Hoop There It Is! Hoop There It Is!

Swish, Swish, Boom…Damn!!

Swish, Swish, Boom…Damn!!

Swish, sw (not even making it to the ish), Boom…DAMN!!!!

Determined.  Swish, Swish, Boom…GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!

I bought a hula hoop yesterday.

So of course I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Guess what?

It seems that I can’t rock it like I did as a child.


When I was buying it, I had thoughts of semi-rocking one about maybe eight years ago at my sister’s annual company picnic.

But after my mad and crazy hula hooping display last night, now I am just trying to figure out which I lost first, my mind or my hooping skills.

Hula Hooping, I didn’t even know it was a craze.

Nor did I know there are Hula Hoop fitness classes out there.

I saw one in Michael’s yesterday and thought – Hey, that’s cheap.  Hey, that could help me get my abs in shape.   And Hey, that could be FUN!

It was awesome too, until I got home and tested out my theory.

But check this out….there are celebs out there hooping it up for fitness too….


Beyoncé, Pink, Olivia Wilde and Michelle Obama Are Hula-Hooping


Get It Girl!


Go Lady O!

Me, I look more like this from start to finish and the damn thing still falls to the ground within in 6 seconds…..


This chick had been hula hooping for 11 minutes straight and this was her 20 second ending dismount.

Anyway I am still determined to master the hula hoop.  ** Become one with the hoop Lisa.  Feel the hoop.  Be the hoop. And swing those freaking hips faster!!!**

I also wanted to offer this up as a suggestion to any moms out there who might be looking for a way to get into shape.  Or anyone for that matter.  One lady lost 143 pounds from hula hooping.  And you gotta admit, this would be such a fantastic and fun thing to do WITH your kids!

For me, I’d like to work my way up to being able to hula hoop to these songs so I can improve my dance moves as well!

Tunes for the post ~

Give Me Everything – Pitbull, featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack, and Nayer

Firework – Katy Perry

Scream & Shout – will.i.am, featuring Britney Spears

I Wanna Go – Britney Spears

Glad You Came –  The Wanted

PS ~ A little parting inspiration for us all.  Most of the photos I found online for hula hooping had one thing in common — hula hooping does the face good….because it makes you smile.  A genuine happy smile.





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