I Gave Someone the Finger, It Felt Good and I Got More Luv

I don’t know that I have ever given anyone the finger while driving before, but I sure did yesterday!

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work.

This said grocery store is only TWO city blocks from my home.

It took me 40 MINUTES to go two city blocks to get to said home!!

I cannot tell you how depressing and frustrating it is to see a traffic light turn green when you are 20 cars back and not one car moves in any direction….light, after light, after light.

Well I am one of those people who is NOT going to be an asshole and drive all the way up in a turning lane to try to cut in front of someone who has been sitting at a light for 30 minutes.

Apparently the lady behind me was that type of person, and honked at me a couple of times, until I gave her the finger and said a few choice words.

She’s lucky I didn’t put my flashers on and get out of my car to have a word with her, since no one was going anywhere anyway.

But I was PMSing, hungry and frustrated…..so I remained in my car.  Plus she might have beaten me up! I’ve never been in a fight before so I am pretty sure I would lose.

When I got home, ten years later, I thought, I have got to change my THE LISA license plates.

I am just not feeling them for day-to-day commuting.  Now if I ever get to try out the race track in my car, then I’d be feeling them!

I really miss my plates HEY DUDE.

Now those got people talking, drivers smiling, waving and yelling out on the interstate – HEY DUDE!!!!

Someone else has them now, but I check every now and again to see if they are available.

Hopefully they will be as dumb as me and turn them in one day.

If I ever get them back, I will keep them forever.  I didn’t know that was an option.

So I bought new places this morning – MORE LUV.

And if that lady gets behind me again, I’ll give her the finger and MORE LUV.

Not my actually plate, but my picture portion of today’s blog…..




4 responses to “I Gave Someone the Finger, It Felt Good and I Got More Luv

  • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    LOL! That’s a great plate! But, now I want Hey Dude!

  • Chris

    Love your plates.

    You know, I get fed up too sometimes.

    I was bitchy to some lady on the phone a couple weeks ago. Said something like “What do you want from me?” as I was exasperated with all the back and forth.

    I’m only 40. By time I’m 70 I’ll be really bad.

    Oh and we had an art show and I flipped off a 14 year old rent a cop on a golf cart. Actually I MF’d a few people at the art show. In my defense they’re all really discourteous and un-helpful.

    It feels really good to stand up for yourself sometimes, even if it means you have to flip someone off.

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      I hope you are still blogging at 70 so we can hear your bitchiness in full bloom!!! hahaha I am glad dudes get bitchy too. hahaha

      And the phone thing, I hear you! Except I’ve been known to cuss at someone, like recently I prefaced it with….No offense, but your company is doing this ass backwards. I usually end the call with, I am sorry I was rude but this was frustrating and of no help. And this was a call for a work issue. God help them when it comes to my stuff.

      PS ~ Thanks for the smile and I hope your art show went well!!! MFing 14 yrs old rent a cops and discourteous and unhelpful people and all.

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