s an avid hiker, however he hikes not for speed, but for the experience.

I on the other hand, don’t like the heat and will be encouraging him to pick up the pace Bubba.

My boss also expressed interest, and he’s 55 too.

But I am not sure he has ever seen a let’s get this party started at the crack of dawn for real dude party before.

I only point out their age because when I am 55, 65, 75 and some more 5s after that, I want to still be active too.

So I am impressed.

Working on my present and future spunkiness and flexibility, I finally applied for the 200 hour yoga teacher training this morning.

It begins this fall. I am just waiting to hear back.

To keep myself entertained in the meantime, I am attending an acrobatic yoga workshop next weekend, and I have the Aerial Yoga Teacher training coming up in July.

And both of those make me go WOO HOO and WOW!!

The only drawback to all of this fun yoga is that the yoga studio is in Maryland.

But hey, I am willing to travel to make the dreams of my future 100-year-old self come true.  That’s how much I love her!

I hope your summer is full of life and adventures too!

Tune for the post ~ The Big Bang by Katy Tiz

PS ~ These are things I hope NOT to see while out at Old Rag Mountain….and it is a GOOD DAMN THING that I didn’t see these pictures last year when I headed out there by myself!!!






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